Face to Face With Dr. Fauci | The Truth Is…”It’s Almost Over” 

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Milly Willy
Milly Willy 6 daqiqa oldin
Dr. Fraudulent will answer to his crimes.
Bill Fry
Bill Fry 40 daqiqa oldin
2 years ago: "We're just gonna slow down the virus and have a few quarantines for a week, then we go back to normal." 1,5 years ago: "It's almsot over!" 1 year ago: "Just wait a couple of weeks..." 0,5 year ago: "Ok just hold on a bit! We are almsot through this." Now: "It's almost over" It's the year 2423: "Just wait a little bit more! ...just a little bit more." This ain't gonna end is it?
jookman Soat oldin
Get the Facts, by the guy caught lying over & over.
david riccitiello
david riccitiello 5 soat oldin
Fauci should have stayed out of politics. He heard Biden and his side kick Tonto say , I don't trust the vaccine when he and she was running for the highest office, now they want all of us to take it. Biden should have never said it and fauci should have intervened when he said it, but remained quiet.
peter455sd 6 soat oldin
The bullshit goes on
Great Unsheepining (Jeff)
Dr. Fauci will be convicted of crimes against humanity.
Chris Rios
Chris Rios 6 soat oldin
They’ve been lying for too long for me to trust anything this man says
Joe 8 soat oldin
Covid has been around since the 50's so why all of a sudden it's a problem it's political ran to put the fear in the sheep so they will comply
Patrick Johnson
Patrick Johnson 8 soat oldin
Dr. Anthony Fauci needs to go on king and sting podcast.
Leroy Brock
Leroy Brock 9 soat oldin
Thank Pres. Trump for the speedy job.
Damon Sanders
Damon Sanders 9 soat oldin
Hey Mr. Baseball Star Fauci. God ain’t gonna let you get away with your genocide adventure. Good luck with Lucifer. More and more people are waking up everyday. We’ll see how this vaccine works out when the next flu gets here.
Steven Charette
Steven Charette 11 soat oldin
Fauci is the science remember folks and science is always changing, its the new religion, if you believe this wackjob you're god is fauci and you're prayers are coming to him.
Ian Archer
Ian Archer 12 soat oldin
Lisa 13 soat oldin
Oh hell, I used to respect you
Rita Fernandes
Rita Fernandes 14 soat oldin
This is just like that episode of “How I Met Your Mother” when Barney thinks the wheel of fortune host is his dad. Dr. Mike’s adoring gaze and asinine grin at every comment Fauci makes… 🤮
Tone Balone
Tone Balone 15 soat oldin
Even if there isn't anything regarding rand Paul's allegations, I wanna know what fauci connection is to wuhan lab, the fact that this guy is connected to the place the virus is messed with at, n he's the very guy, shutting down small biz, suspicious.
Pau S
Pau S 16 soat oldin
I hope this guy who interviews fauci realize he was face to face with the devil himself in form of human.
cjP Lol
cjP Lol 16 soat oldin
Fauci jucing the virus is criminal
Bonnie Enright
Bonnie Enright 16 soat oldin
When will the 5, 6, 7 th variants come out, and will the vaccine work against what doesn’t exist yet???
Mitchur Yagami
Mitchur Yagami 17 soat oldin
facist fauci at it again with another establishment talking head
Just Be
Just Be 17 soat oldin
Tommy Lynch
Tommy Lynch 17 soat oldin
12 people I know in the past month got COVID and are vaccinated . I’m vaccinated, now I fear , is there a real doctor in the house 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 this one sucks
SixthLace 17 soat oldin
If Faucci is in a vid it automatically gets over 40k dislikes
Tahir Flint
Tahir Flint 17 soat oldin
Where does fauci live 🤔
Aeroga 18 soat oldin
fauci is a puppet
Mike Hanley
Mike Hanley 18 soat oldin
Stevenbp101 19 soat oldin
I have a personal question that might tell me a lot, are you Dr Fauci schooled by the Jesuits?
Canyon Gillaspie
Canyon Gillaspie 19 soat oldin
(thumbnail) It's almost over. (1 month later) ALERT ALERT DELTA STRAIN OF COVID 19 VIRUS DETECTED!
