Ehlers-Danlos | Diseases Doctors Often Miss Ep. 1  

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Katie Mazzocco
Katie Mazzocco 4 soat oldin
I can’t thank you enough for spotlighting EDS!!
R.W 13 soat oldin
I have EDS. It took years for me to be diagnosed with it because I was told “you are just flexible”. The breaking point I think was then I was able to dislocate & relocate my shoulder when I wanted too.
DragonCat Draws
DragonCat Draws Kun oldin
Oh my gosh thank you for bringing attention to this
Meenakshy Anil
Meenakshy Anil 2 kun oldin
I have eds and i am 12 but when I told my parents they just don't care
Sarah S.
Sarah S. 2 kun oldin
Sees pictures of thumbs bending backwards, does that with thumbs, Googles the disease. Update: never mind.
Sarah S.
Sarah S. 2 kun oldin
Was NOT prepared for those visuals!! 😳😯🤔 Just over here audibly gasping. Lol.
Nhật Anh Bùi
Nhật Anh Bùi 2 kun oldin
Me: Try to be hyper flexible. The dr: It’s a diseases. Me: I’m a diseases.
FroggiePerson 2 kun oldin
My mom has that shes normally bedridden but she can walk around with a cane or use a wheelchair
_Nexus_ 2 kun oldin
Yo I have this :D
Lo Bo
Lo Bo 3 kun oldin
(H)EDS 🦓 - how many of you guys require pain management? Have you been successful with any particular regimen? I have a super high level of chronic pain daily in all my damaged joints. However, pain management has been a complete struggle with most medications having zero effect on the pain. I know thats a common thing with EDS but hoping maybe someone will have some suggestions I haven’t tried yet and could look into? Thanks in advance! 🦓
Lo Bo
Lo Bo 3 kun oldin
Even KNOWING I had EDS, it still took over 17 years and nearly as many surgeries (including two full hip recons w psoas resection) before I was finally formally diagnosed by a phenomenal geneticist. Would’ve saved me so much damage to have been diagnosed when I was young and the problems first began. Only good thing is I’ve educated all my doctors and chiropractors who have subsequently caught and properly diagnosed at least 5 female teenage athletes with EDS (one also had associated cardiac issues that were screened for pursuant to the diagnosis).
emeli anemone
emeli anemone 3 kun oldin
thank you so much for doing this series, doc! it really can make a difference.
Ellen Spear
Ellen Spear 3 kun oldin
Is it okay that I also like Dr Bernard, aka Chubby Emu?
Sargasso Ames
Sargasso Ames 3 kun oldin
heh when i was in fifth grade i started experiencing severe pain, specifically in my joints and i was constantly told it was growing pains or that i was being overdramatic, even when it got to the point where some days it hurt too much to even be able to focus. didnt help that im afab so doctors often thought i was being a spaz about the pain. five years later it turns out i meet the criteria for heds, and even then i found out by doing my own research and got made fun of by my mom until the doctor said 'yeah you probably do have heds'
Avery Belle
Avery Belle 3 kun oldin
Jessica Pero
Jessica Pero 4 kun oldin
36. That's how many years it took for me to get a diagnosis. I was born with a dislocated hip, that should have been the first clue. I was labeled a hypochondriac all through school, kneecaps dislocated with zero effort by the time I hit puberty, and by then, ankles, wrists, thumbs dislocated *all the time*. I had 4 babies. Always looked for answers but got "oh you're just a tired mom. You're anxious. Depressed. Need more sleep". Thank GOD for a good doctor who *actually listened* and put pieces together with me. He's learning with me but a good PCP is worth their weight in gold. I'm almost 40, 4 kids and can barely walk. Had we caught it earlier, I'd have fared better. I get the genetic lottery though...EDS, POTS, MS. Possiy MCAS. It's a fun combo 🙄😳😬 Thank you, Dr. Mike for bringing light to a commonly missed condition.
H O T L 1 N 3
H O T L 1 N 3 4 kun oldin
I- I was just told i was double jointed. I’m scared now.
Gina McIntyre
Gina McIntyre 4 kun oldin
Gina McIntyre
Gina McIntyre 4 kun oldin
As a hypochondriac this is exactly what I didn’t need to see before bedtime.
