Doctor Mike Reacts To Grey's Anatomy Compilation 

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L Sherrill
L Sherrill 3 soat oldin
13:03 Dr Mike if anyone should know how to spell HIPAA it's you lmao
Madi Roach
Madi Roach 3 soat oldin
The whole show is a Hippa violation😂
GoddessZilla 4 soat oldin
I have more muscle than that dude and I'm a female 😆
crumkruncher Playz
crumkruncher Playz 5 soat oldin
21:06 Dr. mike and mc dreamy do be making th same face lol i cant. also i have raynauds :l 49:51
Tracy Z
Tracy Z 6 soat oldin
I heard that the only cure for intoxication is time. Is that not a saying anymore?
CoolNerd_Dee4Christ 7 soat oldin
Hi Dr. Mike I love your reactions. I NEED!!! you to do a reaction video to season 2 episode 27 losing my religion. PLEASE DO A REACTION VIDEO!!!!
Cale !!!!!
Cale !!!!! 10 soat oldin
You and your team misspelled HIPAA 😂
Blame Ska
Blame Ska 10 soat oldin
About hospital food, I once found a rock solid piece of something in my soup lol
Madzia 11 soat oldin
Which of the hospital-themed series is most similar to working in a real hospital, functioning of hospitals and real operations in your opinion? I would like my country to have as wonderful, smiling and handsome doctors as you 😊 Greetings from Poland my friend 😘😘
Surge 13 soat oldin
Do more scrubs please!
Anne 18 soat oldin
I started watching Grey's Anatomy when I was like 12 years old and I wanted to become a doctor because of it.. I didn't become that kind of doctor, but I graduated from vet school a few days ago.
Habada TM
Habada TM 21 soat oldin
9:47 stres can make you vomit :D
Bill Garrow
Bill Garrow Kun oldin
When you email Dr. Mike but feel like you sent it to the deep void of everyone else who emails him....
Shadow Neko
Shadow Neko Kun oldin
I wish they brought ER people into public school each year to go over what to do with certain types of accidents. A few months after graduating, I had an accident where I received a potential concussion and some nasty external injuries. My friend and I had been walking at night when a sound startled us and it was like something inside me was screaming “RUN” so we started to run. I fell, landed head first and skidded about 2 feet across the ground. We didn’t think “we should call for an ambulance or get a neighbor.” We just thought “get home, treat wounds, keep from falling asleep.” Now I freaking wish we did.
Mikka Mitchell
Mikka Mitchell Kun oldin
I really enjoyed this longer video, it was nice to put it on and relax for a bit. Funny as heck
92 ponramu Pratheeban
Iam. Medical student in my final year i have asked to transport patient 😂
tlc1965 Kun oldin
Hello. I thought you might want to correct the explanation of what the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. You spelled it HIPPA. It should be spelled HIPAA. It was shown in your review of episode 1.
Nightmare Eclipse
How did they get the hospital gowns and the neck braces on the pole people
Shinobi Cat
Shinobi Cat Kun oldin
43:38 - It got me in tears bro wtf HAHAHAHAHA
Chanel Harvey
Chanel Harvey Kun oldin
Watch private practice. It’s Addison (dereks ex wife medical show)
That Dude
That Dude Kun oldin
My 🏥’s food is great!
Elliette Jeffery
please do new amsterdam!
Jacey2c Kun oldin
Too many doctors say “I don’t know” followed by “I have nothing more to offer” when they have offered nothing. Seems they want easy cases. Patients w/ difficult cases are repeatedly abandoned by doctor after doctor.
Ashanti Laszlo
Ashanti Laszlo Kun oldin
Don't know who did the captions, but it's HIPAA, not HIPPA.
toshiyuki suzuki
Doctor Mike, if you run for the presidency of the world, I will volunteer for your campaign!
Hambelper Hurger
Hambelper Hurger 2 kun oldin
I remember i had to go to the er when I was 15 because I was pretty much catatonic from a migraine at 2 am. I have general anxiety and they ordered a CT scan just to rule out anything. I got a bit nervous just before it but the nurse was super nice.. I kinda wanna do something for the hospital.. Maybe make a couple batches of brownies?
