Doctor Reacts To Jaiden Animation's Health Scare 

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nh dw
nh dw Soat oldin
The willing hamburger cytologically hum because thread impressively haunt atop a wakeful brake. plausible, scrawny scarecrow
Angel Hair Pasta
Angel Hair Pasta 2 soat oldin
I’ve had random night hives like 5 times to me before my mom just assumed I was having an allergic reaction to a detergent or something. I dunno they happened months apart so…
Ally V.
Ally V. 3 soat oldin
You should watch the animation hospital by ice cream sandwhich
Stoned Mountain Unicorn
A long time ago, i too had Hyves. It was a long time ago and it's gone now, good thing Facebook replaced it
Oscar Qai Fung Gan
Oscar Qai Fung Gan 5 soat oldin
Yeah so Mike and Jaiden took steroids welp
Blaze-a-Doodle 6 soat oldin
Urgent cares are trash man what would you expect
Isabelle Childs
Isabelle Childs 8 soat oldin
oooooh you should watch icecreams sandwich's video about his apendisitis!
LushStingray336 9 soat oldin
Yo anyone notice she downed the whole bottle of pills with no water in 2 seconds?
LushStingray336 9 soat oldin
Thomas and hero Productions
He should do the show black list
Carlos Cabañero Cruces
I am allergic and have atopic dermatitis (and asthma) and I always have an epipen at home and another that I carry with me.
Sushila Shrestha
Sushila Shrestha 19 soat oldin
Shut up
Irene Jeong
Irene Jeong 19 soat oldin
anyone who understands all the words he's saying, well, your a genius
Rikka's Haven
Rikka's Haven 21 soat oldin
I had cellulitis..on my right foot. At first I thought it was nothing til I couldn't walk the next morning.. Had to take a wheelchair going to the hospital 😒
miyou3playz_YT 22 soat oldin
Relatable for me,i get towels,mechanical pencils and stuff like that
Rin Isabell
Rin Isabell Kun oldin
I had an allergic reaction to the antibiotic that is given to me for covid.... The itchiness is worst than the covid symptoms...
MD vlogs
MD vlogs Kun oldin
This happened to me yesterday !! It’s like u keep itching every minute
AnGSteRZzz Kun oldin
What kind of help was she getting 😂🤣
i know obama’s last name
*ask for 100K likes*. gets more
random Klee main
The perfect reaction video doesn’t exi-
MirageOwl Kun oldin
is it normal for me to have difficulty watching this...
Anna Livingood-Fry
I planning to use some of these words, and everyone is gonna be like “what” or “speak English” and I will feel superior. 😈
China_Sickness Kun oldin
One time I had a rash break out on my chest and belly region and it stayed there for over a week. I should’ve gotten it checked out but I didn’t. I figured I’d wait to see if it spread. It didn’t so I just let my body take care of it. I still have no idea how I got that rash though
Nate River
Nate River Kun oldin
I’m allergic to bees and my friend too so one time he got sting by one and like he only used one epipen and it didn’t work so thats why its better to keep two. Just in case.
TDTF Pod Kun oldin
Swimmers itch from parasites in water?
SillyMae Kun oldin
I get hives every time I have penicillin so when I get strep throat I get hives too :,D I just have to bear the pain till they go away
Cookiecat0311 meep
Yeah umm how does having exema and previously having a allergic reaction with hives to milk and I'm always itchy no matter what
Tausif Hossain
Tausif Hossain Kun oldin
You should watch the ice cream sandwich hospital video
Armaga Kun oldin
Так стоп, ты че, русский? 🤔 Так долго смотрю и только сейчас узнал))
Ken Hosokai
Ken Hosokai Kun oldin
Brain: I'm going to protect myself by killing myself
ALHADJJ TOURE 2 kun oldin
Wow I've learned a lot from this video
LogiForce86 2 kun oldin
As a patient with severe atopic constitutional eczema with many allergies to almost anything in our everyday lives I can so relate to her pain. I was born with it, so go figure how much fun (read stress) I was for my parents whilst crying because I was itchy all over and in pain from needles and pins because my entire skin basically got so scratched open that no epidermis was left... white bloodcells were leaking out and even read ones when I really did my best. It got so severe that about half a year before Dupixent (Dupilumab) injects were given the OK sign in Europe for use any steroid ointments and pills stopped working including high doses of Prednison. Thank god it's reasonably stable right now, but I still need a new injection every 14 days to keep suppressing my eczema reactions. When we tried for a year to go to one injection every 21 days the eczema swelled up again by the end of the year to the point where we started... completely destroyed. Which took me a good year again to recover from at one injection every 14 days. So yeah, people take their most important organ... the skin... for granted. That is up to the point they end up having issues with their skin.