Ross Campbell
Ross Campbell 19 soat oldin
I tried exhaling a vape with a mask on. It did absolutely nothing, with the vape passing freely through. How much larger are vape droplets than COVID microbes?
Vaccinate 💉 fauci 1 000 000 000 times!!!
How many volunteers do you need? 1 000 000 000 OR 6 000 000 000 ???
Ross Campbell
Ross Campbell 19 soat oldin
I wonder how this will age?
New Jack
New Jack 19 soat oldin
I don't know how Fauci stays so positive.
Ross Campbell
Ross Campbell 19 soat oldin
I came to see if they disabled comments. I’m surprised they haven’t. Reading some, I’ll bet they wish they had.
Ray W
Ray W 19 soat oldin
"a couple of years"
Chris Schwanger
Chris Schwanger 20 soat oldin
Fauci is a war criminal
Sammy Luchie
Sammy Luchie 23 soat oldin
sellout dr mike, snake.
Praecantetia Kun oldin
The gripes I have about vaccination when you really have the option to work from home is that it does have the potential to change your mindset. To make you go nuts with cheat days.
TheAllied Spy
TheAllied Spy Kun oldin
More liek, doctor Fraudci hahahahah
Victoria Kerr
Victoria Kerr Kun oldin
What’s in the vaccine?
George Jefferson
They use science as a shield and a propaganda term because they don’t actually believe in science. They claim the “science evolved and changes” and anything questioning it is “anti-science”. Yet questioning science is how science actually evolves, not just blindly listening to people changing the science themselves behind closed doors. If they really believed in science they wouldn’t silence and cancel doctors and scientists with differing thoughts and opinions. They wouldn’t gate-keep science. They are the true anti-science people and they project it onto everyone else.
PJE Kun oldin
peace was an option :( BUT U DIDNT CHOOSE IT!!
If ur russian why do u smile?!?!?
George Jefferson
Countries had “no flu” last flu season because everything was being falsely labeled as “covid”. Fauci is also lying about his mask comments.
George Jefferson
7:03 Freudian Slip
Lori 9 soat oldin
Scary how many people don't hear between the lines
Mike Mossa
Mike Mossa Kun oldin
Fauxcy is hokie pokie master and probably responsible for thousands of deaths over his decades in government.
tacx1 Kun oldin
Why are most of the UZblock videos that involve Fauci have the comments turned off. What are they afraid of ???
Lori 10 soat oldin
Because Most are not falling for his bull
Ross Campbell
Ross Campbell 19 soat oldin
Jen Vernon
Jen Vernon Kun oldin
Nuremburg 2.0 hows that for science history counts too mr i am science serial killer narcissist pathological lying psychopath
David Jensen
David Jensen Kun oldin
Mike, from one physician to another you should really start to question the claims Fauci has made. Over the past year most Americans can see all the holes, flip flopping and common sense logic that his man ignores. You should too. It severely undermines your credibility with your viewers to promote this fictional science.
Glenda Stryker
Glenda Stryker Kun oldin
Scam artist
Dollie_Bhie Kun oldin
does anyone else get the sense that our DEEP STATE government is BAMBOOZLING Us ?
Ross Campbell
Ross Campbell 19 soat oldin
More Than a Feeling. A great song by Boston.
jeb dulles
jeb dulles Kun oldin
a feeling? Yes like the hot sensation of knife in the back
Ian Davis
Ian Davis Kun oldin
Thank you President Trump for getting U.S. the vaccine.
R Zelada
R Zelada Kun oldin
Wish Rand Paul was included in this interview
Becki Wildeman
Becki Wildeman Kun oldin
So no intentions to end this as long as there are people left in the world with wisdom of truth and are conscious.
shane kennedy
shane kennedy Kun oldin
Dr falsely created the virus
Harr Brown
Harr Brown Kun oldin
💩💩because you have lied and hidden what you have all done in order to kill and control
cbrend22 Kun oldin
lock him up
NIO Shareholder
NIO Shareholder Kun oldin
Does ANYONE reading this trust anything Fauci says?