WDYCA 2 kun oldin
I don’t know why you landed in my feed but i don’t regret it :P A shame i’m too old & that i live in Europe (i would need reincarnation anyways at this point that’s what i mean) cuz not only you look handsome but more than anything; you look like a great human being. Kind, humble and fun.. where are such men here around me? I wonder. ^^
Olivia Lamplugh
Olivia Lamplugh 2 kun oldin
Omg I am going to the 9 11
Abduljelil Arebo
Abduljelil Arebo 2 kun oldin
what kind of surgon are you
Omar Elkoton
Omar Elkoton 2 kun oldin
The actor who played Burke was fired so that’s the reason he leaves Christina in the show. Otherwise, I totally agree it’s so much drama just talk to your wife, Burke, and work it out.
Ghadente 2 kun oldin
ER > Grey's
Grecia Garcia
Grecia Garcia 2 kun oldin
Sometimes I feel like this is the Game of Thrones of medical drama hahaha. Anyway, any chance you could react to one episode of the Korean drama Hospital Playlist?
Lethal Zex
Lethal Zex 3 kun oldin
Why am I so attracted to this man?
Mr McNut
Mr McNut 3 kun oldin
I used to hate when my mom watched this show
Zakia 3 kun oldin
This is so fascinating that you being a doctor really know what’s going on, what to do and not to do as we’re all here, thinking this is so badass
Nina A.
Nina A. 3 kun oldin
i think the data protection law was not as strict as in 2021 (the scenes where doctors told the family members a person died)
Pogo 3 kun oldin
katherine heigl's best work
life is too short
life is too short 3 kun oldin
They did the nasty before knowing they were both doctors at the same hospital. So not completely their fault
Laurel Silberman
Laurel Silberman 3 kun oldin
OK so Dr. Yang’s relationship with Burke HaS to happen all at once real dramatic right in the beginning, (1 because Burke’s actor couldn’t stop being homophobic towards George’s actor and was kicked off the show so they had to write him out real clunking. And because it defines the rest of Yang’s character moving forward from there in the show. She put surgery first and learned all the right lessons that she was supposed to from that horrible arrangement that she was finally free from. Her conversation telling off Owen later in the show when he’s trying to “screw Christina into submission” and makes her miss an important surgery. She confronts him immediately after in a really great monologue about how Burke took pieces of her. And to Owen when he asked her to miss out of an important procedure to come back to bed (bceuze he’s mad she’s moving away and leAving him for a better career.), that when he did that and Christina missed a surgery to stay bed, he took a piece of her. “And that will NEVER happen again.”
Elerewe tosin
Elerewe tosin 3 kun oldin
Watch season 6 episode 6 please. I need a doctor’s point of view. Please
Laurel Silberman
Laurel Silberman 3 kun oldin
“That’s manipulative McDreamy.” In this case, no. He’s saying in context that he feels at a loss because she is being extremely hot and cold with him after they said they’d try a real relationship, but she’s not letting him in at all. It’s complicated.
Redemption1895 4 kun oldin
I hate Greys Anatomy is really annoys me so much 🤣 I prefer House.M.D so much better.. in my opinion.
Rory Christel
Rory Christel 4 kun oldin
The biggest takeaway here is Dr. Mike thinks Dr McDreamy is a wimp.
Rory Christel
Rory Christel 4 kun oldin
Thumbs up for experts saying "I don't know." People who always have an answer are most often making guesses. A real expert stops to confirm.
Jena Wilkinson
Jena Wilkinson 4 kun oldin
Shepard met her in a bar he had no clue she was an intern at the time
Aditya Iyli
Aditya Iyli 4 kun oldin
Plz plz plz do UZblock on call surgical reactions and do something from the CW like the flash or the arrow!(just do it you won’t regret it)!
kara bella
kara bella 4 kun oldin
The "why fingers?" part should be a meme! I laughed so hard 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Saniya Gilani
Saniya Gilani 4 kun oldin
Can you please do an episode of season 17 for covid plz?
Kay Michelle
Kay Michelle 4 kun oldin
Season 6 episode 6. The only episode dedicated to a burn victim and what went wrong and what was missed. Must watch!!!!
