How Often You Should Shower And Wash Hair | Responding To Comments Ep. 22 

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W8LFY Soat oldin
Hey Doctor Mike I have a question, what is the best way to calm down?
Aidenrocks7373 3 soat oldin
Parent's: you can't learn anything on youtube Me:
Axo 3 soat oldin
Why do my ears ring for short periods of time randomly? Its not constant and is very random. It happens when its silent or I get into a car. My ears are earwax free and im 13 so is it the same as hear loss or whatever you referred to it as?
Echo 3 soat oldin
Haha! So in reality, my laziness was actually a health choice! *Take that, Society!!*
Everleigh Culler
Everleigh Culler 3 soat oldin
Is it bad if I wake up and my hands are numb?
iblink 3 soat oldin
I shower daily, at least twice a day. It's hot and humid in Malaysia and it's an obligation to shower everyday or else no one will come near u :D When i travel overseas, it becomes a habit although it's winter. This lady needs to shower, no matter what :)
Bailey Brown
Bailey Brown 3 soat oldin
Am I the only one that pronounced it as Ten-I-Tus?
LiveEyeGuy 4 soat oldin
I personally don’t shower everyday. Only every second day unless I feel really gross. To be fair I do shower for 30 minutes in room temperature/ slightly warm water whenever I do shower.
charles paris
charles paris 4 soat oldin
My cheesy doctor says I have aspergers, does this mean I have asscheesepergers?
PINK Skittles55
PINK Skittles55 5 soat oldin
One time when I was 5 years old I had to get a shot and I screamed so loud it made my mom's ears ding for probably over 2 months 😐😐😐😐😐
VeloxGamer28 5 soat oldin
i dont shower at all
wolf kid
wolf kid 5 soat oldin
i need help i have sensitv teath how do i fix it
Slappy Bigalow
Slappy Bigalow 5 soat oldin
It really depends on how much filth and grime is covering your body at the end of the day. Some proffessions require multiple showers a day.
Hxrper 5 soat oldin
I have trouble sleeping, how do i fix that? Im around 10 if that helps.
Eduardo Colgan
Eduardo Colgan 5 soat oldin
*clutching pearls in Brazilian* SHOWERS ARE OBVIOUSLY EVERYDAY??? What is wrong with you guys over the northern hemisphere???? (yes, even when it's cold, there's a thing called heating, you can skip a day once two weeks sometimes, tops, don't push it)
jeffywuu 5 soat oldin
I've seen a new method to doing CPR and that's to do compressions on the upper back with the patient lying stomach to ground. Any thoughts?
perdykool 6 soat oldin
"Thanks Dr. MIKE!"
Benji The Fox
Benji The Fox 6 soat oldin
Are Beyond Burgers really healthier than real hamburgers?
CsoCool259 6 soat oldin
Yea that's cool and all. But how do I take .9 of a step
Angelica Walden
Angelica Walden 6 soat oldin
Tech Guy
Tech Guy 7 soat oldin
Older generations often showered less and washed their hair less.
Fatma Zhraa
Fatma Zhraa 3 soat oldin
Because they didn’t have as much chemicals in the air as we have today
Radiyas 13
Radiyas 13 7 soat oldin
Doc Mike: U only need to wash your armpits and groin! 😀 Everyone but me: YAAYY! 😁 Me: and the backside? 😭
Sydnee Sheriff
Sydnee Sheriff 7 soat oldin
I shower one day than bath alternating days if that helps
Shibby120 8 soat oldin
WHATTTT charred edges of delicious meat can cause CANCER??!! 😱😭
Vanessa Real
Vanessa Real 8 soat oldin
If Doctor Mike is in the shower - you better believe I will shower TWICE a day!
Ronnie Josselyn
Ronnie Josselyn 8 soat oldin
Luis zavala
Luis zavala 9 soat oldin
It's the summer and I live in Texas. I am going to be showering everyday. Thanks.
it fruit's 2nd channel
me;thumbnail hot him:huh? ne; nvm
Michael C
Michael C 9 soat oldin
Oh come on...studies have reportedly shown you'd need to eat a huge amount of charred food to increase your risk of cancer. Am I wrong?
Lauren Jaye
Lauren Jaye 9 soat oldin
It’s not absolutely necessary to break ribs during chest compressions tho and you should avoid that if possible?? I didn’t notice you address that part in your response. Like yes if it happens what you said is true but chest compressions don’t always result in broken ribs and shouldn’t as much as possible
Colin 9 soat oldin
Every day. Without fail.
Michael Tereso
Michael Tereso 9 soat oldin
Alexis Yoko [Alexander]
"Your skin doesn't like hot water." I don't like it either...
