Doctor On Elon Musk's Health Reveal  

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song lover
song lover Soat oldin
Guy Bayo
Guy Bayo 11 soat oldin
I got the best superpower from being autistic: I can learn how to do anything (as long as I actually want to learn it, so school sadly does not count) all by myself, relatively quickly, and easily, and bring myself to a point of such control at stuff that most people don't even believe me. for example, I thought myself how to play the guitar in just a bit more than a year, an got to the point where I can play every basic chord there is and a lot of more complex chords, I am also able to play the lead or bass line, ontop of the chords, while also using my right hand to mimic the drums, and singing/playing the harmonica all at the same time. And there's no better feeling then when people ask me how can I do it so easily, and I just reply with "autism, you get superpowers and handicap rights ☞ ̄ᴥ ̄☞"
Michael B
Michael B 22 soat oldin
TheJPJT1234 Kun oldin
The pronunciation of aspergers... I hate it In the UK we say A-spergers Not Asp-ergers 😂😂
Gabriel Venegas B
I have asperger, I have been treated as a kid, I remember some times that I can't even take the metro because is full of people, but now, as a teenager, I can act almost normally, early therapy is needed, but I will be ever asperger and I'm glad I'm am.
Waafyy Kun oldin
Everything mike said about asd is true because I have asd and I checkmark everything on that list
Benji R6
Benji R6 Kun oldin
thanks for sharing info I was diagnosed with it a couple years ago alot of people don't understand what it is
Ian White
Ian White Kun oldin
Why does this guy use so much eyeliner?
Goddess Cynn
Goddess Cynn 2 kun oldin
Ah yes, 21st century. Anybody that isn't a sheep shall be given a mental illness.
Lizardfolk 09
Lizardfolk 09 2 kun oldin
Does adhd fall under this category I have it and that sounds like some of the symptoms?
thereeguy123 2 kun oldin
I thought it was pronounced "as per jis"
David The Arisen
David The Arisen 2 kun oldin
Don't be crybabies about this all y'all. I'm diagnosed with ADHD and Asperger's and even though it might be and always have been a problem, it made me superior to surrounding people in other aspects. But I never needed anyone to tell me, because I knew it and you should too, instead of depending on people on the internet telling you and inventing terms like neurodivergent or ads. And before anyone says: "wElL, tHaT's YoUr OwN ExPeRiEnCe", I encountered many people with the same or different kinds of autism and also ADHD, and it was almost the same for everyone of them. I will acknowledge, that most people in e.g. in the US are more ignorant and derogatory towards the affected than here in Germany. But that just proves, that they are mad dumb and that you are even more superior in terms of for example intelligence.
Chubby0714 2 kun oldin
Off topic: eye shadow and lipstick 🤔
Runa Yomozuki
Runa Yomozuki 2 kun oldin
Me, a autistic person with adhd : I am in an infinite loop of no focus and hyperfocus frick
Mr.Winter 2000
Mr.Winter 2000 3 kun oldin
I’m autistic and I appreciate what you have said dr.mike thank you for helping me understand more , it is also like you said in patterns I can remember where I have been even if I’ve only been there once and I’m better at recognizing faces compared to names
PugzTheDood 3 kun oldin
Elon musk has always been my role model... guess who has aspergers.
AnakinEC 3 kun oldin
I’ve been part of a project at my high school about autism awareness, and that the autism spectrum is a lot more common than people realize. Found out I fall under it and so does my mom
No Name
No Name 3 kun oldin
So funny story I actually might have aspergers but where I live there are only child clinics(?) that can diagnose you with aspergers so yeah
Duelfueled 3 kun oldin
As a person with ASD or aspergers this video is spot on
FL EX 3 kun oldin
that description for positive and negatives fits perfectly on my problems should i talk to a doctor about it?
DarkSould04 3 kun oldin
As someone with asd myself, thank you
jeffmurnahan 3 kun oldin
Eduardo Cantu
Eduardo Cantu 4 kun oldin
Liam 4 kun oldin
I've never heard Elon talk 😰
Creativity Unleashed
I had an Asperger's diagnosis for 5 years before it became autism spectrum disorder.
