Doctor Reacts To Bizarre Health "Hack" Videos 

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guga gaga
guga gaga 37 daqiqa oldin
1:05 they misssed1 when creeper blows u up in minecraft hardcore=your head blows up
Paige Olsen
Paige Olsen Soat oldin
About 20% of the population sneezes when they look into bright light
this video is so funny im literally dying because of the stupid health hacks
Kaklam Chow
Kaklam Chow Soat oldin
i like it when he used the inner elbow side when he was sneezing
shakshitha bts army
shakshitha bts army 2 soat oldin
He is so trustfated becauee these hacks 😂😂😂
Hannah Moore
Hannah Moore 2 soat oldin
whenever i get a brain freeze, i shake my head around, clench my jaw and breathe in. it works, somehow XD
Aeizn 3 soat oldin
The blink fast to fall asleep faster one is actually pretty true. It fatigues the muscles in your eyelids, making it easier to keep them closed. So it kinda helps if you're struggling to keep them shut
Drdestructo gaming
Drdestructo gaming 3 soat oldin
the sneeze one is actually true
Michelle Bloch
Michelle Bloch 4 soat oldin
Dr. Mike, the blowing on your thumb to ease your nerves did not work because you were laughing. You weren’t doing right, therefore it didn’t work 😉
sheeesh 4 soat oldin
The "If you can't sleep, blink fast for 1 minute" thing sometimes works for me. Maybe like 2% of the time. Idk why tho
Green 4 soat oldin
5 Years ago I was in the hospital for god knows what, just felt super weak and light headed. I will never forget, when they took my blood pressure and measured my heart rate, the doctor told me I have the heart rate and blood pressure of a young girl (super low and slow) I was a 22 year old male. I don't know if that was good or bad. Hopefully that means I have a POWERFUL heart. XD
Isabelle Ramirez
Isabelle Ramirez 4 soat oldin
I think I found out why this "look at a light-sneeze thing" works, if you look up it will open up your throat, and let the air come into your nose. I think..I'm thinking idfk
Marsha Smith
Marsha Smith 5 soat oldin
I get migraines and have daily headaches. If they get too bad I will put a heating pad on my low back and ice packs on my neck and forehead. I often fall asleep due to the relief.
Nissassa Yzark
Nissassa Yzark 6 soat oldin
The bright light with the sneeze actually works
N L 6 soat oldin
The sneeze is definitely a thing. My cousin would purposely stare at the sun when he was about to sneeze so that it would happen.
Rebekka L
Rebekka L 7 soat oldin
The bright light sneeze trigger is real. It’s due to the proximity of the nerve that tells your body to sneeze to the optic nerve. When the optic nerve gets excited, sometimes it excites the other nerve, making you sneeze.
Taryn Tots
Taryn Tots 7 soat oldin
I think the bright side just wants to see how many dumb things they can make you do.
Ashley Stover
Ashley Stover 7 soat oldin
OK the blinking fast for one minute works I did it and it tired my eyes down so they would stay closed
Anthony Tavormina
Anthony Tavormina 7 soat oldin
100 percent sneeze when I look at the sun lol
Elocin Vyper
Elocin Vyper 7 soat oldin
I do the warm water frozen ice pack trick for headaches it actually does work but I couldn't tell you why
Ruby Starr
Ruby Starr 7 soat oldin
But at the same time, placebo effect, so a lot of these could "work" anyways.
Normal Human
Normal Human 9 soat oldin
So basically everything is a sign of a heart attack? And I'm supposed to go to hospital for every single one? "Hey man you look tired" "Yeah man I didn't sleep well so I am tired" "OMG YOU ARE HAVING A HEART ATTACK"
Julie C
Julie C 9 soat oldin
I feel so bad when he gets so triggered….but seriously I’m so glad he tells us what is stupid medicine… but the blowing on the thumb thing…..ummmm I kinda like LOL
dipsaus 9 soat oldin
Blowing on your thumb might help lower anxiety, but because it makes you control your breathing. Not because of a different pulse in your thumb.
