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Doctor Mike
Doctor Mike
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Dr. Mikhail "Mike" Varshavski D.O.
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An avid explorer of life. Just a man and his dogs against the world. Human first.
My goal is to make the field of medicine relatable, understandable, and fun!

O.M 10 soat oldin
OMG, that woman I lover so much!! Nicola Correia-Damude!
Suzanne Milligan
Suzanne Milligan 10 soat oldin
Bear has skin....
MAI ETHAN 10 soat oldin
handist people
John Deer
John Deer 10 soat oldin
Awesome! let’s suit up!
Zuzanna 10 soat oldin
In this video I see two teenagers and a bear Or maybe 1 kid and 1 teenager
Emily McCann
Emily McCann 10 soat oldin
Why is nobody else dying about the security comment?
Chris Penick
Chris Penick 10 soat oldin
Manuel Ruen
Manuel Ruen 10 soat oldin
Doctor Mike I think you either need a bigger phone or eyeglasses ahaha!
Xen Byers
Xen Byers 10 soat oldin
i have a chronic illness and idk what it is yet and the 2 one gave me ptsd ykyk
Sun Shine
Sun Shine 10 soat oldin
You need to find a new dentist, Dr. Mike. I’ve had tons of dental work by 3 excellent dentist, & never felt like my gums burning. My jaw has gotten tired & my neck has felt pressure, but that’s been the worst of my experiences ( besides the first two who were just pure murder with the X-ray procedure ).
Ollie 10 soat oldin
"Did you get a new shirt? It looks so nice" Kid is a legend
Aishlelle ఌ
Aishlelle ఌ 10 soat oldin
A lot of Thyros.
Brooklyn Gabriel
Brooklyn Gabriel 10 soat oldin
"isn't that what hurts when people hit it?" Dr. Mike's face omg
scorpman300 10 soat oldin
my family doctor does not see sick people, he sends you to urgent care and if you have an appointment and your sick you have to call and re-schedule your appointment. i wonder if there is a special school you go to to become a doctor that does not see sick people or what you have to do so wrong to get sent to be an urgent care doctor that is forced to see all sick people
Amy Francis
Amy Francis 10 soat oldin
why go to med school wen u have dr mike
Nope Nope
Nope Nope 10 soat oldin
"Because while I AM delicious..." is really all I heard because yes, yes he is 🤭🤣
Andrew Reohorn
Andrew Reohorn 10 soat oldin
The one snake staff is asclepios probably not spelt right God of healing and the the two snake is hermes God of travelling and theives
PsaroAlex 10 soat oldin
Don't mind me, just leaving that here for myself... 6:27
Sai Thota
Sai Thota 10 soat oldin
Why the heck did he raise his arm when he the “ THE QUEEN OF…..”
Unoriginal Mc
Unoriginal Mc 10 soat oldin
Why does he eat so much
Charene Razvi
Charene Razvi 10 soat oldin
9:40 penne
Seth M
Seth M 10 soat oldin
They've never seen a tinz unit have they? Sends current between two electrodes via your muscles. It helps with sore and painful muscles. You control the current from a head unit in your pocket. It feels amazing
Doug Kyle
Doug Kyle 10 soat oldin
I'd love the first one...with my back
Aseel L
Aseel L 10 soat oldin
Funny story , i watched this video 1 year ago And today my professor asked which is bigger platelets or RBCs ? And my big brain remembered this video from 1 year ago when doctor Mike said platelets are supposed to be big , so i answered confidently of course it’s platelets !! But no , platelets are the smallest of the three doctor Mike !!!!!!!
cecillbill 10 soat oldin
Some pediatricians are the absolute best, and hilarious too, but, yes, they always have to look up dermatology stuff and are like, "Your skin stuff doesn't look like anything that has ever been documented in this book, but it also looks like all these things that have been documented in this book. So, ready for that derm referral?"
Theresa Keyes
Theresa Keyes 10 soat oldin
I have a zebra disease! Idiopathic intercranial hypertension. Along with thyroid and EDS
swaggyxbobaYT 10 soat oldin
off topic but i love your freckles <3
tion 10 soat oldin
Dr Mike can you react to the new show Dr. Death i think it would be cool to get your reaction on a topic of mal practice and the reality of how justice is served in these situations
Bxhnes 10 soat oldin
So many scummy insurance companies. Someone could die before they approve a medication and they wouldn't even blink.
Annie Beanie
Annie Beanie 10 soat oldin
Well these are at least quite harmless nonsense clickbaity tips. Dr. Mike should check instead dangerous "non medical" hacks and what can happen when you try to follow them (like young girl trying to poach egg in microwave following clickbaity video and suffering serious burns etc ...). If not having enough time to look for that he can team up with Ann Reardon for that or someone like that :p (she has lot of debunking videos on How to Cook That channel).
DBAlex 10 soat oldin
How are you gonna say sinus headaches have been debunked and just move on without explaining 🤧
Suzanne Milligan
Suzanne Milligan 10 soat oldin
I'm sure Bear does NOT have stinky breath!
Rgee 10 soat oldin
Gives same advice to everyone watching. States everyone's skin is different.
Teen random gamer
Teen random gamer 10 soat oldin
I saw a picture of you on an ad on my tv and literally screamed in excitement😂 I’m never that loud lmao
Ashkan 10 soat oldin
Chess and medical advice, the best part of UZblock.
