Doctor Vs. Nurse | Who's The Better TikToker? Ft. xoxosantana 

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DJUS Djdj 53 daqiqa oldin
hey at least he aint a sore loser
suhaib hassan
suhaib hassan Soat oldin
doctor mike win😂😂😂❤
Khushbu Luhar
Khushbu Luhar 3 soat oldin
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣best thing ever
Rebecca Andrade
Rebecca Andrade 3 soat oldin
I think it would be fun to see another one of these but an actual competition.. Her tiktoks were not…. Good LOL
Reedrex 5 soat oldin
ngl all tiktoks were cringy
Nour 10 soat oldin
Nice thumbnail
Sai Thota
Sai Thota 11 soat oldin
Why the heck did he raise his arm when he the “ THE QUEEN OF…..”
Isabel van Leeuwen
Isabel van Leeuwen 17 soat oldin
Only doctors have random bones in their house
clover the leaf wing
clover the leaf wing 17 soat oldin
Bear be like: this is normal-
Chaman Chutiya
Chaman Chutiya 17 soat oldin
and the winner is……boobs.
Maddi Horsburgh
Maddi Horsburgh 19 soat oldin
She just basically admitted how she’s the exact same as every other TikToker and knows how to click bait for likes 🤔
SUJAY KADAM 21 soat oldin
"Tiktokers" cant stop pandering their audience even for a fun challange.
Sarah A
Sarah A 21 soat oldin
Dr mike wins
We all gud
We all gud Kun oldin
bear was rejected (>▾
Petra Khor
Petra Khor Kun oldin
The entire journey was worth it, just for the awkward ending. I was screaming!
Jerry Favela
Jerry Favela 2 kun oldin
Then I can be like and like and like 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ bruh we can't see you
GabeTheGuppie03 Cactus Bro 1
I approve of the reffing
Farhan Abd Wahab
Farhan Abd Wahab 2 kun oldin
Dr. Mike… your last video is so cringeeee 😂😂😂
Christina Mazurek
Christina Mazurek 2 kun oldin
Vanesa Samsonaite
Vanesa Samsonaite 2 kun oldin
Whill i was waching dis video i almost pee my self.😅😂
Amethyst Mei
Amethyst Mei 2 kun oldin
Out of Context Dr Mike: "What's a men's outfit that looks like a sports bra?"
Danielle Marion
Danielle Marion 2 kun oldin
Watching Dr Mike's videos I need those pictures in the background 🧐
Pyris423 2 kun oldin
no, people don't like the like for the finished product... behind the scenes in the extras
Grizzly Bengali
Grizzly Bengali 2 kun oldin
Mike gets a 10/10 for thiccness and also the fart
Uyên Nguyễn
Uyên Nguyễn 3 kun oldin
fall in love with Bear every time Bear shows on screen
Jordan Wade
Jordan Wade 3 kun oldin
3:48 People do not like that
baku simp
baku simp 3 kun oldin
2:47 Did you just refer to the floofball as an object?- THERE IS SUM *FISHY* BuIdnEsS going on here-
James_is_Watching 3 kun oldin
Mike: "Are you ready for the first official tiktok war?" Me: *laughs in The Great Furry vs Gamer war of 2018*
Adekunle Jinadu
Adekunle Jinadu 3 kun oldin
Lively Amir
Lively Amir 3 kun oldin
This video defined how smarter are tiktokers.
Raima Paul
Raima Paul 4 kun oldin
Dr. Mike's last one killed me🤣🤣🤣🤣
Rebecca 4 kun oldin
dr mike should have gotten and extra point for doing a quality tik tok in 15 seconds but hey just fun and games 😛
Rebecca 4 kun oldin
dr mike your tiktoks are fire 🔥 🔥 🔥 very original and quirky. i use quirky as a compliment i am quirky idk why ppl feel that it is negative 😂 dr mike you have personality!
Jeff Davis
Jeff Davis 4 kun oldin
Is this really a thing? get a life sheep. PS you too "Doctor" . The other Nurse is way hotter. Wasted education. Its all about the sex baby.
NubPreist420 5 kun oldin
that nurse they are doing it with is the reason why tik toc sucks
Oglesby Finlay
Oglesby Finlay 5 kun oldin
Dr Mike is so naturally funny, in a genuine goofy way.
Zella Thomas
Zella Thomas 5 kun oldin
Shes way too generic and not original. Mike is so hilarious and original
mlyhy 5 kun oldin
"and a few hours later, you post the final product and people like that" me who hates it because i just wanna see what you did: 👁👄👁
Dunn Nuu
Dunn Nuu 5 kun oldin
No. Thank god she’s not hot for me. And it was, fixed
TheSingingNicole 5 kun oldin
I- I don’t know what to say to the last one…
Preston Gentry
Preston Gentry 6 kun oldin
im saying simp to the ref
Robert Vogt
Robert Vogt 6 kun oldin
What have I just witnessed?
The pride bandana is EVERYTHING
Harrison 6 kun oldin
TxCo 6 kun oldin
He should've used a bowl for the oxygen mask
Poro ZZ
Poro ZZ 7 kun oldin
I really hate her TikTok attitude
Ben Stenson
Ben Stenson 7 kun oldin
Resident EV1L
Resident EV1L 7 kun oldin
Came for her she is pretty
Tianna Dixon
Tianna Dixon 7 kun oldin
Me watching this video again' Dr mike in previous videos- why do people portray women's hair with a towel Dr mike in this video- i need hair female hair, grabs towel
Z tv
Z tv 8 kun oldin
Saiga12 HTX
Saiga12 HTX 8 kun oldin
Nurses are sexy AF!