Stacy Kaufman
Stacy Kaufman 9 soat oldin
I’m 47 years old and I used to be able to dance and perform for people but now every time I dance I keep getting heart palpitations and my skin gets pink and my face gets red and my heart pounds. Does that mean I’m at risk of having a stroke or a heart attack?
jasper bennett34
jasper bennett34 9 soat oldin
11:45 I probably should call an ambulance but I’m so close to finishing the video
Razer Gamer
Razer Gamer 10 soat oldin
Is it just me or do bright lights actually get my sneezes out because if I don't look at a bright light I CAN'T SNEEZE!!!
Isagani Cabrales
Isagani Cabrales 10 soat oldin
"I worked for Bright Side... SHHHH" HAHAHAHA
Mike Bot616
Mike Bot616 11 soat oldin
"I'm a hip" 🤣🤣🤣. Never change Dr Mike, never change.
Queren Daliah Lopez
Queren Daliah Lopez 11 soat oldin
Lol who would wanna run from bear
Dubles -_-
Dubles -_- 11 soat oldin
The only hack I see is the person who made the video
Mineventz Eventz!
Mineventz Eventz! 11 soat oldin
Bright side be like: Hey if you have a heart attack, just put a spoon on your heart. Doctor Mike: CHEST COMPRESSIONS AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Bellatrix Gallo
Bellatrix Gallo 11 soat oldin
9:10 I love that they showed Bear ❤️😂
legend7 11 soat oldin
"so if you see a lion or a bear..." *D O G*
Annie Beanie
Annie Beanie 12 soat oldin
Well these are at least quite harmless nonsense clickbaity tips. Dr. Mike should check instead dangerous "non medical" hacks and what can happen when you try to follow them (like young girl trying to poach egg in microwave following clickbaity video and suffering serious burns etc ...). If not having enough time to look for that he can team up with Ann Reardon for that or someone like that :p (she has lot of debunking videos on How to Cook That channel).
DBAlex 12 soat oldin
How are you gonna say sinus headaches have been debunked and just move on without explaining 🤧
nuudeli nokat
nuudeli nokat 13 soat oldin
Can you tell me what it is. I have a fracture in my leg, but I was still able to do very physical work, swimming, cycling and walking. and I only had a small ache, it wasn’t until the week that my leg ached so much after a day of work that I went to the doctor and had an x-ray of my leg when I told him that I had previously lived normally with a broken arm.
Mr-Bot-Action -
Mr-Bot-Action - 13 soat oldin
I come hear when i feel smart to make me feel stupid agian
Angel Blue
Angel Blue 13 soat oldin
PLEASE Watch Wolfoo, They have bizarre heath videos for kids.
IRISH JAY IRISH JAY 13 soat oldin
This is why you don't " Google " anything If you typed in : meaning of finger pain , you will most probably get an answer like : You have 8 days to live , get your affairs in order
SteamCat Studios
SteamCat Studios 13 soat oldin
Looking at a.bright light can stimulate around your face, and so it can encourage your nose
MarginalSC 14 soat oldin
Dr Mike missed the UZblock that was filled with people suggesting bleach enemas to cure autism, the people who drank their own urine to cure cancer etc. UZblock used to be super irresponsible about misinformation.
charles chlebana
charles chlebana 14 soat oldin
I died of laughter at "the thumb has its own pulse"
ANISH PAUL 14 soat oldin
This guy gets ghosted by women and you think you have a chance?
Missy Fitch
Missy Fitch 14 soat oldin
The bright light for sneezing works. I have done that for years
Krzychu Lewandowski
Krzychu Lewandowski 14 soat oldin
yeah i do sneeze when i look a light
Christopher Navoni
Christopher Navoni 14 soat oldin
Where is the "back of the shin"? Is this the illusive neighbor to the CALF?
GoatMan45 15 soat oldin
Sometimes when I get a headache I get in the bath and that helps.
