Doctor Reacts To Soccer Player's Heart Stopping Mid-Game  

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Chara Dreemurr
Chara Dreemurr 10 soat oldin
I am not gonna say that. No. I won’t don’t hope in it! I already said no! I said I wasn’t gonna say it fool!
Bruno Santos
Bruno Santos 13 soat oldin
Football player*
PastaBoy -Zooba
PastaBoy -Zooba Kun oldin
It's called football bc ypu play it with a foot and not your kind of football which you play modtly witht he hand
Nevaeh Hamilton
Nevaeh Hamilton 2 kun oldin
Needless to say, he's never playing sports again.
D. B.
D. B. 17 soat oldin
Yeah, he'll be going back to Inter when the season starts, but thanks for your concern.
Gustav 2 kun oldin
I come from the same kontri As erik
fletcher westwood
fletcher westwood 2 kun oldin
Bhabuk Bhattarai
Bhabuk Bhattarai 3 kun oldin
I'm saying this for last time it's not soccer it's football🤨😠😠
Jakob Pedersen
Jakob Pedersen 4 kun oldin
I saw when Eriksen fell on the field I sat and watched the match at home where it happened and I was about to cry 😢😢
SecretUnderDog The Gamer
I remember hearing about this when it happened. It was scary. Hope Eriksen is okay now and is doing good 🙏❤ Great video, Doctor Mike!
Reece Young
Reece Young 4 kun oldin
There’s one thing thats wrong with this video, he called it soccer, its football
AidanTuber 4 kun oldin
Doctor mike’s shirt is probs so tight he could give chest compressions to himself ngl
Statistically Improbable Twat
It’s football not soccer
Pun Yas
Pun Yas 4 kun oldin
Football* player
Typical Youtuber
Typical Youtuber 5 kun oldin
Big boy tottenham eriksen
Narra Beckett
Narra Beckett 5 kun oldin
This is why I don’t watch sports.
Theodor Bruun
Theodor Bruun 5 kun oldin
I am from denmark like Eriksen and i was in shock!
Ayesha Kashita
Ayesha Kashita 5 kun oldin
pamela dakarmajian
pamela dakarmajian 6 kun oldin
Sad but its football not soccer
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson 6 kun oldin
This is why dr Mike says *CHEST COMPRESSIONS*
augu 2506
augu 2506 6 kun oldin
i'm a dane so i watched the match with my family and when it happened my mom said why are they not shocking him as the first thing because she watches to much of Grays anatomy😂
Walker Hall
Walker Hall 6 kun oldin
I don't want to be that guy. But your a not doctor not a paramedic so you don't really have the experience to be saying anything about this as you work in a sterilized hospital environment while they were working on a grass field with 70k people in the stands.
Aloise 7 kun oldin
Patient: My toe is swollen. Dr. Mike: Starts chest compressions
Sophie Michelle
Sophie Michelle 7 kun oldin
Kjaer is a hero ❤️
Squidward Rose
Squidward Rose 7 kun oldin
Partima Thapa
Partima Thapa 7 kun oldin
Zak Karlen
Zak Karlen 7 kun oldin
I remember seeing this live at a restaurant
ᴛʜᴇ ᴘᴇʀꜰᴇᴄᴛɪᴏɴɪꜱᴛ
i'm weird
i'm weird 8 kun oldin
Luke Kereti
Luke Kereti 8 kun oldin
I’m a football fan and remember watching this game. He is all good now and out of the hospital
Cuphead TR
Cuphead TR 8 kun oldin
commotio cordis, lol!
Erik Carrillo
Erik Carrillo 8 kun oldin
As someone with a bad heart this is terrifying. This is what i imagine happening to me when im running around at work or while im driving.
Tix Gaming
Tix Gaming 8 kun oldin
Tix Gaming
Tix Gaming 8 kun oldin
It’s called F******
Zombie Buttercup
Zombie Buttercup 9 kun oldin
React to a zombie film.
The Truth
The Truth 9 kun oldin
I'm in love with you Mike... You are just awesome, perfect, dude. ..........I wish I could just hug you for a min....annnnnnnd kiss on your chick... ..... I love the way you speak, your naughtyness, your chest compression, Pee..Oop, and especially your killing smile. I just love you for everything.... both of you... Mike & Bear
Notna Mmit
Notna Mmit 9 kun oldin
HVEM ER FRA DANMArk pls like denne her kometar og respect til eriksen
Frederik Beier
Frederik Beier 9 kun oldin
Did you really need to show it
Red 9 kun oldin
Vincent 10 kun oldin
Why they make the test dummy’s so hot tho
Woo European where my European people at?
Arrow clipz
Arrow clipz 10 kun oldin
I am disgraced when they filmed erikson and his wife it’s horrible
Evil 10 kun oldin
Łätīçŷbęr ŸT
Łätīçŷbęr ŸT 10 kun oldin
Fariha Ahmed
Fariha Ahmed 11 kun oldin
Please say football, soccer hurts my ears
Hazem gaming
Hazem gaming 11 kun oldin
oh yea i am a football fan
Hazem gaming
Hazem gaming 11 kun oldin
oh yea i am a football fan
ReeN !
ReeN ! 11 kun oldin
It's Football, NOT SOCCER!.
Gabriel Eugene
Gabriel Eugene 11 kun oldin
I feel so bad for Christian Eriksen
Ishrar Ilman
Ishrar Ilman 11 kun oldin
Soccer player? Not Erickson? Really?
