Doctor Reacts To LOST TV Show Medical Scenes 

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O.M 13 soat oldin
Sweetheart, they can't DO actual chest compressions, they'd hurt the living....
Likingtoaster 2
Likingtoaster 2 13 soat oldin
2:33 don’t worry he’ll just use the force
4Curses 15 soat oldin
In favor of the show, You can't break an actor's ribs just to picture chest compression correctly. And making a life-like puppet for one scene would be overkill, budget wise
David PeoplesTV
David PeoplesTV Kun oldin
You are being way too hard on my man Jack
RedLex Kun oldin
With the gunpowder it wouldn't explode, due to it not being under pressure. Gunpowder in a situation just very quickly ignites and is used up, you don't see gunpowder trails like in cartoons because it practically happens in an instant, would I say it was the smartest idea? No- But I think a soldier would have heard something like that, and employ it.
Skyte100 Kun oldin
A collapsed lung has a very...specific sound.
Shanna Verhoef
Shanna Verhoef Kun oldin
You should react to a M*A*S*H episode! 😁
peter haha
peter haha 2 kun oldin
FWIW cocunts falling on a person can be very traumatic and a weird number of people even die from it annually. Of course some are bigger or smaller but ultimately its similar to having a 2 or 3 pound rock dropped on you.
Hisyam 3 kun oldin
9:50 bro the guy that he was operating on was his enemy and the guy that he punched too, that's why there is unnecessary conflict there
Rainbow Dash is best Pony
I mean, wouldn't it be better to tell the injured, scared, pregnant lady who's having contractions that everything is going to be fine just to calm her down a little bit? Even if you don't know exactly if they're going to be fine.
Chev Chelios
Chev Chelios 4 kun oldin
Can you react to scenes of the SAW movies?
allika 4 kun oldin
if only the first aid course point out "chest compressions" like Doc here does ...
Carmel Buckingham
Carmel Buckingham 4 kun oldin
"if you say come on, it actually doesn't help" the SASS
Kenie Frances
Kenie Frances 4 kun oldin
To answer the question as to why nothing is realistic: you find out they’ve all actually been dead at the end of the series😂 what a joke this show became
Linda MacKay- All the Good Things ❤
I watched 'Lost' for the first time this spring- you really have to suspend your knowledge/beleif AND you have to allow yourself to enter the 'mind games' (cutting the kidney sack as leverage) Saying COME ON multiple times in a high stress, highly emotional situation may make the responder feel better (not much).😆 Good dissection! 😃
AJ Dexter
AJ Dexter 6 kun oldin
Gunpowder doesn’t explode uncompressed, my appendix ruptured when I was 12 so I never have to worry about that on a desert island thank god, I was jaundiced and everything they had to perform emergency surgery. 12 year old me was not happy with that. They wanted to do keyhole but they had to legit open me up and I had a tube draining some kind of fluid for days.
Brandon Pyatte
Brandon Pyatte 7 kun oldin
I feel like they do poor chest compressions in tv because it's hard to make it realistic on a live person that you could potentially hurt. Because you know they are all actors and arent actually dead. Also jack is specifically a spinal surgeon. ALSO he is being forced to do that surgery at the end for the enemy. The guy with the tumor is the person killing people on the island and kidnapped him and Kate one of the other main characters. So him punching that guy was warranted.
Kass Paul
Kass Paul 7 kun oldin
What is crush syndrome
EttaOslo 8 kun oldin
Traumatic pelvic bleeding in children and young adults are actually commonly treated non surgical with transfusions.
Mr. Permanent
Mr. Permanent 8 kun oldin
*plane crashes killing a lot of people* Doctor Mike: This could very problematic
Matt Dunkin
Matt Dunkin 9 kun oldin
I watched the pilot of this show (this episode). I didn't care to watch it again.
Rencel Dayrit
Rencel Dayrit 9 kun oldin
Could you please make a video teaching chest compressions? I really enjoy your videos, thank you for sharing your knowledge!