D Storm
D Storm 10 soat oldin
As we said in the Army, you should shower once a month whether you need it or not
H.W S 10 soat oldin
Is it just me or am I the only one feeling baited by the thumbnail? lol
Remco Schedel—the SKULL
I have to shower every other day, because if i shower every day, i get a skin rash, especially in the face area. For some reason, my skin needs a day to restore itself. So ironically; the more i shower, the worse i look.
Hijab Batool
Hijab Batool 10 soat oldin
You are great man. Mike how do you take time and make videos for us ? I know being a doctor has a very busy lifeeee.
Nope Nope
Nope Nope 11 soat oldin
"Because while I AM delicious..." is really all I heard because yes, yes he is 🤭🤣
Christopher Auvenshine
What is the easiest/safest way to remove too much ear wax?
Bernie the Kiwi Dragon
9:33 It's also why you have discussions with frail patients about DNACPR orders, because they are so frail, not only will successful resuscitation be unlikely, the trauma the patient endures even if successful will severely compromise their quality of life and increase their suffering. It's different if a patient will likely recover from chest compression. You would probably not be doing chest compressions on a shrivelled 90-year-old with multiple co-morbidities.
Jelly YT
Jelly YT 11 soat oldin
What causes a mosquito bite, or any bite to swell and itch so much?
Bernie the Kiwi Dragon
I remember days being in the dissection room. The smell of formaldehyde I think makes me feel hungry instead. No, I didn't feel faint the first time seeing the cadavers.
blizzard_ king
blizzard_ king 12 soat oldin
long time for questions
Tryx studios
Tryx studios 13 soat oldin
What can I do and not do with a 9mm splenic artery aneurysm?
Thomas Juressen
Thomas Juressen 13 soat oldin
Why isn't there a shower clip T-T
Eric Dixon
Eric Dixon 13 soat oldin
I get more compliments on my hair after not washing it for several days
Paul Hobbs
Paul Hobbs 13 soat oldin
R u a real docter.
Brett Noad
Brett Noad 13 soat oldin
The best way to replace electrolytes after a workout is to dilute pink Himalayan salt into a bottle of water like a teaspoon/cup ratio
Kre8ive Gaming
Kre8ive Gaming 13 soat oldin
I get flak for taking a 5 minute shower I dont like showering it takes time out of my day. It's called a whorebath but i prefer only washing areas that generally accumulate odor throughout the day.
Jun Sunbae
Jun Sunbae 13 soat oldin
For me I shower twice a day before work and after work But sometimes 2-4 a day and that normal why somebody ask how often u showering
Justis Johnson
Justis Johnson 14 soat oldin
I’m not getting into bed if I haven’t showered. Whether or not I left the house or did anything at all.
Tony Blackburn
Tony Blackburn 14 soat oldin
What does it mean if your entire brain buzzes seriously I've been trying to figure this out since 2010 when I got disabled.. do u think long term Adderall for add could cause it I would love to know! If you have any info I will pay you even though I don't make much money why is discord patreons only :( and how much is it.. I need healthy advice. It's almost like a sensation or a disease I still wonder if it's a cure or if it's a disease I am 29 and I feel like this is so mysterious it makes me feel like I have super powers or idk like I was a chosen one... it's so scary to not know the answer... all the doctor did was diagnose me with bipolar but I know it really isn't... thank you for the cooked food comment my dad has stage 3 cancer and we just ate cooled stuff lastnight I know like boiled stuff veggies and garlic is good I will pay for discord if you will really consider helping me
Armiraestaaroseday 14 soat oldin
Am I the only one who gets bang chan vibes from him??
Carmella Soulliere
Carmella Soulliere 14 soat oldin
Are Protien shakes good to drink and unhealthy or healthy
shutii 14 soat oldin
Are you not supposed to shower everyday even if you live on a tropical country? Does everything you said about showering and washing your hair applies to everyone around the world? Please try to consider that everyone has different environment and not everyone shower using hot water especially on a tropical country like ours.
gr een
gr een 15 soat oldin
3-4 minutes won't be enough for me to perform😒
John Crane
John Crane 15 soat oldin
“I literally gag every time i brush my teeth” Mmhmm shuuure, this question was definitely talking about brushing teeth 🧢🧢
Ansel Louie
Ansel Louie 16 soat oldin
Daily shower/s is a necessity if you live in a tropical country with killer humidity.
I just noticed your logo that is awesome! Great creativity!
Mateus Moraes
Mateus Moraes 17 soat oldin
I didn’t watch the video, but the answer to the the main question is Yes. You’re welcome.
Jamie Junk
Jamie Junk 17 soat oldin
Yeah but your a doctor not a dermatologist so ain't your advice just like me searching it 🤔
Benjamin Lawrence
Benjamin Lawrence 17 soat oldin
Wait what? U have a discord
Jenifer Ribeiro
Jenifer Ribeiro 18 soat oldin
Do not tell a Brazilian they don't have to shower everyday. It doesn't matter who you are, we don't believe it... 😅
Leevi Lehto
Leevi Lehto 18 soat oldin
That shower bit makes swimming sound like an incredibly unhealthy activity.
