Doctor Reacts To Questionable Bear Grylls Survival Tips 

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Himanshu Rawat
Himanshu Rawat 3 daqiqa oldin
*Coronavirus maybe scared of bear Grylls*
cody saxe
cody saxe 5 soat oldin
The rumen might be the most bacterial populated portion of the ruminants body because they use it to ferment their food to help break down food so it’s the one part you definitely don’t want to drink from.
beruh beruh
beruh beruh 6 soat oldin
My mother grew up very poor. And once she had to drink her own urine to survive
theWheezle 6 soat oldin
I lost it when Shaq said "Somebody had a baby."
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith 6 soat oldin
The outstanding oven immunohistochemically radiate because trip reassembly provide absent a nappy idea. rambunctious, draconian cousin
Zuzanna 12 soat oldin
I've never seen or heared about this show before but even without Dr. Mike I can tell how stupid (and discusting) it is. Drinking urine? Come on that's stupid like basic knowledge about human body? or a fluid from animal's stomach? It's logical that these fluids are not good for human to consume (btw did they kill poor animal because of stupid video? Idk this guy but I hate him)
O.M 13 soat oldin
I don't think any of his stuff is supposed to be true, it may only be done to test your gut strength.
Just me
Just me 17 soat oldin
Honestly, Bear Grylls is absolutely mental. I'd rather die knowing that at least I lived like a human than survive and become some sort of Gollum-like creature.
Bear Grylls stomach must be a nightmare 🤣
Sugandha Sharma
Sugandha Sharma 18 soat oldin
I love you for this video 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Eric 21 soat oldin
Hope i have my doctor handy if I ever find myself stranded out in the wild
AlphA X FTW 21 soat oldin
After watching this video, it's confirmed that 'he eats all the weird things, just for money'
AUDIO AWESOME 22 soat oldin
Even before seeing this, I saw Bear Grills and was...."So a trained survivalist gets diarrhea, vomiting and some serious S#!£. Survival is enhanced if I dont ingest anything until I get back to safety.
Among us Tips & Tricks
Never seen you in black scrubs before. Nice. They look cool 😄
Enje Jawher
Enje Jawher 22 soat oldin
I’m dying from laughing reading these comments 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jimmy Forrest
Jimmy Forrest 23 soat oldin
If in frozen water get out like a seal or the ice will crack. Also remain as calm as possible
SuperComputer04 Kun oldin
7:24 he looks like Benedict Cumberbatch
Sean Leatherwood
wait if you freshly kill something and eat it right after raw isnt it still kinda good because there isnt much bacteria
I wonder what what he was like at school.
This who we are
This who we are Kun oldin
just saying in the situation of absolute travesty, you do whatever neccesary to survive. Not like everything will be handed to you.
hunter bivins
hunter bivins Kun oldin
Running wild with bear grylls! With Dr. mike that show would do amazing!
Chiagozie MetaMax Ogbonna
Dr Mike: Fire was invented for a reason. * Some hundred thousand years ago Dude who invented fire (his name's probably Guy): Hey, I'm feeling too cold and hungry, and I want to reduce the chances of me getting sick when I eat animal skin, what do I do? I need to invent something that accomplishes this and will last for a lot of millennials. 🤔 🤔 Ok, fire oughta do the trick.
this video almost made me puke XP
Nat Simpkiss
Nat Simpkiss Kun oldin
Just confirmed what I already knew to be true, Bear Grylls is a menace to society
birdgirl Kun oldin
I almost gagged on the part with the bugs ewww
Ryan W
Ryan W Kun oldin
I think the “doc” forgot that these are survival tips, like life and death. If you can give yourself an extra few days by doing unsafe things then do it! Like the guy that cut his arm off with a pocket knife, doctor would say that is bad advice 🤣
Ye Yee
Ye Yee Kun oldin
I just saw a man eat an animals testicles
Tiktok Gooba🍑
Why is he always thirsty and drinking literal sht! dude we get it
Jasmine Kun oldin
If there is ever gonna be a time where I have to survive in the wild like that, I would rather kill myself before doing any of those.
Diego Jaramillo
Diego Jaramillo Kun oldin
The doctor will remember of Bear when he gets a situation where is survive or die . This is done for a survival reasons you would not question when you have nothing but bugs and urine short term could get sick but their chances can improve of living. many many recorded stories of people drinking urine and eating animals and surviving like the professional say not recommended but that would help lol . Doctor Mikes video is more Recommended to youtubers because of challenges hahahaha .
Rod Kun oldin
Hi, Bear grills show is a con. As he built a shelter in the woods.He was planning to stay in it all night. And when he had finished filming he went to the hotel down the street with the filming crew.
Rainbow Dash is best Pony
I don't want to point fingers but I think Bear Grylls might have a certain fetish.