Lori 10 soat oldin
Absolutely ZERO
Abigail Prewitt
Abigail Prewitt Kun oldin
Lalibel Kun oldin
Puzzlehead Design
Nope. Doc (Mengele) faucci
Rawrrawr XD
Rawrrawr XD Kun oldin
david g
david g Kun oldin
"How dare you question Saint Fauci"!😂😂😂😂
Jon Allen
Jon Allen Kun oldin
The statement right at the very beginning is pretty funny seeing how he's seen as the stubborn one who's mind will never be changed....
Becki Wildeman
Becki Wildeman Kun oldin
Pride was Satan's fall..
Quintin Sandau
Quintin Sandau Kun oldin
The truth and Dr Fauci in the same sentence that's new
Bruce Le
Bruce Le Kun oldin
Daily Llama
Daily Llama Kun oldin
Anyone wanna tell me why our government refuses to check to see if someone has had C19 before they are given an unnecessary shot of man made chemicals? If they already have a better immunological response, what is the reason for the V?
Miss Craze
Miss Craze Kun oldin
Dr Fauci AND Dr. Mike! My heart is exploding 😻😻😻
Johnny Lego
Johnny Lego 19 soat oldin
Yup my comment was correct. Sole reason your head is to be 💦 ahhh typical dr Mike, no real information. But good looking
Clint Harlin
Clint Harlin Kun oldin
Jane Powers
Jane Powers 2 kun oldin
Dr. Fauci is becoming addicted to fame and constant attention - I find it troubling.
J P 2 kun oldin
What a puppet!
Adam 86
Adam 86 2 kun oldin
Facui is a joke. You should have interviewed a dog in a hat and I'd listen to your vaccine info. *closes*
dirty laundry
dirty laundry 2 kun oldin
looks like big tech changed the votes again.
Aunt Esther
Aunt Esther 16 soat oldin
Yup, sure as hell. 2 weeks ago it was 10 to 1 votes down to votes up. Just like magic it's completely turned around.
James Buchko
James Buchko 2 kun oldin
It's an actor not the real Fausti
T J 2 kun oldin
Jake Childress
Jake Childress 2 kun oldin
Arrest Fauci!!!
Colorado Strong
Colorado Strong 2 kun oldin
Which cigarette do you "doctors" recommend as safe? Remember when your fellow "doctors" recommended certain brands as safe in the 50's and 60's? And when some states required your appendix removed any time you had an operation because "doctors" said so. Kick rocks Smuck.
John Doe
John Doe Kun oldin
@Aiden Fenstermacher Or I could rely on my own body, which got over covid just fine without any help. I guess my immune system, which has evolved over tens of thousands of years, isn't good enough. These people aren't telling you to take your vitamins, exercise, and eat healthy to prevent covid, they are shaming you for not taking a shot. You will be glad once you wake up, I was.
Aiden Fenstermacher
@John Doe yes, instead, you should rely on untrained individuals to give you medical advice. Untrained individuals are always correct because they will tell you want to hear, meaning they are always right.
John Doe
John Doe Kun oldin
@Aiden Fenstermacher Wait are you telling me doctors aren't always correct and we shouldn't just follow whatever they say?
Aiden Fenstermacher
wait are you telling me doctor recommendations improve over time?
John Doe
John Doe Kun oldin
They smoked in hospitals too lol
SubwayJack919 2 kun oldin
Andrew Adams
Andrew Adams 2 kun oldin
More fluff... Softball bs
Miles Bennett Dyson
If anyone involved in science gives monetary support to the Chinese Government for nefarious reasons to create incurable and easily transmissible diseases, they they don’t understand what ethical science is.
Logical Fallacy Watch
Absolutely worthless interview. This man has lied time and time again and you didn’t press on him at all. Did you give him a happy ending as well? 🤡🐍
Oliver Ihrig
Oliver Ihrig 2 kun oldin
Bruh the amount of dislikes is frankly depressing
ACE LP 2 kun oldin
Dr Fraudchi
Franklin Bucquoy
Franklin Bucquoy 2 kun oldin
Lying dirtbag who funded the dangerous research that caused the pandemic. UZblock puts these videos up to protect him, and China for that matter.