Amanda Murray
Amanda Murray 2 kun oldin
Me having exma and relating to this so badly
Lesia Grynyshak
Lesia Grynyshak 2 kun oldin
•OctoberOpals• 2 kun oldin
The first time that I had hives was at a hotel -~-
Lizzie Kaptain
Lizzie Kaptain 2 kun oldin
I have a skin allergy to nickel. I'll have a rash show were the nickel is in contact of the skin. I have learned ways to avoid nickel touching my skin. Its amazing where nickel is found.
♕ Opalina digital arts ♕
Hey I am experiancing hives , can you give me some advice , my doctor said to use atarax it’s now a little better
Nana Taye
Nana Taye 2 kun oldin
Fun fact: my brother is allergic to pain
Parke Nichols
Parke Nichols 2 kun oldin
I got hives all over my body when I took amoxicillin not knowing I was allergic to it.
Tim Smith
Tim Smith 2 kun oldin
i had hives
Djordje Grbic
Djordje Grbic 2 kun oldin
In Serbia we also have "Translated: Grandpa Claus" but he is red and looks like Santa Claus. Also ckristmas is in January. I still celebrate Christmas in December and my whole family is so confused why.
HADI EL-SOLH 3 kun oldin
mike my back is itchy plz help every single day I have to itch
kian YT
kian YT 3 kun oldin
Shut up
Riel Boudreau
Riel Boudreau 3 kun oldin
I remember something were my sibling(rowan karma u should sb to them) went to famosa restaurant and had something with nuts and had to get 2 epipens on when the saw it was nuts and when they were sent to the hospital and was there for 5h
Riel Boudreau
Riel Boudreau 3 kun oldin
Wait u are Russian?
Pasta Pasta
Pasta Pasta 3 kun oldin
I have idiot-hives(as I nicknamed it) and it just happens every now and then, I can agree that it's painful
LadMuru 3 kun oldin
Pilipinos: Just put a herb and alcohol just waste more money
Kaleb Black
Kaleb Black 3 kun oldin
Do you want to hear a story I was about 2-4 me and my mom were at a store I found her epipen and took off the cap and STAPED myself in the tongue long story short we went to the er
Chiharuシ 3 kun oldin
Dr Mike(he said smt along these lines idek): the internet will make things worse and give you anxiety Also Dr Mike:Yeah, this is deadly😇
StarLegends 3 kun oldin
I just watched this to see someones reaction to Jaden Animations. And it was interesting hearing the health facts!
ProWizardKing 3 kun oldin
I always cary 2 epipens and I have a lot at home
Shannon Lavery
Shannon Lavery 3 kun oldin
Or Jaiden Animations’ video “Injuries and Being Sick”. A little bloody, though.
Shannon Lavery
Shannon Lavery 3 kun oldin
You should react to Let Me Explain Studios’ video “My Horrible mouth Accident.” Shes another story time animator.
Japanese milke
Japanese milke 3 kun oldin
2 of my favorite UZblockrs do something=master piece
Kevin Suggs
Kevin Suggs 3 kun oldin
POV: You looked down here to see if JaidenAnimation commented.
johanariliz ramirez
Ari is a green cheak coner
johanariliz ramirez
Yes Jayden meet up with jayden
Adventures With Lena and Courtland
She has a turquoise green cheek conure
Consta Star
Consta Star 3 kun oldin
Do Otón yikes
Consta Star
Consta Star 3 kun oldin
5.1/5,1 k e sse esssss
April Doiron
April Doiron 4 kun oldin
Bruh Jaden hasn't commented on this video yet
Caden Armendariz
Caden Armendariz 4 kun oldin
React to hammanimations
Ky :D
Ky :D 4 kun oldin
Jaiden: “Uhhh…I have a hive-“ Dr. Mike: “BRAIN DEAD!”
SSFLY3R ZR 4 kun oldin
when you were talking about abcesses i was thinking wow im suprised that i know that from spendinging 8 hours at a barn
Mellissa Beckman
Mellissa Beckman 4 kun oldin
Not to be rude but it’s not a parakeet it a Ari!!!!!
weirdthingsYT 4 kun oldin
lalka corporation
lalka corporation 4 kun oldin
СМИСЛЕ он чо руский
Christina Brausch
Christina Brausch 4 kun oldin
Hello, so i just got back from a trip in Colorado. I live in Ohio. A day before the trip, i rubbed lotion on my arms because they felt dry and itchy. From the time i got off the plane there to the time i got home, i had what i thought was exzima all over my arms. I had an exzima cream that i would apply on affected areas, but i forgot to bring it on the trip. Just one day after I got home, all the irritation cleared up. Could the climate potentially be what caused that rash? In home right now it's warm and humid and in Colorado it was warm, but very dry. Also, Idk if this could've had an affect, but while we were there, the air was very hazy due to the fires in California. Thank you for taking the time to read.
