Doctor Reacts To The Good Doctor (Original Korean Version) 

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Ritika Ghoshal
Ritika Ghoshal 2 soat oldin
petition for dr mike to do a reaction vid on medical scenes of descendants of the sun
Crystal Pistey-Lyhne
I related to Sean I have Autism.🤗🙆💝🎥
Crystal Pistey-Lyhne
I like the original series. I stopped watching after Co-vid. My friend had korean channel . I've Down load American show from my library season by season digitally on internet. The Actor Freddie Highmore not only acts as Sean the main character in show Freddie also proudces,directes ect the show( his been hollwood since he was little . Since 7ish he's now in mid20s.)🤔🤓😍🤗🤒🤕💝🎥
Mariyam Niyaz
Mariyam Niyaz 8 soat oldin
Its not ABC anymore its CAB now,
Apam Merlo
Apam Merlo 13 soat oldin
Please watch Japanese Drama Nurse Aoi. Its so well done.
eliza XVI
eliza XVI 17 soat oldin
I am binge watching the american version. Love it too.
Anyakudo Greatness
Anyakudo Greatness 19 soat oldin
You can also watch "Dr Jin" Korean medical drama series. Very amazing!!!
Jennie Tang
Jennie Tang 20 soat oldin
I already watched the koreab version of good doctor it's so sad 😞😥😢
Merarx Li
Merarx Li 20 soat oldin
Honestly U.S version is better
Delicious Delight
Random Girl
Random Girl Kun oldin
Please react to D-Day 2015 korean drama it's a survival-medical drama so I'm intrigued to your commentary!❤️
Blash Blasgh
Blash Blasgh Kun oldin
It wasn't an airport it was a train station. Korea is much smaller than USA so travelling between regions is usually by train.
1000ksw Kun oldin
Having watched both the Korean (1st) and American versions, I can say the Americans did a good job of copying it! Even with the inconsistencies and errors, I preferred the Korean version. I also found that in the American one, there were only about 3 doctors in the hospital that could operate and they did all the operations, whether it be general, cardiac, brain, emergency- and it really wound me up. I couldn’t get past season 2, it got boring!
Reese Lee
Reese Lee Kun oldin
Oooh there are so many medical K-dramas you can react to! Starting with the best one - Doctor Romantic 🙏
Shanna Verhoef
Shanna Verhoef Kun oldin
You should do M*A*S*H!
Crystal Shapiro
Crystal Shapiro 2 kun oldin
I loved the kdrama. Didn't watch the American version
Siddy Usman
Siddy Usman 2 kun oldin
Haven't seen anyone explaining so good about Autism like you do. I am a mom of kid who is on spectrum. Trying all of the things which you have mentioned. Appreciate a video of more detailed approaches for Autism specially for parents how to deal with repetitive behavior.
KM 2 kun oldin
Your comments are very different from when you watched the us version. When actually the us pilot episode is almost a total copy of the kr ver
KM 2 kun oldin
Seemed biased from the beginning haha 😆
Izza Antonio
Izza Antonio 2 kun oldin
How about react to Romantic doctor 😊
Linawati Dewi Wahyuni
This is 2013 🤣 so yeah..
Cheda Espinosa
Cheda Espinosa 2 kun oldin
And also live up to your name.
Cheda Espinosa
Cheda Espinosa 2 kun oldin
Give some reaction to Romantic doctor and hospital ship a korean medical dram
Crush Pellegrini
Crush Pellegrini 2 kun oldin
Good doctor have japan version too doc...
Emelia Onichi
Emelia Onichi 3 kun oldin
📝📜✏💲👪👪👪😷😷. 💻📝💲👪👪. 🏥😷😷👪👪💀🙏.
mrsl tarrago
mrsl tarrago 4 kun oldin
The american copy the korean good doctor. It's adaptation
WriteHisWord 4 kun oldin
Hi! For everyones info, the US asked for permission to full-on copy the korean version so pls STOP hating the US version :-)
Akbar Taufik
Akbar Taufik 4 kun oldin
stupid k dramas n their watchers 😂😂😂
MV 5 kun oldin
In Korean drama land, when a person is about to be hit by a car, they have time to get out of the way, yet they just stand there and stare like the little boy at the beginning of the episode. Two people walking by, not even bothering to grab the child lol oh the logic!
MaryC G.A
MaryC G.A 5 kun oldin
Debería de reaccionar a "Doctor strange" korean drama is ver good!