Anju Nell
Anju Nell 15 soat oldin
1:35 you'll trigger so many weebs. RIP Itachi
CrisTy1002 15 soat oldin
Binging ur videos ur reactions... Got me on the floor! Love the info and content! 😂😂😂😂😂👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Linda Vidler
Linda Vidler 15 soat oldin
About the neck thing at 4:20, the muscles at the top of the neck/back of the head if seized up can cut off some circulation and really affect one of the nerves that goes down the arm. I have that problem.
Angel Little
Angel Little 15 soat oldin
The sneeze thing works IF you're part of the 33% of people who sneeze at bright lights and/or the sun. For me it's -just- sunlight. It's legit called ACHOO syndrome. (Those who named it had fun with it and figured out a name whose acronym was a sneeze.) It usually triggers two or three consecutive sneezes on its own, but not so much if you're actually actively trying to sneeze. I've had plenty of times where a sneeze was stuck, and sunlight always does the trick for me (no multiple sneezes, but it gets out the stuck one). Other bright lights do nothing for me, but my coworker has it with both.
thatcouchpotato123 15 soat oldin
8:44 mike u be actin like a dying bird 😭 😂
thatcouchpotato123 15 soat oldin
8:43 *
GuitarJack 321
GuitarJack 321 16 soat oldin
If you want to stop a sneeze pinch the bridge of your nose, it works for me idk about you try it.
mal tek
mal tek 16 soat oldin
I sneeze when I look at the sun or its shining very bright in my face I sneeze I heard its some kind of extra body reaction thing
thatcouchpotato123 16 soat oldin
7 y.o me trying bright side hacks and then my answer to when my mom asks if they were good: 4:14
Kristen Gill
Kristen Gill 16 soat oldin
that soooo dose not work because I had a sore throat when I was watching this
AvarageGamer3316 17 soat oldin
The bright light to sneeze one is true but only in some people because in some people the brain thinks the light is coming out of the nose and tries to sneeze it out
PinataCreeper 17 soat oldin
The sneeze thing works but only for some pll
Beth McConnell
Beth McConnell 17 soat oldin
The blowing on the thumb part makes a BIT of sense, but it is only because if you are having an anxiety attack, breathing would help. If you are focusing on the thumb and breathing that may help reduce the anxiety
Mikhail Boldt
Mikhail Boldt 17 soat oldin
This is the most hilarious video Dr Mike ever posted
Nathaniel Chartrand
Nathaniel Chartrand 17 soat oldin
6:48 you don’t need to be severely diabetic, you might just be have high blood sugars followed by ketones
호ᄒTazz 17 soat oldin
but the sneezing one works tho.. if you in the verge of sneezing but you can't look at a bright sources of light
Dormammu 17 soat oldin
Alexis Niquette
Alexis Niquette 17 soat oldin
The tongue trick does work too. I use it all the time. Unless its a coincidence
Alexis Niquette
Alexis Niquette 18 soat oldin
Doctor Mike getting triggered for 12 minutes straight
Alexis Niquette
Alexis Niquette 18 soat oldin
I have used the method of looking at the bright light to sneeze and it always worked. Literally every single time. My dad does the same thing. Maybe it's just a coincidence. If there is any medical knowledge to debunk please feel free to comment. i would like to know. I am a medical geek
Molly Jude
Molly Jude 18 soat oldin
so i put deodorant on my mosquito bite its absolute BULL
Shrey Kakkar
Shrey Kakkar 18 soat oldin
They should play the Frenulon Not a Doctor thing from B99 at the end
Keagan Johnson
Keagan Johnson 18 soat oldin
That bright light one works for me lol
flameandyolo1658 18 soat oldin
The only one hack that works for me is the sneeze one
Faiq Dani
Faiq Dani 19 soat oldin
About that sneeze. I dont know about bright light(of a lamp). But Sun did it for me .