Happi Kitty
Happi Kitty 2 kun oldin
They’ve isolated the gene mutation in all but two types & have recently found one of those two which is still in the research phase. So there’s genetic testing to confirm clinical diagnosis. To put your mind at ease, you can go to the Ehlers Danlos Society website, the clinical diagnostics are quite specific, you must have a certain set of criteria & there’s no way for it to be psychosomatically manifested. Around 20% of the population is hypermobile (really flexible without any underlying problems) but it’s estimated only 1 in 1000 of us has EDS. As someone with aEDS who was misdiagnosed for nearly 20 years, hope that helps ease your mind.
•Take It Off Now Girl•
I thought of Soobin from TxT and Elizabeth Olson who plays Wanda because Soobin has stretchy skin and Elizabeth has double jointed thumbs
Limey 4 kun oldin
As someone with hEDS most of my doctors have never heard of it. Of the few who have, most of them have had to look it up because they hadn't read about it since med school. Oddly enough, my doctor who is most familiar with EDS is my migraine specialist.
Raven_Atha 4 kun oldin
I'm lucky if a doctor even knows about ot
Sanaa’s Vlog
Sanaa’s Vlog 5 kun oldin
I have this
Alex Daftary
Alex Daftary 5 kun oldin
Who is your sister and mom and are they going to be on the Channel with you at all
Chelsea Bradley
Chelsea Bradley 5 kun oldin
I have this omg! I was lucky to get diagnosed totally randomly at an urgent care when a doctor saw my fingers. Followed up with a bunch of doctors and got officially diagnosed at 14. The most challenging part of EDS is getting pain medication because of the opioid crisis.
-Bullet- 6 kun oldin
I have EDS!!!
Arneth Productions
Arneth Productions 6 kun oldin
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Potato 6 kun oldin
Wait so the fact that I can bend my thumb to point itself backwards along my arm is actually a disease..?
Lo Bo
Lo Bo 3 kun oldin
Check out the Brighton scale - it’s a set of 9 tasks to determine whether you are hyper mobile and it goes from there. There are more than ten types of Eds
Megaskull_ 6 kun oldin
Wait i have EDS .......
Corgdillo 6 kun oldin
WELL I DIDN'T EXPECT THIS- I, a kid who actually struggles with EDS, just randomly found your channel since at this very moment I'm hiding out in my room from the AC guy, and only recently discovered that EDS is in our familial line around two-three years ago, and that it is not a well known syndrome among doctors. So my mind just got *blown* when I saw this video. I really don't know what else to say since everyone that I've ever met is like: "What is that?" (One person thought it was hearing thing like- you serious right now?)
chibi lyn
chibi lyn 6 kun oldin
I've had dislocations and subluxations since I was a toddler everyone just said I played rough. Took me till I was almost 30 to get a proper diagnosis.
Beckett 6 kun oldin
Ah yes, I technically did not meet the criteria, but am treated as if I have it- I had 4 instead of the required 5 met criteria on feature A and didn't meet feature B (family history). I do have confirmed POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome)and MCAS(Mast Cell Activation Syndrome) though. Part of the reason EDS was considered was how these 3 diseases travel together. Has anyone else met/heard of Dr. Schofield? She's one of the leading experts in multisystem disease and her research is quite relevant to this topic.
Sara Gardner
Sara Gardner 6 kun oldin
Please please please tell me you're going to cover POTS in this series.
Elisa La Barge
Elisa La Barge 6 kun oldin
Thanks a lot for covering this and spreading awareness! I asked a while ago for you to cover it I'm glad you did!
LDridge Hampton
LDridge Hampton 6 kun oldin
So basically doctors are shitty at noticing
Quinn Morris
Quinn Morris 7 kun oldin
My doc didn’t miss it lol
Amber DuBrock
Amber DuBrock 7 kun oldin
I have Chiari Malformation, EDS, and POTS combined. All of these are often overlooked and I am usually considered “faking my pain” by doctors.
soccer_ball 245
soccer_ball 245 7 kun oldin
you give off derek shepherd vibes
Partima Thapa
Partima Thapa 7 kun oldin
Sophie Jameson
Sophie Jameson 7 kun oldin
I'm a medical writer and a doctor's daughter but I have zero qualifications. Nothing. I diagnosed a friend with this after seeing her hypermobility. Doctors had basically told her she was imagining her pain due to being neurotic. I didn't believe that so I started Googling. Got a result in about ten minutes. A specialist confirmed my diagnosis the following day.
mostafa 7 kun oldin
i think i have it
Ronnie 8 kun oldin
Can it kill you?