Marlies Yanke
Marlies Yanke 2 kun oldin
Mostly haters and trolls here. Doctor Fauci 👍👍👍
Marlies Yanke
Marlies Yanke 2 kun oldin
Dr Fauci looks so much younger than his age. So much respect for him.
Robert Kun oldin
Adam 86
Adam 86 2 kun oldin
Probably since he has a government job and knows he can be wrong 1500+ times and still get a high paycheck unlike people in the private sector, if Dr Mike made as many mistakes as him the dude would have been fired years ago. He's a Govt stooge doctor who had a terrible track record.
Logical Fallacy Watch
This can’t be a real person
Pritam Roy
Pritam Roy 2 kun oldin
I am from India...feel bad for our country
Dunn -Ng
Dunn -Ng 2 kun oldin
Why don't they talk about medicine for ccp virus cure instead development of vaccines and where was the source of viruses came from. Liars!
Troll 2 kun oldin
I’m a scientist, he’s a murderer
Facepalm Migraine
Facepalm Migraine 2 kun oldin
Jeez dude, not so much powder on Fauci's nuts there... He'll appreciate the diddle just as much, with half the mess.
Marcus J
Marcus J 2 kun oldin
Anthony “ I am the science” fauci
Gil Armenta
Gil Armenta 2 kun oldin
If fauci had red hair he'd be Alfred E. Neuman!😂😂😂😂
Gil Armenta
Gil Armenta 2 kun oldin
True dat!!
Youre Fuked
Youre Fuked 2 kun oldin
Alfred is smarter.
Vladimir B
Vladimir B 2 kun oldin
fisti cuffs
fisti cuffs 2 kun oldin
The free america is coming for fraudchis crimes against them
Jose B
Jose B 2 kun oldin
J. Duke
J. Duke 2 kun oldin
When your video is titled "The Truth Is..." that makes me skeptical.
Marlies Yanke
Marlies Yanke 2 kun oldin
The truth is: its the fault of ignorent people without vaccination who are responsible for covid staying forever. Trumpers 😝
Danny Smithson
Danny Smithson 2 kun oldin
This comment section really back fired on Dr. Mike lol And I am here for it. Had all the chance in the world for a scientific interview but all you gave was the same thing the MSM give just with a different face attached. You should be ashamed.
John Doe
John Doe Kun oldin
@No Name "Some"...You have to edit the like-dislike ratio for "Some" trolls...It's not possible it was a terrible interview, no, they're just trolls.
No Name
No Name 2 kun oldin
I'm sure he really cares what some trolls and retards think.
Black Sheepdog
Black Sheepdog 2 kun oldin
I would like to apply for his job. Cover letter: TWELVE MASKS. I'm hired!!
Black Sheepdog
Black Sheepdog 2 kun oldin
I once kicked that man so hard in the butt, my shoe got stuck in his teeth.
Conor M
Conor M 2 kun oldin
The fact that The White House channel on UZblock has the comments turned off is very disturbing. A simple thumbs up or down isn’t sufficient. Obviously the channel doesn’t represent the country’s values and laws by silencing the opinions of its citizens.
Becki Wildeman
Becki Wildeman 16 soat oldin
@Pau S righteousness will be coming in whether they like this or not! Daniel 9:24-27 is happening! The end of wicked thoughts to sin be ending!
Pau S
Pau S 16 soat oldin
Exactly my thoughts that action really tells us that they are highkey not willing to listen to the people AND are yellowpressing the hell out of EVERY news source. It's sickening that lots of people aren't realizing that.
Becki Wildeman
Becki Wildeman Kun oldin
Remember who the real rulers be...They will not be happen till they have taken down all who have wisdom?
John Doe
John Doe Kun oldin
There is proof they are editing the like-dislike ratio too, and they are STILL disproportionately disliked.
Casual Goats
Casual Goats Kun oldin
The 2nd day in office those comments went to be disabled. All 4 years before that they were open. Bernie's comments are open. So are Yang's and Tulsi's. Really makes ya think.
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