KatnissGranger9209 4 kun oldin
Idiopathic sounds like an insult. "You idiopathic...uh... idiot"
KatnissGranger9209 4 kun oldin
Dr Mike: Certain types of birds like parakeets- Me: IT'S AN ARI
Т1000 Youtube
Т1000 Youtube 4 kun oldin
Now react to..... I forgot what the scarf cat guy was named
Anime§lover 5 kun oldin
I love jaiden animation’s video’s but I haven’t seen that video because only seen nine of her videos and I like them but I kinda have what she has but it’s not that bad but it leaves me red and I can’t sleep
Nivek Fiasco
Nivek Fiasco 5 kun oldin
Drinking game: drink Everytime Dr. Mike says problematic
Nivek Fiasco
Nivek Fiasco 3 kun oldin
@Terrarian329 9 no I'm not saying you need to do it but you can if you want I'm not judging
Terrarian329 9
Terrarian329 9 3 kun oldin
I'm underage but I may try this once I'm of age
KaidenOnGod 5 kun oldin
Hey guys this video is a 1900000 hours of watching because me taking Reacting to jaiden animations
Stars_Roblox 5 kun oldin
I have hives and they can get horrible
Gen1um 5 kun oldin
I’ve actually had hives( I don’t think they are my mother said they were but it was red rings around my eyes) in a seafood place after eating French fries.. it was from shrimp because they served the French fries over the shrimp so I had an allergic reaction
Super Mr. Tix
Super Mr. Tix 5 kun oldin
I suffered from hives due to penicillin, and that let me know I'm allergic
Esra Lupton
Esra Lupton 5 kun oldin
I once had anflacdic shock and it did not effect my air way but I did have vomiting
Dysfunctional Caramel
I've been commenting on videos, once this feels normal I'll be stronger.
mahika nellore madhu
Jadien: Oh I'm feeling a little itchy Dr. Mike: brain death
Phoebe's videos
Phoebe's videos 5 kun oldin
I was alergic to eggs till about half a year ago ( im 11) And still to this day have sesonal allergies Im allergic to 2 kinds of trees And all kinds of grass Its the worst
Caroline 5 kun oldin
I broke my back one time and went to the ER right after it happened and the doctor said I just bruised a back muscle because I would be in more pain if I broke my back I went back a week later and they took xray and said I broke my back so I relate on not getting the proper treatment 😂
XE Robot
XE Robot 5 kun oldin
how the heck does he know I'm allergic to peanut dust
Amanda Anuar
Amanda Anuar 5 kun oldin
doctor mike i want to ask a question.i got this red thing on my body,it doesn't itch,two days later it was gone.what was it?
emi エミ
emi エミ 5 kun oldin
@0:47 me when someone stole my Sertraline antidepressants and went into withdrawal. My skin felt like there was bugs crawling underneath it and I wanted to just rip it all off, coupled with those weird "brain zaps" where it feels like you're being electrically shocked on the head. Im no longer taking SSRIs. Did me more harm than good.
Ojasvi K
Ojasvi K 5 kun oldin
*cries in severe eczema*
JimmyJonRon 5 kun oldin
I accidentally clicked on this, I am not upset
0veRwritTeN Mini 48
I wish you were my doctor
MechaShadowV2 5 kun oldin
Wait, you're Russian? I never would have guessed. You're English is perfect. Or am I just confused? Again.
General Hux
General Hux 6 kun oldin
i had and still have some kind of flu that makes me cough, gives me hypothermia (rarely) and coughing
Cheeto 6 kun oldin
One time I thought hm I wonder what it would be like to itch all over me next day oh thanks hives!
Lukeycool 6 kun oldin
That can definently become problematic
anna deridder
anna deridder 6 kun oldin
Realistic Title: Doctor teaches viewers about rashes and medical stuff while sorta reacting to a video
Tristan Nguyen
Tristan Nguyen 6 kun oldin
1:20 same thing happened to me recently. It hurt… (I’m fine now btw)
『iifocvs° 6 kun oldin
My mother likes me watching you so.. *subs*
Nagito Komaeda
Nagito Komaeda 6 kun oldin
Even though my dad does pacemakers and my mom is a pharmacist I didn’t understand anything you were talking about
Sophia Lundsgaard
Sophia Lundsgaard 6 kun oldin
You did not just cut the dad joke in the start.
Migalodon 6 kun oldin
Jaiden: (Has a rash) Doctor Mike: *You are DEAD*
CONTRAdiction 6 kun oldin
This reminds me of the second time I had chickenpox. The annoying thing is I remember both times I had chickenpox. The first was when I was 5 or 6 and the second time I was around 9 or 10. The second time was horrible woke up seisuring and vomiting couldn't keep children's Tylenol down then went to the ER and they gave me several medications. I had chickenpox EVERYWHERE it was not fun.
[_-Lucas🍨-_] 6 kun oldin
My brains coming bigger by the second by this
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