The Iron Cross
The Iron Cross 4 kun oldin
I have a theory. I think people with higher intelligence are more likely to be on the spectrum. Just looking at they way they behaved and the symptoms, I think its more than a coincidence. When I looked at some symptoms, I found myself related with them
Omar C
Omar C 4 kun oldin
I say I'm medically retarded because I have Asperger syndrome, not a negative way but as a harmless joke.
Sophie 4 kun oldin
Aspie GANG
0 friend 0
0 friend 0 4 kun oldin
He looks like Elon musk
The Common Sense Diet
Beautiful upload, thanks for sharing! Stay healthy and safe! 👍😊🍓
TheInfernapeKing TV
Doctor Mike strikes again with straight facts. I love learning from your content😃😃😃😍😍😍
Anthony Scott
Anthony Scott 4 kun oldin
Aspie baby here it's difficult talking neuro diversity in a nuanced manner without stigma following it. Thanks Doc Mike
JT vs Tha World
JT vs Tha World 4 kun oldin
You are all special beyond understanding!
Eyy_Its_ Danny
Eyy_Its_ Danny 4 kun oldin
Hello. I have this.
Sarcastic baby Mountain goat
I’m an ABA therapist and my clients make me so proud everyday :) I love them
Elizabeth Cueto
Elizabeth Cueto 5 kun oldin
Now if only they’d rename ADHD because we don’t have a deficit, we just can’t regulate our attention in the way neurotypicals can and I’m sick and tired of society telling me I’m wrong, bad, and need to change to fit what they do and how they do it. I think that our differences should be seen as beautiful and interesting, not shameful or wrong.
DawdlingSky117 5 kun oldin
Is there anywhere I can go, at 21yo, to get evaluated/screened for potential ASD?
Harry Hayward-Evans
I'm high functioning asd diagnosed and getting an assitqnce dog to help me soon I love you so much Dr Mike hope your well
random yt vids
random yt vids 5 kun oldin
I have this sindrum
TrippleA _
TrippleA _ 5 kun oldin
As an actual person on the autism spectrum, I can say that its accurate, other than it being a bad thing, really it just makes you different. And honestly if they found a way to get rid of it, honestly I would not take it
Rainingtacos31 5 kun oldin
Reminds me a lot of adhd
MoTF 5 kun oldin
Me who has depression Also me: where smort?
MoTF 5 kun oldin
Me: has depression Me: welp guess I'm a smart boi now
Shadow Soldier
Shadow Soldier 5 kun oldin
Autism is not a disability it’s just a different ability
ThePyjamaLlama 5 kun oldin
I have aspergers, and years of speech therapy made me mostly normal on the outside, but i think too much about everything. How suicide would affect people around me, what would happen if someone i knew died in an accident, etc. Im not depressed... I think, but im definitely not suicidal, i just think too much
just me
just me 6 kun oldin
I learnt more things in a couple of seconds than I normally do in hours at school.
James 6 kun oldin
As someone with aspergers, most of this is true for me lmao. It is important to remove a lot of the stigma though. We're not all the same. This next partis only for others with autism: *We can't let them know of our growing autistic hive mind. Stay strong brothers and sisters*
Isak s
Isak s 6 kun oldin
I have what once was called aspbergers. But I have a problem, I also got ADD and Tourettes... Some stuff works, other doesn't but I can't change it so I have had to learn to live with it. If anyone want to ask any question about any of my diagnosis can you do it here, no question is too personal, just shoot and ill do my best to answer =)
Käsekuchen 6 kun oldin
Do you think that it is important to diagnose this, because chances are high that I am on the autism Spektrum me and my mother belive that (also some women that worked in my old kindergarden ,they told my mother when i was little). Fact is that I face some chalanges when I have to Deal with other people but generally I can Deal with my daly life pretty good. So what do you think?
