Doctor Reacts To Sus Medical Memes Ep. 17 

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Mel :3
Mel :3 47 daqiqa oldin
dior awesomeness
dior awesomeness Soat oldin
I used to love mine sweeper and book worm
JRC The Gamer
JRC The Gamer Soat oldin
0:53 What does apple phone looks like when hes sick lol
It’s Charles
It’s Charles Soat oldin
Idk if someone mention this already but The muscular system is literally the Colossal Titan
Ben Graves
Ben Graves 2 soat oldin
Why does everything in California "cause" cancer? Prop 65 warnings are everywhere.
Victoria Sparks
Victoria Sparks 3 soat oldin
ya know the doctors always loved me for getting posion ivy on my eye and it was not fun anyone else have that experience
Summer Stine
Summer Stine 3 soat oldin
I play minesweeper LOL
Etai Shuster
Etai Shuster 3 soat oldin
When Dr. Mike says "I see you" I don't know if he means I see you or ICU
NotPetya 3 soat oldin
Aren't doctors meant to say things like "there we go" or other reassuring when they make a mistake, in case the patient is conscious?
Alexis See
Alexis See 4 soat oldin
it is basil not poison ivy
Beverly Kell
Beverly Kell 4 soat oldin
Is this normal? Me and my dad are both immune to poison ivy and such ... like we can walk through it ... nothing ... but my sister can walk through the same area and break out
Noboby Owens
Noboby Owens 4 soat oldin
When I was in 3rd grade I got really bad poison ivy all over my body and I had to go to the doctors because of it, it was bad I couldn't open my eye. I'm fine now but it was a nightmare.
Fun With b
Fun With b 4 soat oldin
My mom had cdif so we have to be even more careful now
Amanda Harakal
Amanda Harakal 4 soat oldin
I had a nurse say I "bleed good" ummm?
Leah Underwood
Leah Underwood 5 soat oldin
I had a sleep study, surprisingly easy to fall asleep. But my diagnosis was also narcolepsy.
Brian Tse
Brian Tse 5 soat oldin
Nice little trivia: When the VA did a sleep study on me, they actually send the instruments to me to attach to myself and mail back after I slept at home.
Arctic Angel
Arctic Angel 5 soat oldin
I wake up sometimes with random cramps in my leg and my solution to everything is a punch out works for almost everything and I don't know why
Chloe Pal
Chloe Pal 5 soat oldin
Diamondsrule1 5 soat oldin
when the doctor is sus!!!
captain squid
captain squid 6 soat oldin
fun fact: doctors biggest fear are apples
Erin S
Erin S 6 soat oldin
Pretty sure some viruses have double stranded RNA
Marcus Grey
Marcus Grey 6 soat oldin
Lol, 2:17, took me a sec
beast bro72
beast bro72 6 soat oldin
That would be me I sleep on my back 😂
Kyle Brake
Kyle Brake 6 soat oldin
I love your videos!
αєѕтнєтι¢ σ¢єαη
Doctor Mike Haters: *has a heart attack* Doctor Mike: prepares medical tools and the sleeping breathing thing D.M. Haters: DONT SAVE ME- *ded*
muffet fangirl
muffet fangirl 7 soat oldin
Yip Yt
Yip Yt 7 soat oldin
3:50 aliensrock plays minesweeper, he has 450k+ subs
Matijas Ostojic
Matijas Ostojic 8 soat oldin
5:13 Me: What, how, why. How did he do this. What cursed abomonation is this.
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher 9 soat oldin
When the doctor is sus 😳😳
Lauren Pura
Lauren Pura 10 soat oldin
Dr. Mike: Don't do it or you'll be in my office Me: I wanna get in his office just to meet him.
xBruhx 10 soat oldin
Im going to wash my eyes with cocacola
Dark 10 soat oldin
the reflex test is not for the patient, its for the doctor
marta mac
marta mac 11 soat oldin
The ending really made me laugh
• I T S J U S T M E •
I am so happy that the doktor is free in my country
Jim Jimakos
Jim Jimakos 12 soat oldin
How long should you hold your pee??