Ryan Palmer
Ryan Palmer 18 soat oldin
What about S’more’s
Roccominer 19 soat oldin
We need to see a live check up at your office.
Merryn 19 soat oldin
I can go a week without washing my hair
susan mamvuto
susan mamvuto 19 soat oldin
Those looking looking for the shower question ,starts at 6.36
Rayane Quinzel
Rayane Quinzel 20 soat oldin
I love cinnamon rolls 🤤❣️ I shower twice a day it's psychological , the sometimes I do it three times
Gaby 21 soat oldin
Dude I just hurt my skin while showering, my mother was pressuring me to use a sponge to shower, I was on some important reunion and yea, I just hurt myself and it's was getting some blood out but now it's normal
Olliepop 22 soat oldin
I wish you were my doctor!!!! You’re so amazing I love your videos and your personality. PS: I’m 7 months pregnant with my first baby scared to death but your videos make my sleepless nights better
Anthony Karanja
Anthony Karanja Kun oldin
Ssup Dr Mike what's the name of the spray liquid medicine that treats fingernails fungus please help🇰🇪
Psycho Path
Psycho Path Kun oldin
I use soap to "shampoo" my head hair... But eucalyptus shampoo on my facial hair... Reason: Rather be bald than baby faced...
James Backwards
James Backwards Kun oldin
Gag reflex trick……sounds useful
Tarryn Fynn
Tarryn Fynn Kun oldin
Malfunction of thyroid also cause tinnitus...
Kenny O'kafor
Kenny O'kafor Kun oldin
Me eating burnt popcorn be like
Thomas Skinner
Thomas Skinner Kun oldin
Well that’s just great. Thinking about Doctor Mike naked is what I needed -_- Now I can’t focus on anything important atm…
Abbey P. Averion
I shower and wash my hair daily....lol
Mikieno WhooseBad
A simple yes or no would do instead of wasting 10 minutes and 45 seconds of my life.
Sami. S
Sami. S Kun oldin
Honestly, after getting recurrent abrasion syndrome in both of my eyes which made me dread showering because even with the goggles, the water finds its way in, I realized how much of a blessing it is to be able to shower everyday 😢😢😢 I still am scared of the water getting into my eyes, but I'm just showering without washing my hair every day (It's more like every other day). And of course, this is like therapy I swear 😂😂😂😂
Jackson Wilde
Jackson Wilde Kun oldin
8:15 I like and eat my toast basically black sooo . . . RIP
bergeronscores Kun oldin
9:34 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Ghost Face
Ghost Face Kun oldin
Can we all agree that when we we’re little, being forced to take a shower made you furious
What are your thoughts on purely cosmetic plastic surgery for a person who is already beautiful, without any deformities?
oh yeah
oh yeah Kun oldin
doctor says: wash balls and armpits...but what about your butt Doctor? You have to wash that hole too
N Kovach
N Kovach Kun oldin
What happens if your eardrum tears
Blake Kun oldin
My showers always take 10 minutes. No longer, no shorter, it’s actually pretty imperative that it’s always exactly 10 minutes without thinking.
3 times week is enough shower for one person anything more or less is just ego or pride 😤 🙃
Icu 2021
Icu 2021 14 soat oldin
So 2 days a week ur walking around with fecal crumbs huh? Good luck with that. 🤔😅
Muhib Durrani
Muhib Durrani Kun oldin
for the shower if you want to not take those oils than use cold water. it is summer so who wouldn't
zack Range
zack Range Kun oldin
When you have the flu and the nasel cavity get all weird what the f**k is happening
pinche puto
pinche puto Kun oldin
wait.. is that how you pronounce tinnitus. ive always said ten-eye-tuss. not tinn-ih-tuss
C. Hirsch
C. Hirsch Kun oldin
If you gag when you brush pay more attention to how much toothpaste your using. Should be pea sized drop. To much creates alot of foam on the mouth which gets to the back of your throat making you want to gag
Sadies Havok
Sadies Havok Kun oldin
I get greasy hair and feel gross after 24 hrs from my previous shower. It DRIVES ME NUTS!
its. goody
its. goody Kun oldin
when i was younger i would choke my grandma out and hit her in my sleep …. does that mean my nerves were going through stages or something else? (i love my grandma R.I.P)
Rox Kun oldin
With the guy with the gag reflex, he might have a smaller mouth and using a smaller toothbrush might help. Using a tongue scraper and practicing breathing through his nose might also help him get used it.
BethanyKristen Kun oldin
I absolutely love you 💖😂✨
DejanTop Kun oldin
Ok. So ive been having problems with kidney same as my mom which is actualy a problems since i cant eat food with salt on it but how do i fix that. I have almost got a failiure.