Doctor Explains Twins to Twins ft. The McClures 

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Wanda Little
Wanda Little 19 soat oldin
He look Justin but with hair
BlakeS100 Kun oldin
How are babies Made??? Docter Mike: THATS A QUESTION FOR MAMA BEAR! LOL
Annie Enanga
Annie Enanga Kun oldin
Baby making dance😂😂😂😂
Melva Brewer
Melva Brewer Kun oldin
This was so sweet I laugh so hard the girls tickled me asking Mike to guess which one is which !
Sandra Higginson
Alexis: "why do babies kick?" Mike : " cos they want to" hahahah idk why i found that funny
Stishh za bishhh
‘How do they make the baby’ ‘So what happens is . . .
1 23
1 23 Kun oldin
Lol me at adult life learning from this doc mike is so cool
Zetsuke4 Kun oldin
who are they?
mr. J Heckler
mr. J Heckler 2 kun oldin
Awesome how God made us
Ankita Tirkey
Ankita Tirkey 2 kun oldin
It's just normal kids roasting dr Mike 😅😅😂😂
Leona Jackson
Leona Jackson 2 kun oldin
Love the video, Blessings whoever reads this comment and may you have peace of God!
Matalyn Petrey
Matalyn Petrey 3 kun oldin
How do you make a baby, * the man with a medical license * 🤷‍♂️ baby making dance isn’t exactly wrong…
Brianna Paiva
Brianna Paiva 3 kun oldin
This is really cool because I have a twin brother . he is older then me sad
McKenzie Donaldson
McKenzie Donaldson 3 kun oldin
I want him as my Health teacher.😂😅
Maia Coleman
Maia Coleman 3 kun oldin
Dr Mike: "normally born on the same day" 11:59 12:00 technically thats different dqys
Just Believe
Just Believe 4 kun oldin
Oh, I loved it. And I love being a twin!♥️
Derrick Burnside
Derrick Burnside 4 kun oldin
Hi, I am a twin as well, I am a girl and my twin is a boy
1010 4 kun oldin
how do you keep this PG
Ayanna bruce
Ayanna bruce 4 kun oldin
iconic collab !!!
「awhhtreivy」 5 kun oldin
i knew twins who were born at 11:59 December 31st and January 1st 12:01-
krissid2003 5 kun oldin
How can you not smile through this video?!😍 So much cuteness.
I Like Hot Cheetos *_*
I’m a fraternal twin and this was really interesting
charli d'amelio
charli d'amelio 5 kun oldin
5:00 that's the fun part
Tatiana Star
Tatiana Star 5 kun oldin
Why I didn’t get a twin
murari x
murari x 6 kun oldin
well i guess my body is a mistake
TripleH Larson
TripleH Larson 6 kun oldin
I am also a twin so I’m asking my mom
Asani Bermudez
Asani Bermudez 6 kun oldin
“Why do the the babies kick” “Because they want too” 😭
Ashley Nyangwe
Ashley Nyangwe 6 kun oldin
You made me lough
Maple 7 kun oldin
the way 7-year-olds immediately begin yelling the second they lose a bet is hilarious
Nchee D!xx010
Nchee D!xx010 7 kun oldin
Wrong Dr Mike. Twins are not necessarily born on the same day. One twin can be born 2 minutes bef4 midnight. Another 2 minutes after midnight. Gotcha! Great show!
Nchee D!xx010
Nchee D!xx010 7 kun oldin
The kids mum is Nigerian from the Yoruba tribe. Now the Yoruba people have one of the highest rates of twin births in the world, if not the highest. Dr Mike should have explained to the girls why that is. Anyway, great show all round. Thanks.
Ella Conner
Ella Conner 8 kun oldin
Now I just feel like if I saw Dr.Mike in public he would be in his "Normal" video clothing
Blah blah blah
Blah blah blah 8 kun oldin
What about the baby making dance 😭
fox twins
fox twins 8 kun oldin
Learning so much were also identical twins
alexis leal
alexis leal 8 kun oldin
My sisters and I are triplets. They were in the same bag and I was in a different one.
~Amanda~ 9 kun oldin
I am a identical twin my self
Lauren Emmett
Lauren Emmett 9 kun oldin
These little girls have grown so much, and are still just the cutest!!!!
