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Jonathan Gallegos
Jonathan Gallegos 22 daqiqa oldin
Me always thinking, (tasting noises) Eh what's up doc?
hampopper 34 daqiqa oldin
Can I hear 17.5 khz with my headphones with a max frequency 14.6khz NOOOOO!
Cheese Soat oldin
I’m sure someone has mentioned it by now, but the reason is minors always look at our parents before answering (from my experience) is that we are embarrassed to mention what’s wrong in front of them, especially if it’s private.
Levon Anderson
Levon Anderson Soat oldin
6:15 what the f*** has pepper potts been up to
Dave2 Nice
Dave2 Nice Soat oldin
Yeah the butter knife should stay away
Avocad h2o
Avocad h2o 2 soat oldin
"Vegans are human too" ясно, что этот бывший товарищ стал слишком американским
Nick O.
Nick O. 2 soat oldin
That vegan teacher will have some words for u Dr. Mike
Ethan Morrison
Ethan Morrison 2 soat oldin
4:49 the reason for the distortion is because the images go buy at a fast enough pace when you are not looking and features from the last pictures convert to the next because of the lack of fpcus
Strawberry cynlight
Strawberry cynlight 2 soat oldin
Your a dr and a UZblockr whatt?
Christina Youmans
Christina Youmans 2 soat oldin
3:52 he really doesn't notice the toilet the type says Can you see this real life glitch when its the toilet
Corrine Lueckenotte
Corrine Lueckenotte 2 soat oldin
The unarmed certification surgically concentrate because net evidently wave upon a debonair ethiopia. whole, false familiar famous seed
Carson Condie
Carson Condie 3 soat oldin
the song for the lifeline joke was American Pie, John Mclean
Mariah Queen
Mariah Queen 4 soat oldin
He has my dream dog!!
Krafty Karen
Krafty Karen 4 soat oldin
Excuse me, wait… I’m at the doctor’s because I 𝑤𝑎𝑛𝑡 to be there? Oh no no no! It’s because I’m 𝑓𝑜𝑟𝑐𝑒𝑑 to be there when I really don’t want to and I could have been doing a whole other thing with my time instead of being there for my physical exam or something!!! Love ya tho! 💖
Coolest Gal
Coolest Gal 4 soat oldin
Doctor Mike, please pin this. This is the coolest Doctor on the lot! I love this dude! Please pin this Doctor Mike.
Senpai Sugu
Senpai Sugu 4 soat oldin
10:25 Dr Mike: explain She: Sike
Stacey W
Stacey W 4 soat oldin
i take 2 melitonine when i need it-
Doc akala ko ba about lang sa Medical ituturo mo, bat tinuruan mo q magmahal
yourself, for real
yourself, for real 5 soat oldin
Speaking of Lactose intolerant I am …Literally allergic to dairy
my squishies
my squishies 5 soat oldin
The one with the real life glitch… IS ANYONE GOING TO TALK ABT THE TOILET AT THE START??
Perish Mortal
Perish Mortal 5 soat oldin
4:30 Ok I've seen this before and I think the reason is that your brain is focusing on that center point so it starts to ignore the surrounding stuff causing it to decay. Although the brain from birth is conditioned to look at and recognize faces so the brain likes to see faces which could also be the reason behind pareidolia or seeing shapes of faces in objects. So because the brain wants to see a face it starts to fill in the gaps that it made beforehand which causes the faces to look so distorted and alien like. This is not something I know because I made it but rather I found this video a while ago.
Sibling_ Gaming
Sibling_ Gaming 6 soat oldin
I speak Russian
Brainslime DB
Brainslime DB 6 soat oldin
10:25 so your saying i cant scarf down a bottle of flint stones vitamins
sniperteam08 6 soat oldin
You're always preaching "chest compressions, chest compressions, chest compressions" but how exactly do I do those properly? Just incase that situation ever comes up... I dont want to do it wrongerly...
perdykool 6 soat oldin
Lol "You're not a chicken in a pot." Wise advice from Mike
Dwayne James Aleta
Dwayne James Aleta 6 soat oldin
I only see two of the faces and it's not strange hmmmmm
Ryleigh Stiver
Ryleigh Stiver 7 soat oldin
I’m pretty sure it was miracle whip but when he said is that miracle whip killed me😭🤚🏽
Mr. Minecraft
Mr. Minecraft 7 soat oldin
Why is this pined?