MaryC G.A
MaryC G.A 5 kun oldin
And "romantic doctor teacher kim"
Sarita Joseph
Sarita Joseph 5 kun oldin
Watch Dr. Romantic it's a really good kdrama😍
Sevda Cebrayilova
Sevda Cebrayilova 5 kun oldin
Please watch Doctor stranger it's so much better
jim ka
jim ka 5 kun oldin
Doctor romantic 1&2
Jo 6 kun oldin
so in south korea the airports have like a first aide aisle basically so he didn't leave and the blood thing was because they wouldnt have been able to air it on regular television had there been to much blood
Pokemon Junior
Pokemon Junior 6 kun oldin
Fun fact: The Korean version(2013) is created earlier than the American version (2017) so it’s kinda the other way around
Shoushou 6 kun oldin
You should watch Romantic doctor Teacher kim both seasons! That show is pure golden!!
joel poh
joel poh 6 kun oldin
Hi Doc, you should do a react vid on Dr. Romantic (Korean ER drama)… I think it’s one of the best ER shows. They do quite a bit of chest compressions in there. Lol
Amna Khan
Amna Khan 6 kun oldin
Review doctor romantic
Jos25 Nieto
Jos25 Nieto 7 kun oldin
Ese doctor hablando de más calidad, cuando fue creada como hace 10 años. Como sea el de Estados Unidos tuvo que copiar… por siempre me quedaré con la innovación de Corea. ;)
Sanika Deshmukh
Sanika Deshmukh 7 kun oldin
Sanika Deshmukh
Sanika Deshmukh 7 kun oldin
meanwhile all k-culture fans: PEEWOOP OPAARRRRRRRRRRR😂😂😂💜💜💜
Muskan prakash_Tender leaves
Muzice doctor, the Turkish show is also based on this concept
Ndxx Mx 2
Ndxx Mx 2 7 kun oldin
This drama was made many years back than the US one
shushi 7 kun oldin
React to jdrama Doctor X! Onegaishimasu 🙇‍♀️
Joanna Syarief
Joanna Syarief 8 kun oldin
Please make a reaction to Dr Romantic 1 & 2 and Hospital Playlist
Jude Christian Lepon
American version is way better than the original one, specially the effects and some of the pov.
bb l
bb l 7 kun oldin
Korean version is quite old. It's a almost 10 years ago
Phoebe Ahn
Phoebe Ahn 8 kun oldin
Try Dr. Romantic (sometimes called Romantic Dr. Kim). I was kind of skeptical at first since (spoiler alert: there's a kiss in the first ep lol), but it's actually quite enjoyable. Also, make sure you watch it with good subtitles.
MC PPark,MD 8 kun oldin
MC PPark,MD 8 kun oldin
YourRyeBread 8 kun oldin
I’ll never not be annoyed when people don’t do their research even on their own mentee’s condition UGH
Brett Fenderson
Brett Fenderson 8 kun oldin
If you watch the show with the belief that the guy with ASD has x-ray vision, it makes the entire show like a cool superhero origin story and then you can push aside those pesky doubts LOL.
NaM THicK 8 kun oldin
please react to the korean medical drama "doctor john"
BackScrasher 8 kun oldin
So good doctor is Korean and got copied by America And suits is American and got copied by Korea
blazeman 8 kun oldin
3:03 It's not an airport, it's a train station.
ᄋᄋ 8 kun oldin
I know this kdrama is not that famous for foreign audiences but one of my favourite medical drama is called Golden Time. Maybe it's not eng subtitled (yet or never) cus this one is getting 10yrs since the premiere, but still a good show and very accurate. Also, some things make this show special are the show is about trauma surgery and the place background of the show is Busan area so they use different accent than other k-medical dramas which are the characters usually use Seoul-the capital accent. So, I definitely recommend you to watch this (I mean, if you can) and wonder how you react :)
Kim Rose
Kim Rose 8 kun oldin
You should watch the Turkish version
Kushtrim ZOGAJ
Kushtrim ZOGAJ 9 kun oldin
You should react to Miracle Doctor
Mira Dee
Mira Dee 10 kun oldin
Because that guy is also doctor
Amee 10 kun oldin
I'm hoping you react to more Hospital Playlist because it's amazing and I believe they really paid attention to how how the hospital life works
Selome Tesfaye Deribe
I loved the korean version 😍 even though I didn't understand all the medical terms and all.
Passionatelies 10 kun oldin
Thanks for doing the K Medical Drama reactions! ❤
Zahid_236 10 kun oldin
U should do the 100 medical scenes
Lesly Linglingen
Lesly Linglingen 11 kun oldin
I recommend doctor stranger
Victoria Banks
Victoria Banks 11 kun oldin
Lol America copies everything from Kdramas lol 😂 but I don’t blame them
이성민 11 kun oldin
퀄리티가 떨어지는건 사실인데 연출적인것 들을 비꼬는것들이 많네요 미국버전이 더 현실적인건 맞는데 한국버전은 원조입니다
Nam Junhyun
Nam Junhyun 11 kun oldin
This KDrama is Cute and pathetic compared to the American one..