Bordlampen 12 kun oldin
(Dane here) who saw the match and when Eriksen fell over it was heartbreaking to watch. the referees should had stopped the game
amaya spruill
amaya spruill 12 kun oldin
I went into cardiac arrest once but it was only a few minutes.
Penny Perez
Penny Perez 12 kun oldin
lets address the real reason he and other players ended up hospitalized after experimental J A B.
Jack Hayes
Jack Hayes 12 kun oldin
FOOTBALL!!!!! Not soccer
Goodness of Glory
Goodness of Glory 13 kun oldin
my grandpa passed away due to cardiac arrest and it tore my heart he was my best friend😥
Charlène L
Charlène L 13 kun oldin
I told my sister (she's in med school) While laughing "whatever happens CHEST COMPRESSION CHEST COMPRESSION". Her next cardio quizz she had the question "what do you do first in case of cardiac arrest" and she told me in her head it went like "CHEST COMPRESSION CHEST COMPRESSION " 🤣🤣
vampire😎 13 kun oldin
its football😑
CyphDK 13 kun oldin
Fun fact, the hospital he was transferred to, Rigshospitalet, is only 600 meters from the center of the pitch. They are the best hospital in the country, especially with heart specialists.
holden mcgroin
holden mcgroin 13 kun oldin
My uncle went into cardiac arrest around 2 years ago. He got really lucky as he was already in the hospital since he had problems with his heart before and did not feel well that morning. That basically saved his life because his apartment was pretty far away from the hospital and he needed emergency surgery.
doubleplusgoodful 13 kun oldin
Hard & fast in the middle of the chest!
Andrej Bekan
Andrej Bekan 13 kun oldin
I'm glad Eriksen is doing ok...
ICG The Great
ICG The Great 14 kun oldin
Wow I didn’t even know this happened. Thank goodness he’s okay
Tony Young
Tony Young 14 kun oldin
Foot ball not soccer
Slippin´ Tea
Slippin´ Tea 14 kun oldin
You know my dads friends brother died of a heart attack in the middle of a football match😢
Shackled Motivv
Shackled Motivv 14 kun oldin
family med ..
dem1r 14 kun oldin
Heavy Sniper Squad
Heavy Sniper Squad 15 kun oldin
Also, when he first collapsed his teammate, Simon Kjaer checked to see if he was choking on his tounge which was vital to saving eriksens life,.
Sid Tom
Sid Tom 15 kun oldin
I saw this game live, and was shocked!! I hope you’re okay, Eriksen!
Sam Bromley
Sam Bromley 15 kun oldin
Signing up for my refresher course because I realized my card is expired
Seasonized 15 kun oldin
Dr mike improves :)
Hr Dusart
Hr Dusart 15 kun oldin
As a dane this was probably the worst thing to watch at the start of Euro 2020
Georgeous af
Georgeous af 16 kun oldin
Wish i knew this a couple months ago before i lost someone who meant so much to me.
NBAMax 16 kun oldin
IV XZANIA. 16 kun oldin
New fear unlocked 🔓
Sqidward Lives Matter
muggs00 16 kun oldin
Chest compressions cheat code the rhythm to the song staying alive. Ahh…ahhh..ahhh…ahhh…stayin aliiive
ralph shaner
ralph shaner 16 kun oldin
Football, but a great and informing video!
Michael Daniel Paisley Henderson
Watched this match live. Spooky stuff 😬😓
Dwi Putri K. C. Kirana
it's awesome that TV show in your country is using defibrillator correctly. Bro, TV show in my country can't even used oxygen mask correctly .. 😭
Ollie Cags
Ollie Cags 16 kun oldin
Football player*
alpro 17 kun oldin
JT REMIX 17 kun oldin
Repent now and trust Jesus Christ our Lord and savior please
MC-Cockpot 17 kun oldin
the end chest compressions looked like a dance move 😂
Akash Etam
Akash Etam 17 kun oldin
Football *
D4RTH KNIGHT 17 kun oldin
Doc...you are amazing.
Cian Hemming
Cian Hemming 17 kun oldin
It’s pronounced, f-oo-t-b-a-l-l
Anshal Anany
Anshal Anany 17 kun oldin
Day 10 of asking to react to r/hadtohurt on reddit (sort by top from all time) 🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵
Owen Smith
Owen Smith 17 kun oldin
Yeah there is a reason that we don't show this on replays, its disrespectful. I don't know what you'd allow to be shown in the US on the news or during the live coverage of a soccer or any kind of match for that matter. This however is disgraceful and for a doctor unethically insensitive to the man and his family. Anyone who thinks this is a good way to conduct yourself needs a reality check.
Jonathan Skau Olsen
Jonathan Skau Olsen 17 kun oldin
Er jeg den eneste der er dansker herinde?
aldo brian
aldo brian 17 kun oldin
Denmark had a shock
Rose 17 kun oldin
Soccer? It’s Football!
Ankur karn
Ankur karn 17 kun oldin
Please call it Football
DATO DINA18 17 kun oldin
Doc its football pls pls its football.
Doc Baig
Doc Baig 17 kun oldin
First of all its football, NOT soccer.
sajid ahmed
sajid ahmed 17 kun oldin
DnA Journal
DnA Journal 17 kun oldin
Just learned you're an oesteopath. Are you guys even allowed to prescribe medicines? The rest of the world considers "osteopathy" to be "voodoo medicine".
Sanne G
Sanne G 17 kun oldin
He's good now. Christian is our hero!
Stasiu Fn
Stasiu Fn 17 kun oldin
its a football player
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