Brittany Gramberg
Brittany Gramberg 8 kun oldin
Thank you for this!!!!
Doctor Mike Edits
Doctor Mike Edits 8 kun oldin
Hi I love to make edits of doctor mike and I was hope you could check them out so one day he will see them
Alyson Grace
Alyson Grace 8 kun oldin
Omg I have this and it took sooooo long to diagnose. Started showing symptoms 5 years ago and was just diagnosed 3 months ago. It was really irritating to have no answer until recently. Thank you for spreading awareness!
LaraDazzle Abuse Recovery
Ommmmmgggggg! Dr. Mike you are the man!!! I’ve got clEDS. I’m sharing this everywhere!!!!
Lo Bo
Lo Bo 3 kun oldin
Can you explain the acronym? I haven’t heard of that before
tarlock 8 kun oldin
I think I might have this
owl waifu
owl waifu 8 kun oldin
I have EDS It effects everything from my joints to my internal organs
Blue Miaou
Blue Miaou 8 kun oldin
I'm so happy that Dr. Mike acknowledges the existence of these very important things that are alwayw overlooked in the medical field.
Emma_E 8 kun oldin
I have a friend with this condition and I feel horrible for her. I'm a cheerleader, contortionist, and just generally really flexible and she knows this. I feel like garbage whenever I mention something about cheer or my flexibility bc she has come to me many times in tears about how she'll never be able to do ballet like she once did. I pray that someday a cure can be found
Vincenzina Soós
Vincenzina Soós 8 kun oldin
I have POTS, and I was told by my cardiologist that I am a hypochondriac, later my neurologist gave me the diagnosis but it was so annoying
Maayan Berman
Maayan Berman 9 kun oldin
Can you explain hallucinations.????? How and why they happen. Please 🙏🥺
Cukisuzuki🇷🇸 9 kun oldin
I didnt know it was a sindroma i have it btw
Rain on your parade
Episode 1,EPISODE 1!!
The Truth
The Truth 9 kun oldin
I'm in love with you Mike... You are just awesome, perfect, dude. ..........I wish I could just hug you for a min....annnnnnnd kiss on your chick... ..... I love the way you speak, your naughtyness, your chest compression, Pee..Oop, and especially your killing smile. I just love you for everything.... both of you... Mike & Bear
AliK7 9 kun oldin
a greys patient had EDS lol
KitKat 82
KitKat 82 10 kun oldin
I have EDS (getting tested for vascular type) as well as 2 of my kids. The worst part of it are the co-morbidities. Both myself and 15 yr old son have Hyperadrenergic POTS & Orthostatic Hypotension. I also have reynauds and endometriosis. While my 11 yr old son has a rare autoimmune disease (relapsing polychondritis) & EDS. Would love a POTS video, it's becoming more known due to ppl who had COVID and ended up with it. So many doctors are dismissive and tell us patients anxiety is our issue when in reality POTS (especially Hyperadrenergic POTS) causes anxiety because your nervous system has gone haywire. It's referred to as 'the most common condition you've never heard of.'
Anthrax in your mailbox
Elaine Teresa Tijo
Elaine Teresa Tijo 10 kun oldin
I can but my thumb all the way back. Do I have the disease. Is it deadly
Antelope 10 kun oldin
i hated every second of this video
Ella Koehler
Ella Koehler 10 kun oldin
you should watch "Dude Your Screwed"
Chulio Chtulu
Chulio Chtulu 10 kun oldin
This UZblock shorts videos are faster than mating rabbits! At the point it's going to be interesting, it's over. Sad ....
Porkbelly Cutlets
Porkbelly Cutlets 10 kun oldin
EDS is just the gum gum fruit from one piece
LaARMY 10 kun oldin
Im sure i have that condition.