OOf 20 soat oldin
Dr. Mike: if your hand goes numb you could be having a stroke or a heart attack Me who wakes up with a numb arm all the time : alright bye folks ig im dying Dr. Mike:or the circulation of blood in your arm stopped also me: okay phew
IAMAZNGI 21 soat oldin
the "look at a light to sneeze" thing actually works for me i do it all the time
Leanna West
Leanna West 21 soat oldin
I tried the migraine hack. I’ve had chronic migraines everyday for months since getting pregnant and was desperate. Better off with a cold-pack in a dark, cold room. It did not work
nathaly solano
nathaly solano 21 soat oldin
Hahah you should research the foot thing hahah some people says it can cure everything the name is reflexology foot chart hahahah probably you won’t read this
Midnight_Dorian 22 soat oldin
Hello Dr Mike, is there a cure for epilepsy?
Nightshade Kelly
Nightshade Kelly 22 soat oldin
Tension migraine and cluster headaches all at once is that possible
Countryhuman_KD 22 soat oldin
Baby raging Dr Mike
RoboJenni22 23 soat oldin
Dr Mike, the sneeze bit is true! When I'm trying to sneeze and it is not coming out, I look at bright light and it always makes me sneeze! I don't know why or how, but believe me, it works !
Jeffrey Leung
Jeffrey Leung 23 soat oldin
Dr Mike. Some people do have a photic sneeze reflex. That's actually a thing.
Jopeymess Music
Jopeymess Music 23 soat oldin
The diabetic one got me triggered hard. As one, you would have to be literally comatose before the sweetness of DKA is present, certainly if you're a healthy diabetic anyways. Might develop ketone stink faster if your diabetes is poorly controlled.
Lillianne Amlinger
Lillianne Amlinger 23 soat oldin
The sneez-thing actually works😂 if you feel the need to sneeze, look into a bright light and 9/10 times, you probably will sneeze
Josue'sJorrible Life-Style
Wait my arm has gotten numb while I sleep and it wouldn't let me sleep but it wasn't a stroke or heart attack I think it was cuz I had a blood work done 2 days before on that same arm so idk I'm also 18 so I don't think it was a stroke
stephanie saballos
cryinggg this was so goood 😩😂
JLLS Simmons
JLLS Simmons Kun oldin
The “ if you want to sneeze, look at a bright light “ thing is actually true for me and my dad. Only thing is, we don’t mean to sneeze. We are light sensitive or something. I don’t know if this is true, but it always happens to me when I transfer from shade to light quickly.
Emily Kellam
Emily Kellam Kun oldin
Bernardo Figueiredo Pires
9:12 that’s not a bear
Adele Jackson
Adele Jackson Kun oldin
In my migraine group on FB I know a lot of people that have tried the warm water on feet and cold pack on neck. With chronic migraines it's worth it to try everything. We're desperate even with abortive meds and botox😅
twrd Kun oldin
that sneeze and bright light thing is true! if you live in a country that gets a lot of snow (like Finland) when people go outside on a sunny day in the winter it makes them sneeze because the light reflecting from the snow is so intense. it's hilarious
Barefoot Bargains
In the middle of a panic attack I can calm down and regulate my heart rate by sticking the tip of my thump in my mouth and blowing like I'm trying to blow it out. It's works. May be mental but it does make heart stop going so fast from my panic also.
Prabhashita Sharma
after this ..... drMike: someone wanna raise their BP watch remedies from brightside.
Devin Hemmings
Devin Hemmings Kun oldin
This video made Dr. Mike so triggered that essential oils worked
Mikayla Kun oldin
I’m curious to know what you think of face mapping
Lucariosklaw056 Kun oldin
but if i see bear, the butterflies will be from love and happiness and cuddles not scare
Sharyn Hay
Sharyn Hay Kun oldin
Dr Mike you are judging complimentary medicine by these quack ideas. The chakras and pressure points are valid when manipulated correctly by experienced practitioners. I have used pressure points to help women with labor pain and others to help with nausea. As an RN I was skeptical of acupuncture, acupressure, reflexology and other hands-on therapies until I experienced them. I think you are doing patients a disservice by telling them that the complimentary techniques don't work and that their practitioners are bogus.
Whitney Zeller
Whitney Zeller Kun oldin
This is actually real fascinating I love your videos and so does my dad he’s also a doctor! And I wanted to kinda take after him and become a vet. (From a girl who stole her moms computer)
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