Victoria Torres
Victoria Torres 4 kun oldin
quote of the video "youre not a cop!!!"
Angelina 4 kun oldin
I would love to work with you but I am a young teenager :( Thanks for keeping me inspired.
Liliana *
Liliana * 4 kun oldin
I didn't realize how much Dr. Mike looks like Dr. Shepherd...
K Ida
K Ida 4 kun oldin
I really hope to see a MASH review some day Please 🤞
Diva Anadria
Diva Anadria 4 kun oldin
I love your reaction but maybe chill and wait a bit. They did not let her perform anything when she was drink.
Diva Anadria
Diva Anadria 4 kun oldin
NihilumVi 4 kun oldin
TV shows about specific professions are rarely accurate, because if they were accurate, they would be really boring most of the time. Doctors that I know spend most of their day doing charts...which you know is boring. Most paid firefighters I know spend most of their shift doing gear maintenance. Military personnel spend most of their work day doing busy work. Pretty boring stuff that makes for terrible TV.
Jade Marsh
Jade Marsh 4 kun oldin
please watching 11x23 and 11x24. They are my favourite ever episodes. A tunnel collapses!
Aiden Miller
Aiden Miller 4 kun oldin
Mike "forgot" to bring his healthy alternatives so he was "forced" to eat snickers ;)
gretchen A
gretchen A 4 kun oldin
That speech is a classic ! You should watch the whole show.
Maren Eckhart
Maren Eckhart 4 kun oldin
You should watch the one when Richard gets kobalt poison 16-21
Deleur 4 kun oldin
Guys bring some snacks next time xD
Jennesa Darling
Jennesa Darling 4 kun oldin
The drab dew theoretically produce because trouble correspondingly heal concerning a harsh mustard. abandoned, wacky bite
Cheyanne Burke
Cheyanne Burke 4 kun oldin
Isn’t there an episode about a roller coaster where people fall out of it? Or is that a different show?
Taissa Gomes
Taissa Gomes 4 kun oldin
I hate this show
Brittany Wheeler
Brittany Wheeler 4 kun oldin
I want him to watch the episode with the pot cookies 😂😂😂
Aquazena 4 kun oldin
İ think you should react to "Mucize Doktor" next. its basicly Good Doctor but with more drama... MORE MORE DRAMA
Aquazena 3 kun oldin
Oh btw i forgot to mention that its nit an english movie but you can watch it wirh subtitles
michael eagle c
michael eagle c 4 kun oldin
"visit to the doctor" doctor: congrats u didn't have a heart attack also doctor: but ur ekg didn't come back good -_- jk
ReneChiqueteReacts 4 kun oldin
This is more closely related to what happens in a Mexican hospital, trust me.
William deMaere
William deMaere 4 kun oldin
You should review Law and Order SVU S19 E13 with Legal Eagle. It's a medical episode about ending the life of a brain dead 10mon old.
Jørgen Ramdahl
Jørgen Ramdahl 5 kun oldin
Those two with a pole stuck into their bodies has more important things to worry about than that pole. They are not praticing social distancing!
Ulisses Lopez
Ulisses Lopez 5 kun oldin
You are very very very handsome 😍
J V 5 kun oldin
Dr Espina seems like such an awesome guy - him and Mike are my favorite duo :)
Caleb Blickensderfer
Lol: The most important role is chest compressions
YoungWolfRoxas 5 kun oldin
Hey Mike, I have a really good game either for you to play or just react to. It's called Trauma Center Second Opinion and although most of the terms used and some of the operations are medically accurate, I feel like it would be really cool to see your thoughts on the good and bad of it. Keep up the good work!
Salina Araujo
Salina Araujo 5 kun oldin
Green eggs and ham
Green eggs and ham 5 kun oldin
I really really want him to watch the episode where George died
Michelle Marie
Michelle Marie 5 kun oldin
Good old “ Seattle Grace Mercy Death” hospital.
Toast And Seek
Toast And Seek 5 kun oldin
Can you please review Private Practice??
Imaginary Friend
Imaginary Friend 5 kun oldin
You should do a video on News Reports like the guy who was chased by the police because he was driving erratically and it turned out when they stopped him, he had a Knife Stuck in his Skull
Fantastic Flairs
Fantastic Flairs 5 kun oldin
He needs to react to the plane crash episode: Season 8 episode 24, I think
TreeSprite 5 kun oldin
Did anyone else notice that Doctor Mike's shirt is inside out?