Top5 10 kun oldin
Sort of related to this because I had this condition misdiagnosed for years. Do you have any information on a lateral pelvic tilt? Ways to manage/eliminate the issue? It took me years to even get it diagnosed let alone fixed. I was told I had everything from a pinched nerve to rheumatoid arthritis before it was actually diagnosed properly
Angie Jeffries
Angie Jeffries 10 kun oldin
Lol I have Eds
Magic_devil_kill 11 kun oldin
I got one myself thats common amongst football players (like myself) that is usually ignored so not many practice it my disease is called oshgoodslaughter it(what im guessing) is so rare that only one doctor knew about it there
Demon Cat Gaming 22
Demon Cat Gaming 22 11 kun oldin
Ooh I have super bendy fingers, but I’ve never injured them, so maybe not EDS
Brittany Brownson
Brittany Brownson 9 kun oldin
Having localized hypermobility is pretty common. It becomes EDS when that hypermobility is generalized and problems occur because of it throughout the entire body and multiple bodily systems. The majority of people that are hypermobile don’t have EDS, but the majority of people that have EDS have hypermobility of some form.
KirasHere 11 kun oldin
My grandfather has EDS and congestive heart failure. They couldn't operate on his heart because of his EDS. He has about 5~ years left is what the doctor said.
Bobby 101
Bobby 101 11 kun oldin
I have a chronic illness that is getting worse fast that resembles an autoimmune desease, with the heart related symptoms getting really dangerous at this point. All the doctors I visited were not able to diagnose it yet. It's getting really urgent and we don't even know what it is. Does anyone know where should I turn to, what could be done?
miamyos 11 kun oldin
Just got diagnosed with EDS a couple weeks ago...I'll be 31 this year. I have a trashy shoulder, painful feet and hands, receeding gums, low blood pressure and I regularly throw out my back or hurt my neck. I was also diagnosed with Hashimoto's about 3 years ago. I've had to fight for years to get help and I've mostly been treated like a hypocondriac. Imagine if I had gotten help like 15 years ago, maybe I wouldn't have been burnt out and depressed and maybe I would've had an overall better health status. My advice to everyone struggling out there is to educate yourselves and never give up. If your doctor doesn't listen, ask for a referral to a specialist or find a different doctor.
AnimeGirl GAMEZ
AnimeGirl GAMEZ 11 kun oldin
Luckily I was super young diagnosed my parents cared a lot about my health but only about 6 months ago did they actually recommend physical therapy to me trust me it’s a life saver
Fauna uwubirb
Fauna uwubirb 11 kun oldin
A lot of ppl in my family have EDS-
Danielle Russomanno
Danielle Russomanno 11 kun oldin
Dr Mike, POTS would be great to do in light of long Covid!
Danielle Russomanno
Danielle Russomanno 11 kun oldin
Thank you 🥰
Bethany Walker
Bethany Walker 11 kun oldin
My friend was diagnosed with ehlers danlos... After 12 years of experiencing some of the worst gut pain ever and 8 years after being diagnosed and treated for Crohn's. Who knew the gut was held together by connective tissue? Now she has to have braces to walk. All dreams of certain careers gone. And this coming from someone who was very athletic. Tho I know how it happened, it saddens me so much how she was misdiagnosed for years.
leilac37 11 kun oldin
Yes! I thought my knees locking up when I was a kid was normal 😂... Fast forward to my late 20s/ early 30s and I subluxed my knee so bad while exercising that I was on crutches for a few months... Then had spinal issues requiring surgery... constant TMJ subluxations.. ankle issues.. joints in my fingers/thumbs pop. Apparently my knees feeling like they were "locking up" when I was a little kid trying to ride my bike was actually the feeling of my kneecaps subluxing (partial dislocation, joints sliding around in ways they should not be)
Nicole Chai Britson
Nicole Chai Britson 11 kun oldin
I appreciate this!!! As someone in the ME/CFS community, EDS is a super common ‘new’ diagnosis for people who originally only get CFS.
PandiCorn Arrives
PandiCorn Arrives 11 kun oldin
I have that! my knees pop out and dislocate all the time it's horrible!