Sonal 9 kun oldin
Lost was favourite ! We saw imotions .. not medical procedure .. but yes Dr Jack shows unpractical 😀
Alison Martin
Alison Martin 9 kun oldin
😆Dr Mike, this is a live person.....surely they cant do chest compressions properly on a live person that isnt actually in trauma...😄😄😄
Isabella Gomez
Isabella Gomez 10 kun oldin
Who's Sam? hahahahahahahah
sonabTV 10 kun oldin
So saying "come on" 4 times or more is the trick. Got it.
Necor Vartem
Necor Vartem 10 kun oldin
Fourth time it helps
Liz Becker
Liz Becker 11 kun oldin
I'm not a doctor, but I've been CPR certified for more than 10 years. We practice the CORRECT way to do chest compressions all the time, and I always crack up because TV shows always get this wrong. Thanks, Dr. Mike, for always reminding us about them.
Ciara Valenzuela
Ciara Valenzuela 12 kun oldin
You're tearing apart one of my favorite shows! Lol
Andrei Marinescu
Andrei Marinescu 12 kun oldin
Why shouldn't we breathe into people's mouths? I mean... I really don't like the idea, but without it, there's a limited amount of oxygen that you circulate through the chest compressions, wouldn't adding more oxygen be helpful?
Meme God
Meme God 12 kun oldin
Dr Mike has now ruined lost for me
Katie G
Katie G 13 kun oldin
Jesus is working in your life, I believe that. Know that he can restore anyone and anything, regardless where you come from. This is why I KNOW AND BELIEVE THAT JESUS CHRIST IS MY LORD AND SAVIOR❤️✝️✨
King Pinn
King Pinn 13 kun oldin
this man so bad mind 🤣🤣mad becuase he ain't a good doctor
kyproula88 13 kun oldin
The fasciotomy bit reminded me of the recent Lost in space series
Ashley Tescher
Ashley Tescher 14 kun oldin
Dr Mike, I feel like you’re on one today!! Oh my goodness. It’s a great show lol
Mr. Cookie
Mr. Cookie 14 kun oldin
I am watching this series.. what are the odds
Marilyn 14 kun oldin
I just want to say something about my exes if I do get a chance to over come you! Don’t try to play game on a white man. That’s not even cute from his point.
george kane
george kane 15 kun oldin
Wow this video reminds me how many people died just in the first 5 episodes
Liselotte Normann Sørensen
Who build the x-Ray machine on the Island? Top quality handyman😂
MsCathy42 15 kun oldin
dr Mike wish you were in my area. I need a good doctor
Joe Nelson
Joe Nelson 16 kun oldin
Doctor is stupid thinking if real not good d- but imagine Hollywood doing real chest compressions and causing damage.. and some young film maker might do that now because of that comment- silly
Cody Davis
Cody Davis 16 kun oldin
It’s funny how the body works. There’s certain things in the body that help you survive by themselves but if they mix their deadly. How interesting. Love this videos as always!
Garrett Kajmowicz
Garrett Kajmowicz 16 kun oldin
You don't need to run the bowel if you can do a FAST exam!
Jeffrey Dufford
Jeffrey Dufford 17 kun oldin
Dr. Mike!!! love the videos!!! My only question with this video is the following; you stated to start chest compressions if someone is not breathing and unresponsive. Shouldn't you check for a pulse first?
Mavis Chadwick
Mavis Chadwick 17 kun oldin
All thanks to Dr Alaho Olu on UZblock who finally cured me from Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV).
Harder StylesKid
Harder StylesKid 17 kun oldin
That friggin mess of a show lost smh
Firebug_Shev Mac
Firebug_Shev Mac 18 kun oldin
Please please please review medical moments in Outlander. I'd love to hear your view on them
Pete Levithan
Pete Levithan 18 kun oldin
Jack is superhuman. Heresy!
Jarlaxle Baenre
Jarlaxle Baenre 19 kun oldin
“Poor form. Bad timing. Not deep enough.” Yeah... “chest compressions” eh? 😂
Jaz Flanagan
Jaz Flanagan 19 kun oldin
You'd have to look up which episode it is (because I can't remember), but I would like you to review the scene in The Handmaid's Tale where June has her baby by herself. It looked pretty good to me, but I would love to hear your thoughts.