Courageous Soap
Courageous Soap 6 kun oldin
I also have Asperger's. I never knew how to spell it untill now.
Oceansteader Kelp
Oceansteader Kelp 6 kun oldin
Yeah it's trendy to have autism, 90% of this comment section has it. Even Tumblr has people listing disabilities like they're medals.
Oceansteader Kelp
Oceansteader Kelp 6 kun oldin
Person: gets diagnosis of mild autism Also Person: I'm so special UwU, you neurotypicals are plebs, how dare you use aspergers, the term doesn't exist, TRIGGERED, haha I'm qwerky, I'm stimming omg Severe autistics who can't even speak:
Beckett 6 kun oldin
I'm autistic so the way you said this is great. But also am I the only one that has never heard Elon Musk talk before and was surprised or is that just me
kiyomi yorii
kiyomi yorii 6 kun oldin
i might have asd’s? self diagnosing isnt my forte but i think i need a psychologist
Hanako is best girl
As someone with Asperger's, thank ya. More awareness is indeed needed, I got bullied throughout school for being different or an easy target
Mitch Rudolph
Mitch Rudolph 7 kun oldin
It’s hilarious that he thinks he’s the first person with Aspergers to host I bet if every host went and got looked at a ton would be on the spectrum
I smell The cheeze
I smell The cheeze 7 kun oldin
Exsplains why the cyber truck looks the way it is
haei 7 kun oldin
I'm autistic, thank you for pointing this out! Many people are still confused about autistic, and I'm glad you're removing the negative stigma!
Partima Thapa
Partima Thapa 7 kun oldin
Jonathan does ASMR XD
I think i gos this
Мирослав Павлов
Can someone ask Elon musk (strange maybe isn't it a normal name after all) do I need driver license to have a tesla? It have autopilot in it
Madiyar Yespolatov
Madiyar Yespolatov 7 kun oldin
No offense but aspurgers sounds funny
Gray Spicer
Gray Spicer 7 kun oldin
i have asd
James Moore
James Moore 8 kun oldin
Reverse ADHD, I have bad adhd, don’t get butt hurt, it’s a joke
potatohead 8 kun oldin
I'm an aspie! Can confirm this guy is speaking the truth
saultube44 8 kun oldin
ASD probably came from Mercury as a preserver in Vaccines, nobody checks for Mercury in Vaccines, this is a big cover up; Doctors should at least demand for these special paper used to detect different substances, but for Mercury (Hg), when opening a bottle of a vaccine to test for Mercury
GrimCreeperyt 8 kun oldin
“Remarkable focus and persistence” combine that with ADD and you get someone who is only focused sometimes and someone who can’t focus at all the rest of the time.
Avatar Allstar
Avatar Allstar 7 kun oldin
PoorPro Og
PoorPro Og 8 kun oldin
So i have been undiagnosed with asd for this long? All of the symptomps match: I have over sensitive ears, i can be so focused, if anyone disturbs me, i jump, i pay attention to detail, etc.
Hayden Veals
Hayden Veals 8 kun oldin
Yeah... Did all my own research as a kid and found I related a lot to ADD/ADHD symptoms. Parents didn't believe me until I was probably 12-13. Sucked. But I'm glad that awareness is being raised for this issue!
Southern Hills Creative
Dan Aykroyd called it his "superpower"
Ioana Nedescu
Ioana Nedescu 9 kun oldin
This video won you my subscription Dr. BRAVO 👏
Tefoforreal 9 kun oldin
Damian  Taylor
Damian Taylor 9 kun oldin
I have aspergers and I was wondering if anger issues came with it sometimes cause I was diagnosed with it and got a lot angrier than other people. Like you touching a toy would make me so violent I would bite a chunk out of your knee.
NightSki 9 kun oldin
I knew everything about the ASD’s except for the depression and anxiety. I find it interesting, especially since I’m on the spectrum myself.
