I Flew This F-16 & Pulled 9 G's 

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Apoorv Anupam
Apoorv Anupam Soat oldin
I flew "in" this f16 and pulled 9 G's
I exist
I exist 3 soat oldin
I wanna say, if you eject from a fighter jet, you can experience 5-20 g’s
xFlyingNote 8 soat oldin
Art: by the Albums
Art: by the Albums 10 soat oldin
This is a simple Demo flight. Simple tax manuevers and the like. What you actually need to do Mike is go to do a VR route in the mountains.
Noah Helth
Noah Helth 13 soat oldin
Best video on yt
Amran Azman
Amran Azman 20 soat oldin
Mike: "when I walk the wrong way, that's when you cue the epic montage"
Aviation content
Aviation content 21 soat oldin
Me flying a jet: WOOOOO Worrys: Death
DeathGun Kun oldin
With 9g people would literally weight over one ton. For some people the skull would literally weight nearly as much as your body
9:20 rip
Zachary Miller
Zachary Miller Kun oldin
@SmarterEveryDay he did what you couldn't.
Rodolfo III Jimenez
I wish my mom was like this haha and yes my mom is a doctor in residency
Dwight Johnson
Dwight Johnson Kun oldin
Good job Flyer l happy for you l can too ride Jet like too you help me ride in Jet okay l hoppy for you love Dwight Jr 😊
Jaren Hudson
Jaren Hudson Kun oldin
Honestly - I'd trade a leg to this any day. Ever.
Lazlum 2 kun oldin
Why women have more gforce tolerance tho?
Alla Mokrane
Alla Mokrane 2 kun oldin
1:10 really gotta do something about your hair bro they look crazy these days
TheBestAppleTea 2 kun oldin
Dr mike walks the wrong way at the beginning and turns around with cool music lol
Boris 2 kun oldin
Did it make you poop ???
Danyelle Hilton
Danyelle Hilton 3 kun oldin
he said everybody healthy and happy me: noooooo it's happy and healthy
John Marston
John Marston 3 kun oldin
Imagine a fly got in the cockpit
Nathan Hood
Nathan Hood 3 kun oldin
They put your name on it too! Legendary
rkarlson008 3 kun oldin
bro i swear the title and thumbnail have changed like 3 times
Tuấn Kiệt Đặng
Dr.Mike watching Tom Scott: Pathetic
colombilatus 3 kun oldin
He pulled 9.2 g. Think about it lol
Twig 3 kun oldin
I once flew in a stunt plane pulling 6.5 G no problem. It was the negative 2G that got me. Got to taste my lunch again.
TheMuffin_Man 4 kun oldin
Let’s watch dr mike go skydiving
ZachlandsChugs 2
ZachlandsChugs 2 4 kun oldin
I would be scared of crashing
TheFatOne 4 kun oldin
This is how goku would train if he was a human
pineapple guy
pineapple guy 4 kun oldin
Flew in, sir you flew in,the pilot operated and flew the plane
GeckoLettuce 1
GeckoLettuce 1 4 kun oldin
That title sounds like click bait ngl and also please keep doing more videos you have made me start eating out less and eating healthy more and you are teaching me about the body I love you!
simpilot001 4 kun oldin
Ah, my two favorite things. Dr.Mike and airplanes! Also how do you reluctantly say yes to that?
Ayoub Avena
Ayoub Avena 4 kun oldin
I like how he basically didn’t do everything they told him to do
Azzam Arwae
Azzam Arwae 4 kun oldin
4:24 god is that air pulling his pants or mikes thickness
Rebecca 4 kun oldin
i feel like I’ve passed out on rollercoasters before so i wonder if the whole squeezing your lower body and taking that shorter breath with a closed glottis would work for me too… 🎢
red wing
red wing 4 kun oldin
7:46 dust in the cockpit...
Ace Dyer
Ace Dyer 4 kun oldin
Mike got a dump truck
Cyber 4 kun oldin
if thats me i would have already died
Naunihal Singh Cheema
Nice use of tax money.