HaydenIsEpic Gaming YT!
Vegans are still human and they need sunscreen that vegan teacher ima stop your right there and explain why your wrong and vegans aren’t human and they don’t need sunscreen
Georgina Smart
Georgina Smart 7 soat oldin
Omg the did you hear it video really hurts my ears bc im 13
Georgina Smart
Georgina Smart 7 soat oldin
These simply guitar apps are so entertaining
Minx /Junko Enoshima
1:06 my phone and my tablet do not have numbers on the volume so I do not know
Karla Mikac Orec
Karla Mikac Orec 8 soat oldin
My dad worked in Russia for 3 years when I was young and it was weird to me because he had to get on a helicopter to get to the airport. Also I had a good feeling you were Serbian .
ashley t.
ashley t. 8 soat oldin
“Ah da baby!” - me all the time. 😂
Slngshott 8 soat oldin
9:48 it’s cleidocranial dysplasia
Adelyn Higby
Adelyn Higby 8 soat oldin
Sadness I could not hear the noise
Adelyn Higby
Adelyn Higby 8 soat oldin
I’m 12
Neeto Cheeto
Neeto Cheeto 8 soat oldin
6:20 I can do that too. On command and sometimes uncontrollably. Like whenever I'd do push ups, they'd pop out on their own. (Free ticket to getting bullied in school too.) I've just been told I've got winged scapulae or something, but never bothered getting it checked out since it isn't painful. :))
Childe Tartaglia
Childe Tartaglia 8 soat oldin
it fruit's 2nd channel
doctor:keep ot at 60 me at 10:WAIT
omni assassin
omni assassin 10 soat oldin
i have had macroglossia since i was born
Matei Andrei
Matei Andrei 10 soat oldin
why are your eyes so yellow ?
Yuhh Huh
Yuhh Huh 10 soat oldin
I just had a blood test today! It stung!
The Classic
The Classic 11 soat oldin
2:04 LMFAO, It is too strange
Leah Minadeo
Leah Minadeo 11 soat oldin
I can’t be the only one who thinks he looks like Derek from grey’s anatomy right?
Sheesh 11 soat oldin
My dog name is bear
Breadboi_27 12 soat oldin
IMAJINE BEING A 5 year old wactinng this lol
Lucy chur
Lucy chur 12 soat oldin
Then is it OK to take kids gummy supplements Because I don’t know what the side effects of kid gummy supplements have
Ocvnie 13 soat oldin
"Vegans don't need sunscreen." * Me, a vegan with a sunburn from a 4 hour volleyball tournament at 115 degree whether*: No✨
Hello Viewer
Hello Viewer 14 soat oldin
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith 14 soat oldin
I am Brandon Smith from the little league football team we our sure we are a little behind because of COVID issues it will help us and the kids out if we can get any donations to help get our equipment and get these kids back on the field $Littleleagueball
hello sir
hello sir 14 soat oldin
The third one
Cristian Radu
Cristian Radu 14 soat oldin
6:19 - I can do that with both ever since I was a kid, no damage or anything caused it.
•høney_bee• 15 soat oldin
Bear is so adorable 👁👄👁🥰
Avirat Singh
Avirat Singh 16 soat oldin
me whos 14 but still couldnt hear the sound: I guess im old now
can i have your autograph?
4:41 (me who has seen brain games): lemme enter this chat, the faces look strange because your peripheral vision does not focus on details and focuses more on parts like forehead, cheeks,etc and therefore they appear weird.
Ralatar 9 soat oldin
The human eye only records about 10% of it's field of vision at any moment, leaving you with the last scan of an area as part of the 'current' picture. If the image changes quickly enough you get the effect seen by the eye game. This is one of the reasons that drivers will report not seeing a person/car/object inserted quickly enough at speed as their eyes literally didn't pick up the new object in time to react. This is a physiological refresh rate if you will.
Nyko 18 soat oldin
4:41 I think that When you put all your energy on The plus, your brain gets confused to what’s Happening on the faces and Merges both of them together to Try and summarise Whatever’s Going on, Thus, It creates a Demon
Bianca Ioana
Bianca Ioana 18 soat oldin
Mustafa Amirrudin Mohd Dasuki
I’m 9yo I hear it
atk Playz
atk Playz 19 soat oldin
4:08 nothing happend while watching that clip
Luna Eclipse
Luna Eclipse 21 soat oldin
uhm well i took a whole bottle of melatonin i was fine im also like 15
Lokithy 21 soat oldin
Andra's YT
Andra's YT 23 soat oldin
My first visit to the doctor was when i was 8 years old. I came to the doctor because i almost broke my leg.