Viral V
Viral V 9 kun oldin
Is twins have two father's?
Megan Luck
Megan Luck 10 kun oldin
They are so cute!
Siren Nightshade
Siren Nightshade 10 kun oldin
This is one of the cutest things I have ever seen in my life. ♥
The Gaming Crew
The Gaming Crew 11 kun oldin
Them: baby making dance! Me: I mean kinda
GODHA 11 kun oldin
*“A baby making dance”* I’m gonna use that
Yoink Gaming
Yoink Gaming 11 kun oldin
Hmmm I still wonder to this day how babies are made 🧐
khongbietsay 11 kun oldin
"how do you make babies" Dr. Mike just dodged a bullet there lol
Kady Kay
Kady Kay 12 kun oldin
I really enjoyed this episode....You're really good with kids. And those girls are amazing
Lauraticaboricua88 13 kun oldin
I have 10 month girl boy twins!
Sola Gesture.
Sola Gesture. 13 kun oldin
This is a very interesting video And well explained 'Dr. Mike.' Twins, you're growing so fast! I watched one of your videos where you seemed to be acting, and at the end, one of the twins went to her sister's wardrobe and got her yellow lace on, while she had hers in the laundry basket. I think you might be good at 'acting' IMO. I did enjoy the vlog but the commenting section was blocked somehow depriving me of comments. thumbs up!! I enjoy your videos and that of Jersey's your brother!
THOR The God of Thunder
“That’s a question for mama bear” Lmao 😂
Colleen Carr
Colleen Carr 15 kun oldin
No one ever answers their baby production questions lol They've been wondering for years now!!
AcidToadFart 16 kun oldin
Me Cooper
Me Cooper 16 kun oldin
Dr Mike explaining what DNA is to children and seeing their minds blown is honestly just beautiful!
Amy K
Amy K 17 kun oldin
Obligatory stethoscope around the neck for no reason 😆
roblomine006 17 kun oldin
Mike: “we can find the gender by the ultra sound because we could see body parts Me: but how do you know the gender from the body pa- AYO
ZECT צורי
ZECT צורי 17 kun oldin
Ez, Ctrl C + Ctrl V
CaraBeara 17 kun oldin
I am a Twin 👩‍❤️‍👩
Khadija Kenya
Khadija Kenya 18 kun oldin
I honestly enjoyed watching this. You're good with kids.
Khadija Kenya
Khadija Kenya 18 kun oldin
A new subscriber binge watching you. You're so amazing.
Skedge 19 kun oldin
breaths that smell like toothpaste is gross
Amanda Jacobsen
Amanda Jacobsen 19 kun oldin
I'm a twin but a surprise because it was before ultrasounds were gp thanks grandma for not telling anyone twins run in the family until your 5th and 6th grandkids were born
Saurav Kumar
Saurav Kumar 19 kun oldin
I am from India and your explaination is fantastic
⋆ 🍡 𝒜𝓈𝒽𝓁𝓎𝒶𝑒𝓈𝓉𝒽𝑒𝓉𝒾𝒸⋆ 🍡
''See these freckles? They are little mistakes” Me: trying to get freckles
spirit flame3222
spirit flame3222 20 kun oldin
My twin and I are identical and 25 minutes apart.
wii on hype
wii on hype 20 kun oldin
Most of my family in my moms side are twins my mom, me I am a fraternal so twin, and my cousins, and more
katarina enright
katarina enright 20 kun oldin
This was super cute
Conan Ai Hime
Conan Ai Hime 22 kun oldin
Ahhhh I love the twins
Rebecca Howat - aka Crazy Autism Mama
1 min apart. Lucky mama.. mine were 5 mins apart and omg longest 5 mins as she was tucked up under my ribs
Rebecca Howat - aka Crazy Autism Mama
My daughters are fraternal twins. As babies they looked identical now one is a lot taller and they have different hair colours lol
Mayuree Patil
Mayuree Patil 23 kun oldin
Hey Dr, I'm high school student from india and soon going to a med school. In order to spread awareness I want you to tell about pee colour and disease related to it. Especially for womens' (estrogen) context.