Jacob Chua
Jacob Chua 5 kun oldin
Lucky bugger
John Doe
John Doe 5 kun oldin
I would not try that again, you may break the plane next time
Lydia Krisztina
Lydia Krisztina 5 kun oldin
My dad is an air force flight surgeon. He also specializes in family medicine. Maybe this is your sign to become an aerospace medical specialist!
Seagulls 5 kun oldin
Great job :)
Dusty Tilbury
Dusty Tilbury 5 kun oldin
Me when I saw this:Has this man gone freaking mad?!?
Real 5 kun oldin
This is all I wanna do in life. Ride in a fighter jet, F16 would be literally ideal. I used to _try_ and make myself grey out on roller coasters and never could. I must have a higher tolerance for G Forces. I'd love to test that out.
Louise Emborong
Louise Emborong 5 kun oldin
It's finally good being short
Jordan Andrews
Jordan Andrews 5 kun oldin
You should check out black griffins video where he's singing covers during 6 G's
Opalivian 5 kun oldin
The airforce has great jetside manner. So reassuring lmao.
Jons LG
Jons LG 5 kun oldin
This has to be one of the highest like:dislike ratios of modern yt
Mohammed Umar Riaz
Mohammed Umar Riaz 5 kun oldin
U r amazing 👏
So4verage1g 5 kun oldin
he pulled better than SmaterEveryDay
scavi 5 kun oldin
why am i holding my breath 🤷
Desi Astronaut
Desi Astronaut 5 kun oldin
"This was a bad idea".....Oh boy 😂
Cab _
Cab _ 5 kun oldin
F1 drivers laugh in background at 9G
RamBo23 5 kun oldin
Imaging someone with 2 hearts becomes a pilot
Merle Jacques
Merle Jacques 6 kun oldin
The natural kiss thirdly murder because stem phylogenitically attract around a dull diving. smelly, true tuesday
Goat Breeder 300
Goat Breeder 300 6 kun oldin
4:25 It's funny when a medical doctor says this! They if anyone knows lol
F5Storm1 6 kun oldin
I wanna do this for reall
DreyGrach 6 kun oldin
This is amazing, going on my bucket list.
Skyhawk 7 kun oldin
tall skinny guys pass right away
005 AGIMA 7 kun oldin
Sh!t yeah! I'd kill for a change to do that!
Jonathon .Pereira
Jonathon .Pereira 7 kun oldin
BRUHH, that montage at 4:40 when he started walking backwards..😂😂😂 GG IM DED LOLLL
Srijan Ojha
Srijan Ojha 7 kun oldin
what would i not give to do this🤣
tabitha de leon-david
Wow! What an experience that must have been!
BlakeTDT 7 kun oldin
the music at 4:38 is called Black Hole and its by Tommy Ljungberg.
Michael Mena
Michael Mena 7 kun oldin
Agata K
Agata K 7 kun oldin
Congratulations!!! It was amazing to watch, as always Doc ;) Love from Poland! And to everyone reading this, have a wonderful day, and stay healthy ;))
Aura Khaos
Aura Khaos 7 kun oldin
Yayyyyy, we got it to 100k likes :)
aritz zabala
aritz zabala 7 kun oldin
Just yesterday, in a F1 race, Max Verstappen suffered 51G in an accident during the British GP...
Safari 7 kun oldin
I was searching for this
Traveller Tawsif
Traveller Tawsif 8 kun oldin
Shouldn't the title say "I flew in this..." instead of "I flew this...". Dr. Clickbait
Andrea Reynoso
Andrea Reynoso 8 kun oldin
Just when i thougt he couldent get hotter
Pulse Gr1zly
Pulse Gr1zly 8 kun oldin
USAF is the best Edit: Nose art and F16 sparkle is AWSOME I have 1 model plane and 2 toy planes on display in my room one being a F16 with the same sparkle paint but it fell and it broke :(
Aizah fatima
Aizah fatima 8 kun oldin
wow cool that's kinda amazing
aws0mness420 8 kun oldin
Anonymous 3553
Anonymous 3553 8 kun oldin
So this what my local news anchor had to do dang
Theresa 8 kun oldin
this is the first time I'm proud of being a woman and having a 5FT height ≧∇≦
Rachel Attewell
Rachel Attewell 8 kun oldin
This was so cool to watch, Doctor Mike, thanks for taking us along.