Jhoana Paula
Jhoana Paula 12 kun oldin
Please watch Romantic Doctor Teacher kim.
Oscar Estiller
Oscar Estiller 12 kun oldin
You should take note that the Original Korean Good Doctor was wayback 2013 wherein there were only very few medical dramas and the effects were not yet of good quality.
NITIBOng LAAGAN 12 kun oldin
Oh you should watch jewel in the palace doc. The girl was a badass, she started as a cook and then became a doctor hahaha
Tatty 12 kun oldin
Dr Mike didn't know that the US Good Doctor, was based on Koreas The Good Doctor which was aired 2013.... But the US ver was great indeed....
Grin Submarine
Grin Submarine 12 kun oldin
US version could not be better, they couldn't even think the story without the original.
Lj Lucas
Lj Lucas 12 kun oldin
Obviously effects will differ a lot ... That was made in 2013 What do u expect
ayasera _
ayasera _ 12 kun oldin
Wait I was waiting to hear your thoughts on the show at the end but yeah I guess you didn't like it lol
Moira Majaha
Moira Majaha 13 kun oldin
Can the next kdrama be Doctors??
LifeInTheWild 13 kun oldin
React to 9-1-1
KONime 13 kun oldin
react to "DOCOTOR JOHN", another korean medical drama
Ghoza_li ali
Ghoza_li ali 13 kun oldin
The Good Doctor adalah serial televisi drama medis Amerika Serikat yang berdasarkan serial pemenang penghargaan tahun 2013 dari Korea Selatan dengan nama yang sama.
Reagle Cart
Reagle Cart 13 kun oldin
plz watch doctor john
Noisy Click
Noisy Click 13 kun oldin
And, there's also the Japanese Version of this, starring Kento Yamazaki, i would really say, Japanese and U.S. version is really more appealing
Lindsey Ellis
Lindsey Ellis 14 kun oldin
You should react to medical scenes on Brickleberry and Paradise PD
Min Yeol Lee
Min Yeol Lee 14 kun oldin
As a South Korean, US version is wayy better. The acting, the film and the scene itself is too stiff and looks like just reading scripts.
k till
k till 14 kun oldin
Do doctor john kdrama too. please
Jammie Memes
Jammie Memes 15 kun oldin
This is the copy of the American version
Zoe Soteriou
Zoe Soteriou 11 kun oldin
lmao the korean is the original
RD Castillo Thespian Diaries
No. It's the original.
shankara srinivasan
shankara srinivasan 15 kun oldin
Korean tv series dont show show lot of blood because of censorship
Chie Arcena
Chie Arcena 15 kun oldin
Hi Doc Mike. Since you have started to react to korean medical dramas, you may want to also react to 'Doctor John', its about pain management but the doctor himself is suffering from CIPA. Also one more medical kdrama I highly suggest is 'Dr. Romantic' (Seasons 1 & 2), its about a triple-board certified surgeon who mentors new doctors with great potential. Oh and also you were not able to see the Cardiothoracic surgeon and the OBGyne doctor in 'Hospital Playlist' so you may want to check it out again.😉 Thank you so much I enjoyed your reactions. 😊
Woo엔젤라 15 kun oldin
I definitely recommend Dr. Romantic S1 & S2 as well :) Enjoyed watching your reactions!
misaki 15 kun oldin
No one knows but there is a turkish deama that starts literally the same
chica guapa
chica guapa 15 kun oldin
r_hin 15 kun oldin
at one point I'm gonna see real burger reacting to good burger
Katol 15 kun oldin
Dr romantic is good too
Hello What up
Hello What up 16 kun oldin
Its the same thing
Hello What up
Hello What up 16 kun oldin
Theres a turkish Version its called mucize doktor i suggest its a autism man
ann rose liju
ann rose liju 16 kun oldin
Try romantic doctor
Rocky Inao
Rocky Inao 16 kun oldin
Who want Dr Mike to also react in Dr Romantic season 1 and 2
Elly Iliahuz
Elly Iliahuz 16 kun oldin
Please react Dr. John!
Elisia Ellis
Elisia Ellis 16 kun oldin
Would you please do a video on watching New Amsterdam. I absolutely love the show.
KOREAN WANNA BE 16 kun oldin
Dr mike, please react to Dr.Romantic teacher kim
sow 17 kun oldin
Doctor can you do it for doctor romantic 1,2? And D,day Please?
Wimpy POOH
Wimpy POOH 17 kun oldin
I wonder which website 😀 !?
N 17 kun oldin
Could you react to Hospital Playlist?
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