T3ddGamez 23 soat oldin
i always have my volume on 60 to 54 percent
TheBetmax Kun oldin
0:44 i can't say how old am i but i will just say that i am ALOT LESS than 25 and i can't hear it.
Eve _Army
Eve _Army Kun oldin
dr mike is a human flapper confirmed-
Elizabeth Lopez
Elizabeth Lopez Kun oldin
You should react to the show ER it’s on Hulu
Remind You of Who?
The reason those faces begin to look strange is because sometimes they have similar size of eyes or face or eyebrows and then other times they’ll switch it so that one picture has someone with huge eyes and the other pictures will be someone with small squinty eyes.
Iatemyhamster Kun oldin
I also have a big brown dog named bear
Mara Goga
Mara Goga Kun oldin
Whenever my doctor asks ME any questions I IMMEDIATELY look at my mom cuz my anxiety is SO BAD. I literally cried asking a teacher to go to the bathroom. That’s how bad it is 😭
Rochelle Shirley
I have some kind of double vision thing where if I stare intently or for too long at something, I see cross-eyed without actually crossing my eyes. Is this a bad thing? I'm asking because I have horrible vision as is.
Mara Goga
Mara Goga Kun oldin
I don’t eat beans heh
Thommas Ssmith
Thommas Ssmith Kun oldin
The sturdy week microcephaly attack because ankle phytogeographically settle astride a sloppy hydrant. torpid, possessive laugh
Zach Blechner
Zach Blechner Kun oldin
bruh i listen at full volume-
Viridiana Nolasco
You are sooooo gorgeous!!!!
Mariah Kramer
Mariah Kramer Kun oldin
My grandma didn’t have a collar bone! She almost wasn’t allowed in to the Air Force during her entrance physical because of it (she made it in after becoming a circus freak for everyone there).
Eden Dodds
Eden Dodds Kun oldin
DOCTOR MIKE I HAVE A QUESTION! when I was pregnant I had to get multiple tdap vaccines and they just wouldn’t stick ! Why were they not working for me ?
Eden Hernandez
Eden Hernandez Kun oldin
Bear licking him is straight up the cutest thing I’ve seen in like forever!!! 🥺🥰😍☺️
Awkward Meh
Awkward Meh Kun oldin
Bear Beside Doctor Mike At 0:33 Be Like:💨🐻 wow could you keep on my servant
✦sɪᴍᴘʟʏ ᴀᴇsᴛʜᴇᴛɪᴄ✦
Your not a chicken in a pot 🤣
hope moya 10
hope moya 10 Kun oldin
Could u take melatonin if u have troube sleeping or sleepwalk but only one ??😕😕
Shay Alexander
Shay Alexander Kun oldin
Can I have bear? 😍
Julieh Jerez
Julieh Jerez Kun oldin
Did you know snapchat is going to be deleted in 2022
Randa Whinnery
Randa Whinnery Kun oldin
The egg from the x-ray is from sapnap throwing eggs in Karl
caesar sauce
caesar sauce Kun oldin
me who is way under 25 and did not hear anything
Maddox Kisow
Maddox Kisow Kun oldin
Dr Mikhail Varshavski (I think that’s right) is an awesome dr I hope to meet him one day
Bryenna Lennon
Bryenna Lennon Kun oldin
Kids that are watching this girl trying to overdose plz don’t try this at home or anywhere this is really bad and you can die from overdose. And how the lady said that it’s really fun, she’s an idiot
amna tariq
amna tariq Kun oldin
R u single 😁
Leo Bug
Leo Bug Kun oldin
justakidplayz Kun oldin
Minghui___ Jiang
Y’all one of the people I follow on tik tok ate a whole bottle of melatonin gummy and a bag of dog treats that looked like cookies and he’s perfectly fine. He recommended not eating all that melatonin but still. 😂
Minghui___ Jiang
And also a whole jar of multi-vitamin gummy
Lisa Beverly
Lisa Beverly Kun oldin
Jayden Manzano
Jayden Manzano Kun oldin
What breed is bear?
Uzair Gaming
Uzair Gaming Kun oldin
I can also join my shoulder
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