Sus 9 kun oldin
I'd like to catch a GeForce RTX
SouthSide_ Chicago79
Something tells me Doctor Mike secretly wears a skirt to bed and voted for Stuttering Joe, i mean look and listen to this guy....soft & weak.
Baro Oxide
Baro Oxide 9 kun oldin
Imagine stealing F-16
Jenny 9 kun oldin
This would scare me too since I don't like *really* high heights either, but doing this would be a way to change your perspective on things! You did great, Dr. Mike! It's okay to be scared, I'm right there with you along side everyone else who are spooked by heights. I'm glad you had fun though, despite getting nauseous there in the middle, but hey! You did it! So proud!☺️❤️
Im an idiot
Im an idiot 9 kun oldin
4:24 doc mike packing some cake back there 😩
Laurie Strommen
Laurie Strommen 10 kun oldin
A little late and watching this but that was freaking awesome
Mav Llavan
Mav Llavan 10 kun oldin
I was like holding my breath the whole time from the moment they took off up until they landed. That's one hell of experience or should i say heaven? anyways, that's really really cool.
Werewolf 10 kun oldin
1:57 scared me so much!!
Gael Chuc
Gael Chuc 10 kun oldin
Wow a G16 nice I know how to make a F15 paper airplane
McRoony 10 kun oldin
Dr. Mike probably was more anxious than having fun
YourBoyFrogo Frog
YourBoyFrogo Frog 10 kun oldin
I have people that clickbait u didn’t fly nothing u sat there in the cockpit stop making unreasonable titles that are over exaggerated
Nicholas 10 kun oldin
This dude had the opportunity to have his name painted on a thunderbird. That's awesome.
Nisse Lindström
Nisse Lindström 10 kun oldin
He had his name on the F-16?!? That's dope!
ALDO 2145
ALDO 2145 10 kun oldin
Your pov after watching smarter everyday in thunderbird f-16
Jeremiah C. Javier
Jeremiah C. Javier 10 kun oldin
Burn bean
Bishnu Gurung
Bishnu Gurung 10 kun oldin
Congratulations 🎊🎉🎈💐💯✊✊🌼🌼🌼🙏🙏🙏Doctor Mike. Great job doctor mike 😃💯. Always god bless you. Best wishes for you doctor mike 🌼🌼🌼🙏🙏🙏
Unabashedlyanne 11 kun oldin
Mike: Pulls 9.2 Gs and doesn’t black out Me: Grays out at 4Gs at my local amusement park
Rzm72个 11 kun oldin
Everyone : walks heroically towards the plane Doc mike : nope
Samid 11 kun oldin
That Lt.Col looks awfully familiar. He worked with someone Menendez
Asia Sturgis
Asia Sturgis 11 kun oldin
good job man
The Midsouth Cyclist
You're ready to try flying with the Blue Angels now! Seriously, though, the Blue Angels have more press and a better image (more appearances, better press agent, whatever), and although I am ex-Navy and therefore partially biased, I'd trust the Thunderbirds to protect and secure my country, friends, and family no less than I'd trust the Blue Angels. Both demonstration teams are amazing and I'm equally proud to have each team as fellow citizens. Go Navy, Air Force, Army (Golden Knights), Marines (most capably performing as members of the Blue Angels), Coast Guard, and Space Force.
Larry Richards
Larry Richards 11 kun oldin
I flew the F-15E Strike Eagle for 9 of my 32 years in the USAF. It'll please you to know that you got the privilege of flying in one of the only aircraft in the US inventory that is more than capable of executing maneuvers that will kill the occupants with absolutely zero f*cks given. I flew more than 200 strike missions in Iraq and Afghanistan until high g's actually caused a detached retina that put an end to my flying career. Tell me what you can find out about that type of injury to pilots, if you think you can pull it off. :-)
Draco 5287
Draco 5287 11 kun oldin
Final last words chest compressions chest compressions chest compressions
Fessor er forvirret
Fessor er forvirret 11 kun oldin
imagine having diarrhea mid flight
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