Heather Battiste
Couldn’t even watch all of this
Chadrich Alforque
It kinda feels so disgusting while sitting and sipping a cup of tea in front of my laptop and watching a man drinking his urine. I feel like "No, don't do that. you gonna spill my tea"
Random Person
Random Person Kun oldin
Shaq: what are you doing with that placenta Bear: forbidden fruit by the foot.
Bert Visscher
Bert Visscher Kun oldin
I can't believe you're letting us watch along with you. Disliked and left at 2:58
Ibrahim Rasil
Ibrahim Rasil Kun oldin
Bro he acts like me when I was in 1st grade when teachers shout at me
anushree kandalkar
7:17 Bear: I'm worried about anaphylactic shock Doctor Mike: **grins** 😅
Shruti Tripathi
Shruti Tripathi 2 kun oldin
I lost it at "cook it, my guyyyyyyyy😣"🤣🤣
EchoTube 2 kun oldin
I like how disgusted he looks when he sees the insides of animals in this video, even though his job involves the inside of other humans bodies lol
Stormy Trees
Stormy Trees 2 kun oldin
Don't drink urine, please. pleaaase, literally a survival expert has said don't drink it its so hard to remove bacteria+what mike said.
Stormy Trees
Stormy Trees 2 kun oldin
Ilikebread 2 kun oldin
I love bear grills so much I watch his interactive tv show with my dad
EchoTube 2 kun oldin
Me too
Taniya Begum
Taniya Begum 2 kun oldin
Less the five min in Bear grill :drink your per Dr Mike:NOOOOOOO ME:great of to a rocky start 😂
Demonik One
Demonik One 2 kun oldin
If I was stranded in the middle of no where I would rather have Bear with me, not Doctor Mike. Bear might eat or drink some horrible things but I would not trust Doctor Mike in all aspects of survival.
CRAFTER FF 2 kun oldin
U can actually eat a goat testicles but u need to wash them real good then cooking them and then and only then u can eat it and it will do nothing and it's on most arab cultures because there's a special day that is cold eid
Gloriah Aytch
Gloriah Aytch 2 kun oldin
Me watching this multiple times bc Dr. Mike being disgusted at Bear is hilarious
Ratan Bharadwaj
Ratan Bharadwaj 2 kun oldin
9:00 if that's human placenta then its CANNABILISM wtf how low can Bear Grylls get?
Sam Carrillo
Sam Carrillo 2 kun oldin
Man vs wild
CoolKidPlayz's Dad
CoolKidPlayz's Dad 2 kun oldin
Bear Grylls is just Gordon Ramsey with a severe head injury.
Hunter gaming
Hunter gaming 2 kun oldin
i'm from tunisia and many of us eat COOKED sheep testicles
K Asb
K Asb 2 kun oldin
Parasites, Parasites everywhere
evelyn plays
evelyn plays 2 kun oldin
Bear:Dr- Dr Mike: NO
Mohammad Wasiur Rahman Bhuiyan
Dr Mike should react to Hazen Audel and give his opinion.
Section 7
Section 7 2 kun oldin
you're quite enjoyable, but i can see that you are a transgender. are you part of the great reset i wonder? they're lying anyway, we aren't coming into the new world, we are the circus.
MisterRight 2 kun oldin
Was fire invented or discovered?
Auto Korrect
Auto Korrect 2 kun oldin
There has been a lot of investigative journalism on Bear Grylls and it was found that a lot of his advice was not only scientifically wrong but dangerous. He also is NOT a trained survival expert, he got some survival training while in the military. Definitely check out the true survival expert, Les Stroud.
Bloopy 2 kun oldin
This has got to be the worst video to get sponsored by thrive market
Shees Bin Shahid
Shees Bin Shahid 2 kun oldin
Wait, she peed on his hand!!
Chetaswan Phukan
Chetaswan Phukan 3 kun oldin
No its true , that insect contain high proteins .
Joseph Costa
Joseph Costa 3 kun oldin
Ok I like bear but elegant dung and stomach juices
pizza crust
pizza crust 3 kun oldin
Very interesting ,uhhh... fluids to consume
kimorajulie1 3 kun oldin
This one was just too gross 🤢 for me. I had to look away a lot, eww!
a commentor
a commentor 3 kun oldin
I would ask..... is dehydration more dangerous or is it more risky to risk a bacterial infection ?
Blura is santa
Blura is santa 3 kun oldin
I love you doctor mike 😊
MsKermithefrog 3 kun oldin
Even if I was dying I wouldn’t drink my own urine 🤮
INSANE FF 3 kun oldin
Beer goes to HeLL SEE LaVa 🤤🤤🤤 fluid good water healthy.🤣🤣🤣
Devang Mukewar
Devang Mukewar 3 kun oldin
gemlue 3 kun oldin
When a piece of the elephant poop fell on his chin I almost vomited 💀 my body shrunk into itself
Raysa Garcia S.