Jim Jimakos
Jim Jimakos 12 soat oldin
Because ive been holding mine for 15 mins
mikamye 12 soat oldin
Red brush Road
Red brush Road 12 soat oldin
Doctor mike please help me :( sometimes my left or right leg (one at a time) sometimes hurt in my knee and my doctor said one foot is longer than the other... I’m only 11 and it’s been happening one to three times a year
Meeta Verma
Meeta Verma 12 soat oldin
I play minesweeper
Autumn 0-0
Autumn 0-0 12 soat oldin
okay but when you showed the muscular people i jumped. jumpscare warning next time lol
Erica Lynn Armas
Erica Lynn Armas 12 soat oldin
Ben Baker
Ben Baker 13 soat oldin
You probably won't see this, but I still play mindstreep
AlphA X FTW 13 soat oldin
Those face muscles looks like a titan from aot
Jameson VR
Jameson VR 13 soat oldin
a normal intro doctor mike: BEWOOP
daniel wols
daniel wols 14 soat oldin
"now sleep normally" * windows turn off noises *
Annika Vlogs!
Annika Vlogs! 14 soat oldin
Me don’t understand ;-;
The Hungry Hufflepuff
The Hungry Hufflepuff 14 soat oldin
The comma thing is like in "Take A Break" in Hamilton. "In a letter I received from you 2 weeks ago, I noticed a comma in the middle of the phrase. It changed the meaning, did you intend this? One stroke and you'v e consumed my waking days! It says, "My Dearest Angelica," With a comma after Dearest, you've written "My Dearest, Angelica""
Fgrdv snellaC
Fgrdv snellaC 14 soat oldin
i had abroken spine and could only sleep on my back it was so terribel because usually i sleep on the side
Ashley Stanley
Ashley Stanley 14 soat oldin
MINESWEEPER for LIFE!!! It's so entertaining!!!
Jason Chen
Jason Chen 14 soat oldin
0:22 I sleep like that.
Tayler Rinard
Tayler Rinard 14 soat oldin
No this is cancer no
Grey Phillips
Grey Phillips 15 soat oldin
was actively playing minesweeper while watching this video lol
Adam Rutger
Adam Rutger 15 soat oldin
9:44 just go to.
uramer 15 soat oldin
Wow so sus
Laylah Waller
Laylah Waller 16 soat oldin
Daily Bible reminder: Jesus remains the same for ever!
Caleb Flood
Caleb Flood 17 soat oldin
"Are there bacteria inside your eyeball?" _questions his own doctorate_ 🖤
Study Mode: ON
Study Mode: ON 17 soat oldin
This was all from sus hospital
Everywhere 17 soat oldin
Gamer doctor
Cyan Gamer
Cyan Gamer 17 soat oldin
1:21 sounded like oush
Crystal D
Crystal D 17 soat oldin
For the answer about the question of stool sample, you may want to research older toilets or potty chairs, as many of them look like stools.
Ian Foley
Ian Foley 17 soat oldin
9:05 so that’s how You get greasy hair
Undead Artist
Undead Artist 17 soat oldin
8:09 Your patients try to *keep* you?? That's what the CC reads!
Agustina Hederra
Agustina Hederra 17 soat oldin
The fact that my grandpa did the beer one makes me laugh even harder hahah (the doctor told him 1 glass of wine per day, he bought a 67 oz glass 🤦‍♀️, we took it away haha)
Oskar nilsson
Oskar nilsson 17 soat oldin
It feels like i can't fall asleep in another way than 13
We all gud
We all gud 17 soat oldin
Doctor mike: *explains atrophy* Me :*moves uncontrollably*
TheMooxe 18 soat oldin
this day was my bday
Suzanne Austin
Suzanne Austin 18 soat oldin
Me as a kid thinking that the skeleton from a nightmare was scary. Me now: I can't believe that I'm now scared of my muscular system ;-;
K jhn
K jhn 18 soat oldin
South Park c diff
Chelsey Austin
Chelsey Austin 19 soat oldin
In my HS accounting class I would finish my work early, so I taught myself how to play minesweeper. My classmates were impressed and I taught them over the smartboard.