Charene Razvi
Charene Razvi 10 soat oldin
0:58 this is actually not smth to laugh at as they use weird devices to make this possible and when the dog walks for a very long period of time getting back on their four paws does hurt them.
keittobanaan i
keittobanaan i 10 soat oldin
mike where did you put bears skin
Ghost 10 soat oldin
I've never seen that thing before, I thought he was going to talk about moving your jaw in a way that burns a lot of calories or something 😂😂😂
Bolsack 10 soat oldin
That got a little awkward for a second there?
Kian Garcia
Kian Garcia 10 soat oldin
I'm surprised that there aren't more Botez gambit jokes in this thread.....
Jim Jimakos
Jim Jimakos 10 soat oldin
How long should you hold your pee??
Jim Jimakos
Jim Jimakos 10 soat oldin
Because ive been holding mine for 15 mins
Valeriana Popikhina
Valeriana Popikhina 10 soat oldin
Mental health could be even more important then your weight, and being fat-shamed can make you more un-healthy than obesity
☺︎︎ Tᴇᴅᴅʏ ᴛᴇᴀʀs ☺︎︎
On the first cartoon video well it’s all one u had really good eyes I didn’t even see the legs
O.M 10 soat oldin
Lovely hair, woman!
edgars eduards
edgars eduards 10 soat oldin
My man swearing i think
mikamye 10 soat oldin
The Classic
The Classic 10 soat oldin
2:04 LMFAO, It is too strange
Leah Minadeo
Leah Minadeo 10 soat oldin
I can’t be the only one who thinks he looks like Derek from grey’s anatomy right?
Lisa 10 soat oldin
Oh hell, I used to respect you
swaggyxbobaYT 11 soat oldin
Jim Papadopoulos
Jim Papadopoulos 11 soat oldin
The orange juice and vodka is called a screwdriver because it screws with your driving and of course the hangover feels like a screwdriver in your head
Ânily Santos
Ânily Santos 11 soat oldin
Mike used to be my favourite... well after this video I'm 100% on his sister's team haha
Zuzanna 11 soat oldin
I've never seen or heared about this show before but even without Dr. Mike I can tell how stupid (and discusting) it is. Drinking urine? Come on that's stupid like basic knowledge about human body? or a fluid from animal's stomach? It's logical that these fluids are not good for human to consume (btw did they kill poor animal because of stupid video? Idk this guy but I hate him)
Shelly Blackwell
Shelly Blackwell 11 soat oldin
Hey you can review Virgin River Next
Zenith 11 soat oldin
Didnt even answer most of the question, just go to the doctor wtf
Adventure Games
Adventure Games 11 soat oldin
to be honest your as buff as a dinosaur so go react to the good dinosaur please
Christopher Auvenshine
What is the easiest/safest way to remove too much ear wax?
Catlover Kityjoejoe
Catlover Kityjoejoe 11 soat oldin
*Frown.. Chicago med?
Xzsaerd Sxaderty
Xzsaerd Sxaderty 11 soat oldin
The tightfisted furniture inherently blot because lock unquestionably lighten midst a impolite look. cooing, tough tights
Tahmina Habeeb
Tahmina Habeeb 11 soat oldin
You should really react to season 2 of scream queens. In that John Stamos has an alien hand syndrome it has alot of bizzare disorders and diseases
The Skeetus
The Skeetus 11 soat oldin
5:07myes that's why doctor murphy said I "think" you have schizophrenia
Ybc fangirl
Ybc fangirl 11 soat oldin
This honestly has nothing to do with medical things but I’d love to see his reaction to the anime tik tok compilation anime tik toks vin diesel watches with his family I feel that he wouldn’t get a single one of them. If I saw this I would laugh my head off.
Catlover Kityjoejoe
Catlover Kityjoejoe 11 soat oldin
4:22 it’s Sharon Carter!!!
Flying Cloud
Flying Cloud 11 soat oldin
With that thumbnail I thought he was coming out
Random Humans
Random Humans 11 soat oldin
Omg they are a fkc’ing headache
Taostered! 11 soat oldin
Mike is just doctoring his writing dude
Thiago Albino Santos
Thiago Albino Santos 11 soat oldin
Those sisters are funny
Kota Allen
Kota Allen 11 soat oldin
I mean it would help long term is you never take it off of them 😂
Jose Torres
Jose Torres 11 soat oldin
I’m about to finish my MS. in biomedical engineering. Thinking on applying to medical school. I’d be applying at 31 or 32. I am worried about my age being seen as a negative when applying.
NTstudio28 11 soat oldin
Can we get a video of you only speaking Russian 🔊🙏
bildfluss 11 soat oldin
Dr. Mike is smokephobic.
Alicia Kennedy
Alicia Kennedy 11 soat oldin
I loved the psych ward it was way diferente than the one I went to but I was like yo imma build a psych ward in Minecraft 😂😂
Malinda Maynor
Malinda Maynor 11 soat oldin
Thank you for talking about rosacea. It's crazy.
Padz gaming
Padz gaming 11 soat oldin
9:33 lol
We all gud
We all gud 11 soat oldin
have you ever had a dream-sss , that-sss that you um you had, you'd- you wa- you could , you'd do , you wa- you wants ..you , you could do so , you , you do you c- you wa- ..you want him to do you so much you could do anything :D
We all gud
We all gud 11 soat oldin
I laughed the whole time making this comment
Sextupled Vanilla Beans
Love the collab but what do doctors and chess players have in common
Merumya 11 soat oldin
Im so proud you hate essential oils so much, you didnt even gave them the chance to not do anything :D