ArrowsmolPP 5 kun oldin
The blue pillows in the background look like bear ate a pizza and puked on them
Wiebkes Weg
Wiebkes Weg 5 kun oldin
Your cussions look like somebody threw up on them xD like bloody vomit…. Non the less - i Want to watch that Kind of Stuff forever Now… as a Huge grey´s Fan from the First Minute in 2005! Always wanted to become a Surgeon myself… now I am a 29 year old dentistry Student :D Almost! Whatever - i love this series
James Adams
James Adams 5 kun oldin
You should do a reaction video about laboratory scenes in TV shows and movies with a medical laboratory scientist as a guest.
Devin Murphy
Devin Murphy 5 kun oldin
Hey Dr. Mike, If you're reading this then could you please react to Dr. Doolittle, 1&2, Osmosis Jones, Dr. Ken, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, & The Magic School Bus. Thanks I'd really appreciate it.
Parker Stephens
Parker Stephens 5 kun oldin
I want to see him do diagnosis murder episode
Olivier Flego
Olivier Flego 5 kun oldin
Sorry doc, but a banana bag with ketorolac, zofran, and a shot of sodium citrate is literally the cure for hangovers.
Hwhe Hssujsa
Hwhe Hssujsa 5 kun oldin
My mom watching that since 2005. Thats all :>
Marlena thorvald
Marlena thorvald 5 kun oldin
Drs like you are the reason every time I go to a hospital 500 different people from the medical staff stab me before they start a picc or a mid or central line on me...my veins are paper... Although more recently I did get a nurse in the labor and delivery ward that got me with an ultrasound thing for my veins but no one has those
Anastasia Panova
Anastasia Panova 5 kun oldin
Dr. Espina - “You never shaved your legs” Dr. Mike - “What😳”
MrFarquar 5 kun oldin
Watching this is better than watching Greys Anatomy. I hope there are more of these. Here off a random video on my feed.
Kaylah Mainwaring-Hall
Mikes pillow looks like a plastic bag full of pasta sauce and scrubs
Rama Imad
Rama Imad 6 kun oldin
Can you please react to whole chicago med episode?
bella herreweyers
bella herreweyers 6 kun oldin
he definitely needs to watch the plane crash episode or the LVAD wire episode
Kira Veritas
Kira Veritas 6 kun oldin
We had everyone give us a different prognosis each time we visited for a week. I GOOGLED the situation on day 2 and found that after 5 minutes of oxygen deprivation the brain cells start to die and recovery becomes less and less likely, yet we still had people telling us that there was a good chance he would wake up. They didn’t even ask how long he /might/ have been without oxygen until 4 days in. He was unattended for over 2 hours and took his own life. They managed to restart his heart but there was extreme brain swelling that took at least 7 days to subside enough for them to make an accurate determination of zero brain activity. The doctor who finally came to tell us he was brain dead and they were going to turn life support off looked about 25 and the only person who seemed to care was the poor nurse who was with us that I had to keep asking for tissues because they gave us two basically empty boxes and she had to watch him die with us then left crying while other people took over.
TheMulkster 6 kun oldin
When I was younger I busted my head open from a nail and I had to get staples 😃
Delaney Roghaar
Delaney Roghaar 6 kun oldin
PLEEEEAAAASEEE do the plane crash episode
Samantha Jadlot
Samantha Jadlot 6 kun oldin
U should react to untold stories of the ER
AJ Dexter
AJ Dexter 6 kun oldin
The firefighters would cut the pole front the middle and each side, the fire department are sometimes crucial especially in car accidents, construction injuries or other kinds of industrial injuries where there may be rubble,metal or even chemical injuries. This is due to the specialised and heavy equipment they carry and are trained to use, earthquakes for example sure they might need medical attention but how are they going to get them out of the rubble or cut poles out of them.
Rafael R. S. Robles
As a native spanish speaker, when he suddenly says something in Spanish my brain goes crazy because is on English mode, and it freezes for a couple of seconds xD
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