Lavender-Rose Fox
Lavender-Rose Fox 19 soat oldin
with the natural bug repelant you have to be careful as some plants look like the correct plant but are in fact incredibly poisonous
Visiden Visidane
Visiden Visidane 19 soat oldin
He must be terrified of the colossal Titan then.
Dad Burger
Dad Burger 20 soat oldin
I anyone has had a sleep study they know thats its basicly sleeping with a helmet on
emma F
emma F 20 soat oldin
0:55 what a tragic illness
brodie mckenzie
brodie mckenzie 21 soat oldin
ha ICU i get it
StarMunchy 21 soat oldin
You can be a gymnast if you want to Mike, just telling you about injuries real quick. I'm injury prone, also a competitive gymnast and have been for 9 years so here we go. jared both me knees, hyperextended my right knee and elbow, dislocated my shoulder, broke my ankle, sprained my ankle, sprained my wrist, fractured my wrist twice, back sprain, sprained knee and even more. TRY AT OWN RISK
Ayman Naisam
Ayman Naisam 21 soat oldin
6:14 Mukesh our Indian actor btw there are a lot of Malayalam memes and I am surprise I included one.
Ngoc Luu
Ngoc Luu 22 soat oldin
Doctor mike is just reacting to tik toks now
Kalash Sharma
Kalash Sharma 22 soat oldin
Colossal titan is actually a titan showing all the muscles
dinahdomi 23 soat oldin
1:50 have you ever seen Attack on Titan? Yes it is terrifying indeed😂
it me pro
it me pro 23 soat oldin
Minesweeper's one of my favorite games to pass the time
Kris Bright
Kris Bright 23 soat oldin
I sleep on my back like that quite often. 13 is my most common sleep. Or I sleep on my side. Usually only those two ways. It is what is most comfortable for me.
clxudy_vxbez Kun oldin
My sisters girlfriend has scoliosis. She has had 5 operations in her lifetime. She is 26. One of her operations were 15 hours long and she has 6 brackets in her back and many many pins to straighten her back.
Jules Banzon
Jules Banzon Kun oldin
Collosal titan - 1:50
Christopher Bautista
its reminds me of attack on titan when this 2:03
Syrenity Kun oldin
Mike: If you hit a pain on yourself and it goes away, that should be concerning. Sore muscles: 😑
Crystal D
Crystal D 17 soat oldin
I have pain and other sensations on my body sometimes, and smacking or pinching the area gets it to stop. I think it's a nerve issue.
KingBean Kun oldin
i want you to be my doctor.
Litago2010 Kun oldin
Lol the meme with the stonks guy with doktor is doctor in norwegian DOKTOR
Eva Kun oldin
Omg with the vain meme that is legitimately my mum she’s a nurse and me and my brother have super vainy arms and she says to her friends look at my kids arms like she’s all proud 😂
roy joseph majadillas
i play mine swepers hehehehe
throne518cloudy Kun oldin
hey man i sleep with a bulletproof vest and helmet a police duty belt with the gun in the holster
Megan Taylor
Megan Taylor Kun oldin
When he said “ looks inflamed” 🤣
Ethan Jones
Ethan Jones Kun oldin
3:25 "ICU" isn't that a medical room or something? If it is it made me laugh
General monke
General monke Kun oldin
Doctor mike ,sees an apple not this time apple
Rynn D
Rynn D Kun oldin
I play minesweeper 🙋‍♀️ Not ashamed.
gacha_o7 Kun oldin
*who play minesweeper* my mom on her 5,000 year old ipad
Emilie Eggers
Emilie Eggers Kun oldin
Funeral directors and medical examiners forget scissors in people SOOOO often. -your neighborhood crematory operator who finds them.
SquishyPickles Gossmponger
i play minesweeper on my dad's old computer :)
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