Hee Deungie
Hee Deungie 11 kun oldin
and here i am thinking that being able to bend my fingers backwards was a talent
Mabel Violet Paige
Mabel Violet Paige 12 kun oldin
Hey EDS and POTS gang in the comments!
Бабушка Беверли
As someone with hEDS, it’s nice to see someone actually acknowledge my condition. Too many times have I been told “there’s nothing wrong with you” or “my daughter’s joints crack and there’s nothing wrong with her” yet, many days I can’t get out of bed, or I can’t do hardly any of them activities I love. Honestly, it gets to the point that I hate going to the doctors, as more often than not they won’t believe anything I say.
Lavish RL
Lavish RL 12 kun oldin
ok well doc, what do I do if pretty much all my joints except my knees are hyperextendable
IamRiverDragon 12 kun oldin
Hey so if I chop off my leg would I feel pain. In the leg? So it’s chopped off so where do I feel pain? XD
IamRiverDragon 12 kun oldin
Meant so say “no it’s chopped off” not “so it’s chopped off”
PainterShock 12 kun oldin
Man for years i kinda was slowly 'falling apart' after a major sickness wracked my body and it took 7 years just to get diagnosed with Joint Hypermoblity Syndrome. Now i'm doing genetics to test for EDS. Sadly the type we think i have has no genetic marker but hey, might aswell get testing done! Who knows what we could find?
ViperousBell393 12 kun oldin
My friend has elhers danhros or however it’s spelled. She dislocated her knee two years ago, and it’s still not working properly
Elizabeth Hock
Elizabeth Hock 12 kun oldin
Can you talk about Gastroparesis?
Tarun Pandit
Tarun Pandit 12 kun oldin
connor Romero
connor Romero 12 kun oldin
Hyper mobility syndrome, I have had it and it went away around a year and a half ago. I hade a minor verse but is still sucked for over a Decade. It took a bunch of doctors and visits to find out but the funny thing is i went into a doctor's office for a stress condition and the dude diagnosed it in under five minutes, we had already known for years but it is still amusing.
Bunnydog Aka Madeline
Can you make a video talking about Trichotillomania
Jelke Talsma
Jelke Talsma 12 kun oldin
Yeah so basically, I've been told that I'm just hyper mobile because i can do that finger thingy, and i can put my hands behind my back like in the picture, should i be worried?
Rob 12 kun oldin
Oh jesus... please don't start posting videos vertically. Most people still use UZblock on a regular screen.
crovelium 12 kun oldin
this a shorts video my guy
nicq 12 kun oldin
I'm getting checked for EDS and/or Marfan.
Katherine Beals
Katherine Beals 12 kun oldin
Please please please please please do one on PCOS. It's so overlooked, especially in medical school yet it affects 1 in 10 women. The name alone is a misnomer because it's an endocrine disorder, and you don't even have to have cysts present to have it.
Audrey Schmitz
Audrey Schmitz 12 kun oldin
… when you can painlessly touch your finger to the back of your hand, can do the thing with your thumb shown and have very, unnaturally flexible hands and knees 😳
Lo Bo
Lo Bo 3 kun oldin
That’s actually not always true … it depends on how much damage has been done or the age of the patient. As you age or play sports the joints take a beating because of the lax collagen. The hyper flexibility starts to take a back seat to nasty crepitus, pain, deformation and much more restrictive function due to the scar tissue - and it’s definitely painful, 24/7. That’s why it’s so important to be diagnosed early so they can take steps to really strengthen the surrounding muscles and take as much pressure off the collagen as possible
Catherine Fernando
Catherine Fernando 12 kun oldin
Oh god he's worse than google 😂
penny mains
penny mains 13 kun oldin
I love this and I'd love to see you do a longer one to get into all the comorbidities, chronic pain, how difficult or daily lives can be etc...
deltah 13 kun oldin
I'm pretty sure I have this or something similar! I got it from my dad's side of the family, my knees are the ones trying to pop out all the time. Luckily, they've gone back in every time so far but I really hope I can get treatment before it happens. That and anxiety really aren't a good mix.
Phoenix Davey
Phoenix Davey 13 kun oldin
My mum has eds
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