Slothmantha 20 kun oldin
Dr. Mike SPIIIIICCCYYY in this vid!!
tt ff
tt ff 21 kun oldin
Man I love when Mike misses the fact that this show was created during the early 2000s where we were taught we needed to breathe into peoples mouths.
Ana Montealegre
Ana Montealegre 21 kun oldin
Please do a video reacting to the walking dead! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Lora Wagers
Lora Wagers 21 kun oldin
Have you heard that they no longer reccomend breathing into the mouth at all, and only giving chest compressions?? You need to do a CPR video and a first aid one.
KM 21 kun oldin
Dr Mike having a mental breakdown on that gunpowder scene is everything
MillennialMade91 21 kun oldin
"What about the rest of his face WIPE IT OFF FIRST" I am rewatching lost at the moment and I screamed the same thing hahaha
Joel kitterlin
Joel kitterlin 21 kun oldin
Do the movie Wendy
LA Vickers
LA Vickers 23 kun oldin
Paused at sea urchin.. I was on holiday back in 2016 in Turkey and a family friend stood on one but the locals said because it was black he will be fine had it been brown he would've had to go to the hospital.. the next day front page of the newspaper said a semi professional footballer lost his life because he stood on a sea urchin in Turkey and died month later despite being treated at the hospital crazy ...
Brianne Slamin
Brianne Slamin 24 kun oldin
“Do not do this at home…. Or an ISLAND … “ 🤣🤣🤣
Brianne Slamin
Brianne Slamin 24 kun oldin
Just binged this show recently, huge fan. Can’t stand people not getting it… BUT this is hilarious & I never thought how ridiculous some of the medical stuff is.
AlexAsh 24 kun oldin
6:38 when my dad walks in
Alexander Chippel
Alexander Chippel 24 kun oldin
The first appendectomy was actually done my the patient himself. He was a Russian doctor told hi managed to do it with the power of meth and vodka.
Don 25 kun oldin
coconuts don't seem too traumatic dr mike? ill have you know 150 people die annually of coconuts falling on their heads, this is no laughing matter!
Adam Guymon
Adam Guymon 25 kun oldin
Hi Dr. Mike, can you please get back with Izzy Kornblau and do another video about EDS? She not very long ago made a video and mentioned something about you and EDS and I don't think she is happy about something you may have said in one of your videos? Can you both get together and make another video Please?
James C
James C 25 kun oldin
Love how the best doctoring scene according to DR Mike was the one featuring the non doctor (The deliver scene at the end) lol
Karolina Pomian
Karolina Pomian 25 kun oldin
Those chest compressions are not realistic since they are doing it on actors, probably could be done better with some special effects but in this one you wouldn't like to break some actors bones
Tammzz 26 kun oldin
This video is class! 😂 possibly one of the funniest ones you’ve done!
Ashley G
Ashley G 26 kun oldin
Can you do a reaction video to Emergency! (1972)?
Kaspars Sentinels
Kaspars Sentinels 26 kun oldin
Mikes new Nicname - ChestcompresorX3 or ChestcompresorXXX 😂😂
Julius 26 kun oldin
All the bad chest compressions were probably because they didn't want to harm the actual actors.
Laylla's Locker
Laylla's Locker 26 kun oldin
Arent contractions happening while the baby is coming down and cervix is opening? At that time u just relax and focus ur strenght. Then when the baby is in the position u just feel like u want to poop, and then u push.
Laylla's Locker
Laylla's Locker 26 kun oldin
Anyone can explain that show? Were they are in the purgatory all the time or what?
The Man's Kitchen
The Man's Kitchen 26 kun oldin
There dead. There all ghosts. spoiler alert.