Mann Dhar
Mann Dhar 8 kun oldin
James Bond
James Bond 8 kun oldin
Shanika Elizabeth
Shanika Elizabeth 8 kun oldin
Lol 😂 mikes were good!
brian the beatboxer
It sounds like mike is beatboxing
SMT4 Productions
SMT4 Productions 8 kun oldin
1:45 he's like: wut
Elaine Teresa Tijo
Elaine Teresa Tijo 8 kun oldin
Dr.Mike once said he hated the disgusting white towels on heads Here he is doing it himself
Jakira 8 kun oldin
This is rigged 😭
Louis 8 kun oldin
Mike's where so cuteeee!!! The nurses where cool but very much like trends... definitly mike who did it better
maruli Saor
maruli Saor 8 kun oldin
Omg doctor Mike u look funny🤣🤣🤣🤣Im nurse from Indonesia
Leotique 8 kun oldin
The difference is that Mike actually thinks too much, he want's to fit in an actual movie scene or a whole film plot in one tiktok, which is great, but not what (most) tiktoks are about.
Alexis Feysa
Alexis Feysa 9 kun oldin
He is just a goof and he continues to impress me 😂🥲
Virsavia Struk
Virsavia Struk 9 kun oldin
NOOOOOOOOOOOO....... oh never mined I just deleted a part not the whole thing
Chuck Del Toro
Chuck Del Toro 9 kun oldin
Mike, you kicked it up some serious notches. And #3 had me rolling, but, Rachel won this one. Her 3rd was hilarious. Keep up the great videos. A dedicated, but retired RT fan. ✌
limake 2196
limake 2196 9 kun oldin
Sam you deserve to be fired
Shyside Zpower
Shyside Zpower 9 kun oldin
Me pfff Mom give me the phoun wat are you watch
Aakash Shejwal
Aakash Shejwal 9 kun oldin
Hell nah...Mike's final submission stole the show...CLEAR WINNER🤣🤣🤣
mahika nellore madhu
Mike's third tik tok tho-
Precious Linnamon roll
I highly disagree with the results of this challenge. Dr. Mike’s Tik Toks had me laughing SO hard 😂😂😂😂😭
Naz Hawras
Naz Hawras 11 kun oldin
Hi dc mike my mom is 31 years old and she has liver pain we went to 27 different doctors 🥼 and they just gave us pills for diabetes and I am only ten we live in Iraq 🇮🇶
Jiuliana Harisson
Jiuliana Harisson 11 kun oldin
mike: i think you should watch it again sam: I SAW WHAT I NEEDED TO SEE
Olesia Barton
Olesia Barton 11 kun oldin
That last one.... Just why...
Georgia Ryan
Georgia Ryan 11 kun oldin
Mikes last week tik tok was just no
Felipe Batalha
Felipe Batalha 11 kun oldin
Kathy Winnie
Kathy Winnie 11 kun oldin
Rachel did an amazing job. Very TicTok worthy. But Dr. Mike’s last one had me in tears! 💀
UteroCODM 12 kun oldin
Why do u look like andy sanberg
Twitchy 12 kun oldin
"The only thing that's coming to my mind, is poop jokes!" Lmfao I feel that! 😂
honey badger
honey badger 12 kun oldin
no offence but the last one mike did was hilarious but kind o cringe ( in a good way!)
Caitlin Gillette
Caitlin Gillette 12 kun oldin
I would like dr. Mike to be my medical provider based solely upon these TikTok videos
Mokshika Upadhyay
Mokshika Upadhyay 12 kun oldin
Renee Ngozi
Renee Ngozi 12 kun oldin
At 7:31 I thought he said will it get Mikes and I thought it was a play with words but now imma call likes: Mikes
Ishoo Naireen
Ishoo Naireen 13 kun oldin
9:08 😂😂thank me later
milk_ 13 kun oldin
Matthew Hall
Matthew Hall 13 kun oldin
Mike wants to be informative and creative. Nurse wants to use her beauty and trend following for likes
Ian Lee
Ian Lee 13 kun oldin
1:40 Bear looked rather unamused.
Budiman Leonardi
Budiman Leonardi 13 kun oldin
Is that producer that behind the camera that we only heard his voice? If it is, its so nice to see you. I like this challenge. Keep more coming 🥰
xxgacha Guyxx
xxgacha Guyxx 13 kun oldin
Mike should have won. So What if theres a fart joke
Robot_ Real
Robot_ Real 13 kun oldin
9.43 it was at this moment when he knew he f**ked up
deleriousoutta 13 kun oldin
Dr mike: * makes an educational tiktok that can save multiple lives by up keeping the chest compression meme and following the theme* Nurse : * sneezes into money *
Alohilani Zapata
Alohilani Zapata 14 kun oldin
😂😂😂 this was so great, I literally did LOL- surprised my dad didn't wonder what was going on.
Dona Nasol
Dona Nasol 14 kun oldin
peewoop peewoop pee
Walmart tommyinnit
Walmart tommyinnit 14 kun oldin
If I trick you like this comment *…show more*
That Sodding Gamer
That Sodding Gamer 14 kun oldin
Bonus for her using Pokemon music. At least, I'm 99% sure it's (Remixed) Pokemon music. Can't pin down which track it is though.
Rachel O'Reilly
Rachel O'Reilly 14 kun oldin
she seems so self centered i cannot picture her being a very empathetic nurse
Vanessa Fernández
Vanessa Fernández 14 kun oldin
I can’t 😂
carboy 14 kun oldin
BEER! 0:49
maddy 14 kun oldin
How many times can you get fired?🔥
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