josiane Jojo
josiane Jojo 23 kun oldin
I wish I had a twin 😄
Rose Bolaji
Rose Bolaji 24 kun oldin
This is cute😊
Ruthie 24 kun oldin
I wish I would’ve seen this sooner so I could have said how precious it was when it was more relevant. You are adorable with those little ladies!!
just a small town girl *
Amazing video,...great job girls! I have fraternal twin boys, which are now almost 5, twins are so amazing, and fun! People assume they are so much alike, but my boys couldn't be more opposite! One is usually bigger by at least 10lbs, and about 2-3 inches taller. One has brown eyes, and straight hair, one has blue eyes, and curly hair.
Moosification 24 kun oldin
Wait- So it's possible for two separate eggs to drop?! I didn't need to create that whole egg split into two before conception tactic in my fictional story?!
Grace Bonema
Grace Bonema 24 kun oldin
Love this! Made me smile
roger van Bommel
roger van Bommel 24 kun oldin
Nisha Choubay
Nisha Choubay 25 kun oldin
I remember we went to the doctor. I and my lil brother. And the doctor checked him . And my brother be like: how are babies made? Doctor was drinking water and it spilled . He said to me : u r a science student, tell your brother. And my brother be like: u r doctor, don't u know? Doctor: 🤷🏻 *Awkward silence* 😭😂
BO3467's games
BO3467's games 25 kun oldin
3:15 so what you are saying is I'm a mutant
FandomFoxi Studious
FandomFoxi Studious 25 kun oldin
i'm a fraternal twin
Corina Stadler
Corina Stadler 25 kun oldin
This is so wholesome.
Maggie Avilla
Maggie Avilla 25 kun oldin
How about chimerism? That would be a tough one to explain to a kid.
Alessandro Creanza
Alessandro Creanza 26 kun oldin
they're so cute😂
Mahi's Melodies
Mahi's Melodies 26 kun oldin
"A baby making dance!" I mean....you're not wrong?
Frost Blanks
Frost Blanks 26 kun oldin
When I was in my Mom's stomach I had a twin,but my twin was half developed so I just absorbed my twin. But what my parents saw was, in the ultra sound they saw 2 babies,but when I was born there was only one. Dang that must've been weird.
Brooke Pearson
Brooke Pearson 26 kun oldin
So is DNA for twins like if there were one set of directions but two different looking things came out of it (like the "mess ups")?
Francesca 26 kun oldin
see learning can be fun! they're so engaged it's so cool
Kikiyu Sergum
Kikiyu Sergum 26 kun oldin
My brothers look exactly alike, we frequently can’t tell them apart but they had their own sacks inside my Mom. What are they?
John The Pog
John The Pog 27 kun oldin
5:00 I knew that question would come up..
John The Pog
John The Pog 27 kun oldin
1:38 what was that sound??
Ducks are So cool
Ducks are So cool 27 kun oldin
I have a fraternal twin and we usually have similar or the same ideas and sometimes we say the same thing a lot but I think it’s not because we are twins I just think if ur with the same person everyday long enough u probably start thinking the same things so I think it’s like that with any siblings or rlly close friends
ok 27 kun oldin
Shaina Gabrielle
Shaina Gabrielle 27 kun oldin
Omg! I’ve got dark spots on my arms too. Am I a mutant? 🤔😂
Winifred Okonkwo
Winifred Okonkwo 27 kun oldin
Interesting..they are both very smart and intelligent
Aashish Poudel
Aashish Poudel 28 kun oldin
these identical twins are really funny.❤️❤️them.
Riyanaa Naja
Riyanaa Naja 28 kun oldin
I swear i learned more on Dr Mike's channel than in school.
Sheila T
Sheila T 28 kun oldin
That was too cute!!
Lora Wagers
Lora Wagers 28 kun oldin
Hilarious when they asked how babies were made. 😂 I think Dr mike blushed. My sister has (fraternal) twin girls. I have Irish twins. ❤
Maddiee 28 kun oldin
"Baby makin' dance" 🤣
emily tallent
emily tallent 29 kun oldin
“how do they MAKE a baby?!” Doctor: “and it looks like our time is up for today”
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