Malakai Ramirez
Malakai Ramirez 26 kun oldin
my favorite show of all time and will always be
BoyScoutGuitarist 27 kun oldin
At 6:54 to answer you question, gun powered does blow up it just burns really quickly. so when you are shooting its in a pressurized capsule, the brass or shell, which creates a build up of more pressure behind the bullet until it essentially pops out and that pressure blows it down the barrel. so on Charlie's forehead as it has open air around it which makes no pressure to go boom.
david gabra
david gabra 27 kun oldin
Hey, I watch this show
Sueng Kei Lau
Sueng Kei Lau 29 kun oldin
Looooooove your sarcasm!!!!
GinaM 29 kun oldin
It’s also a SPECIAL island 🏝 … one of my all time favorite shows lol … and some of the issues are nobody’s telling JACK the truth….
Mmmmm 29 kun oldin
medical movies/shows: *exists dr. mike: im gonna end this mans whole career dont mind me, just wanted to try this
Jeanette Hansen
Lost is the best show ever! 😱😍🤩
Courage Achiever
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just call me Jess z
CRUSH INJURIES in shows are my newest pet peeve. They literally just free trapped limbs and...
99Cliona 29 kun oldin
ManBehindTheToaster . w coffee ofc
"Just stay still" *She says as she cuts a human open*
seemah umar
seemah umar Oy oldin
Please react to House MD Season 3, Ep. 14 Insensitive. Y'all I need you to blow this up. It's a really good episode
Glass of Milk
Glass of Milk Oy oldin
hi dr mike i would like to see you react to the game far cry and the way they deal with inguries
Optical Orange23
I want to see Dr. Mike do where’s Waldo… Then compare it to him doing where’s Waldo but Waldo is someone doing bad chest compressions
Radagast Oy oldin
ok but why is mike going after my man jack
Krizsan 0596
Krizsan 0596 Oy oldin
Dr. Mike: "Incompatible with life" Me: *has Vietnam flashbacks*
True Hauntings
Do a reaction video to Mortal Combat video game injuries! 😂😃
The real pain wasnt the human injuries but seeing that multi million dollar engine blow up!! Tears in the eyes....
syfire666 Oy oldin
6:24, it's called the Rambo method.
dani c
dani c Oy oldin
my favourite
6:40 i love how Dr. Mike looked away 😂
Bob Apjok
Bob Apjok Oy oldin
Doesnt seem like Dr Mike would be too helpful on a deserted island after a crash. Some of this stuff might not work, but it's not like he is just doing things the wrong way when there is plenty of equipment available. Sure most are probably going to die, but I would hope he would at least try.
Eliana Ojeda
Eliana Ojeda Oy oldin
For half of these patients....Dr. Mike was basically saying..."If he dies, he dies..."
GameWare Oy oldin
man, Dr.Mike really doing Jack like that xD
Harpreet Kaur
Harpreet Kaur Oy oldin
Dr. Mike is soooo annoyed it’s hilarious. 😂😂😭😭
Jimena Martínez
2:04 "You're lucky to be alive" clearly he hasn't seen the show
kuhpunkt Oy oldin
@Jimena Martínez No, you were wrong. The scenes he shows in the video take all place in the real world where they are alive. The part of the show where they are dead is not featured in this video. Funny that you say that he clearly hasn't seen the show. Whatever you quoted there from Google is absolute nonsense.
Jimena Martínez
@kuhpunkt we are both right "The characters shown in the final church episode are both dead and alive during their time on the island." From google
kuhpunkt Oy oldin
@Jimena Martínez No, they were alive.
Jimena Martínez
@kuhpunkt they weren't alive, neither dead, they were in a limbo
kuhpunkt Oy oldin
miranda romo
miranda romo Oy oldin
What's a tumor?
weasleyfire Oy oldin
LOL I love this, but I loved LOST more, you can't be like... why is he doing this it's so unethical there's no ethics here... they're LOST hahaha you have no idea what's going on with the show LOL... Love watching you Mike, but you've got to watch more than just the bloody scenes haha. Oh and don't forget a lot of these shows happened 10 years ago or more so the methods may be different now. id love to have Dr Mike watch ALL of Lost, Scrubs, House, etc. video for every episode!! of course I'm biased because i love these shows too and want more Mike reacting.
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