Raysa Garcia S. 3 kun oldin
This was so painful to watch 🤢
Mykhailo Hohol
Mykhailo Hohol 3 kun oldin
Hm, I think you're actually wrong on urine here. He says if you drink it directly after its okay because bacteria didn't have time to get into it(or multiply enough to be dangerous). Yet you claim that bacteria get there from a pee-hole.. and therefore it is dangerous? What about people having oral sex, are they in that sort of danger as well then? omg just seems weird.
Mykhailo Hohol
Mykhailo Hohol 3 kun oldin
"I can't imagine that it's safe to drink"(about the camel) Dude, I come here for factual information; is it or is it not? and why? How can you critique without explaining why it's not okay?
My cat is white
My cat is white 3 kun oldin
Rhoifolin 3 kun oldin
Reminds me of that man that ended paralyzed and died from eating a slug infected with rat lungworm.
WASD 3 kun oldin
Oh yeah his name is BEAR grylls He is a wild animal PSA if you have a reptilian / amphibian pet, drinking your own urine is allowing salmonella entering your body safely without being encountered by the white blood cell thingy
Sanguine Nebelhain
Sanguine Nebelhain 3 kun oldin
But plants crave electrolytes...
WT TW 3 kun oldin
Tell someone that is dehydrating not to drink their own pee just to see what will happen to you. Dr. Mike goes camping and he brings a PC, with a desk, a TV set with surround sound, a concrete house with four bedrooms, a mercedes, a king size bed, a yakuzi/toilet/shower combo for four people, a swimming pool with heater, a cell phone and a porch for the car in case it rains and he will eat in the nearest BBQ grill near the location! LMAO!
Katlin Walters
Katlin Walters 3 kun oldin
This was a bad choice to watch while eating... 🤮
Billie Hart
Billie Hart 3 kun oldin
This Dr Mike guy wouldn't survive 3 days in the wild
kglg3 3 kun oldin
I feel like Bear Grylls is the type of guy to say, "Well that one person drank milk from a cow udder and survived, that means I can drink anything _from_ anything!"
Saiyara Tip
Saiyara Tip 3 kun oldin
Me : *water?* Bear grylls: *Too mainstream*
Saiyara Tip
Saiyara Tip 3 kun oldin
Bear grylls as a bartender: *Here's your drink sir, Guaranteed 100% homemade*
Cecril 3 kun oldin
I'm gonna be the nicest I can here, HOW THE HELL IS HE BOT DEAD?!
1989FAF 3 kun oldin
There must be some sort of fetish about guys who do disgusting stuff, and that's what Bear Grylls profits from
Emily Roberts
Emily Roberts 3 kun oldin
I’ve never seen anything so disgusting In my entire life…. I WAS eating… not anymore
Carlos Rosas
Carlos Rosas 3 kun oldin
More of this!!
John Alexander
John Alexander 3 kun oldin
Every time he sais fluid, i laugh🤣🤣
Kylie Deweese
Kylie Deweese 3 kun oldin
Pleaaase do this again it was hilarious!!!!
S Jhonson
S Jhonson 3 kun oldin
Uhh, my sister fell down the stairs and she crashed right into a glass flower pot and wooden bookshelf, her foot got cut by the flower pot and it is kinda swollen, she is crying a lot! What should I do???!!! We can't bring her to the hospital bc here where I am from we are in total lockdown and we will get arrested for trying to drive to the hospital... And we can't call the hospital! What am i supposed to do?????!!!!!
Pycrs 3 kun oldin
i mean sure he's a tough guy but says a lot of bs and turns everything up to 11 just for dramatic purposes, like the counterbalance rappel with honnold which was a fricking fiasko
Rohid Molla
Rohid Molla 3 kun oldin
doctor Romantic Korean drama please react on this ❤️❤️❤️
TOCS 3 kun oldin
We need more of this doc..
HaarpoonWave 3 kun oldin
These are "survival" tips..! Most Beta Male's like you, would not understand that..!
Mason Yorke
Mason Yorke 3 kun oldin
Doctor Mike saying saying goats nut made my inner child laugh hysterically
ladygemini samuels
Made my outer adult laugh hysterically lol
Ramon Dolle
Ramon Dolle 3 kun oldin
V usa
V usa 3 kun oldin
Only Bear can manage this . İn real life if somebody tries kinda thinks immediatly to the psychiatry dep . 🤣🤣🤣
brie cardno
brie cardno 3 kun oldin
The hole point is if you are in the middle of no where and it is life or death he teach you what you should do I mean for the urin ok you don’t have to drink and die of dehydration or you can drink it and ok it not the best thing but your body will naturally ride of it the humans body is an amazing thing
Bengemin Vue
Bengemin Vue 3 kun oldin
4:37 5 million years ago humans didn’t have the evolved body to properly digest milk so bear would have already but the dust if he did, don’t quote me on it.
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