Gol D. Randy
Gol D. Randy 9 kun oldin
After watching this shorts I self diagnose with assburgers
The Truth
The Truth 9 kun oldin
I'm in love with you Mike... You are just awesome, perfect, dude. ..........I wish I could just hug you for a min....annnnnnnd kiss on your chick... ..... I love the way you speak, your naughtyness, your chest compression, Pee..Oop, and especially your killing smile. I just love you for everything.... both of you... Mike & Bear
idiot with common sense
I think I have ASD's
Rubi Tyla
Rubi Tyla 10 kun oldin
Yeh I have autism and all of them are TRUUUUE! The most annoying part which I have a problem with is hypersensitivity to sound, I ice skate and people play music to a volume that is uncomfortable, and because I have verbal issues it also makes me very shy to mess it all up, and I cannot confront people in real life, like any other neurodivergent person, and so I always make myself deal with very loud sounds and want to cry, and I just call it autism also everyone around me calls it that, you don’t have to be professional
LoloNotFound 10 kun oldin
why did i think he was saying a** burgers 💀✋🏻
Maddy S.
Maddy S. 10 kun oldin
Thank you! Both my kids are neurodivergent, my biggest fear is them being discriminated against for their challenges.
Adventure West
Adventure West 10 kun oldin
Too much makeup bro
SomethingEdgy 10 kun oldin
People continue to use the term Asperger's because it's a lot more specific than just saying autistic or high/low functioning autism, so you know what you're getting into.
Albin _
Albin _ 10 kun oldin
is this kinda symptom forming itaelf over the years or is it there from birth?
Cruse Otte
Cruse Otte 10 kun oldin
Even though I am an Autistic person with said diagnosis I still wish people would be more accepting to people who have Autism cause where not dumb in fact a lot of geniuses have Autism such as Einstein and Di Vinci
Frayste 10 kun oldin
why do I relate to all symptoms
Sam M
Sam M 10 kun oldin
SNL is past being saved by medical intervention
Michael Gunsallus
Michael Gunsallus 10 kun oldin
Nice eyeshadow 🙂
Fodzi CZ
Fodzi CZ 11 kun oldin
I have Aspergrs syndrome
Ssteven playz
Ssteven playz 11 kun oldin
The way you talk in this short is the same as me reporting about a lesson or reciting a poem
David Galindez
David Galindez 11 kun oldin
I liked it better when it was called Asperger, sounds better than just ASD IMO.
Leptune Cannet
Leptune Cannet 11 kun oldin
Doktor Michał Warszawski sounds better 😏
Demon Cat Gaming 22
Demon Cat Gaming 22 11 kun oldin
Why do I only have the negative traits of Aspergers, wtf
Bryce Peters
Bryce Peters 11 kun oldin
Maybe if we all had asbergers. We would be better off.
Kaktuskopf 321
Kaktuskopf 321 11 kun oldin
I have this lol
Zolavi B
Zolavi B 12 kun oldin
My mom was diagnosed a couple of years ago but I said she might be autistic over a decade before that as well as me. I’m considering getting diagnosed. I’ve spoken to a nurse who works with ASD patients and she doesn’t believe I am but I’d rather hear it from someone qualified in diagnosis…
Siegward 12 kun oldin
Those are good tradeoffs if you ask me
Vospader21 12 kun oldin
Huhhhhhhh, this…honestly explains…a lot.
Signal Bear
Signal Bear 12 kun oldin
Brian Smith
Brian Smith 12 kun oldin
Woah. Less eye shadow please 🥺
Nomadic Squirrel
Nomadic Squirrel 12 kun oldin
I believe that society has progress so far that nature is telling us to become less complicated by returning ADHD and ASD to the world. The hermits, herbalists, adventures, etc of the old world have been thought to have such mental "disorders". I say like that, because they optimize that person's ability with a trade or craft. The praise from those who bought their products, and self accomplishment from getting a self determined number of product sold. The dopamine from both would give confidence to them and help them combat depression and self doubt. My point is that putting down by talking down, treating them like their useless, and acting as if they are completely or partially invalid only makes it worse.