Lock Your Mouth For Weight Loss  

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Sour Energy Drink
Sour Energy Drink 34 daqiqa oldin
If I had those on I would probably blend up food and then eat it, you probably won't be able to chew much so the smaller the better I guess.
Peter Haus
Peter Haus Soat oldin
People are desperate some remove there stomach or have it reduced in size. A lock you can be Removed🤷‍♂️.
Sakishima is an underrated setter Change my mind
"WHAT IN THE ACTUAL- *peewoop* " idk why but I loved that
Moon Knight
Moon Knight 3 soat oldin
But... What if I want to yawn? It hurts to try it with your moth shut and it really hard
Pink Biohazard Mercurial Collective
Yeah no... Milkshakes and anything can be put into a blender...
My Universe Comics
My Universe Comics 5 soat oldin
He scared me for a second ngl 💀
Rohil Budruk
Rohil Budruk 5 soat oldin
Skyrim lock I see we have a man of culture.
Zkiphier 8 soat oldin
Imagine having to yawn
NorthSeaHero 10 soat oldin
I want one
Cuauhtli Quiroz
Cuauhtli Quiroz 11 soat oldin
Me eating bits of bacon salami ham and hot fries
3CH0 H3ART 11 soat oldin
Ghost 12 soat oldin
I've never seen that thing before, I thought he was going to talk about moving your jaw in a way that burns a lot of calories or something 😂😂😂
Kota Allen
Kota Allen 12 soat oldin
I mean it would help long term is you never take it off of them 😂
Officalcornbread 14 soat oldin
Anthony Kostal
Anthony Kostal 16 soat oldin
This makes no sense at all. You can still drink sugary pop and milkshakes etc with your mout wired shut. How will this lower calorie consumption at all
ChaosWhite 16 soat oldin
Reminds me of that fat king in one of the Sam Onella videos that had his mouth sewn shut to lose weight.
ALRIGHTY THEN 16 soat oldin
Great, now I can only eat strawberry milkshakes.
clay 18 soat oldin
"wanna lose weight? Starve"
Mr. Mochi
Mr. Mochi 20 soat oldin
I for one would like something that clasps the jaws shut without putting tension on my face.
Yoshiguy35 21 soat oldin
Bitches be like: OMG THATS SO FUKED UP😭😭😭 But it's not like they're forcing you to have it
Bumble Bee
Bumble Bee 21 soat oldin
it also means that you can't eat vegetables but you can drink milkshakes and stuff. like there's no way its good
Mr Turtle
Mr Turtle 22 soat oldin
Imagine doing sports and breathing heavily. How many of you keep your teeth together when breathing heavily
Emma Drake
Emma Drake 23 soat oldin
I live in the same country as the university... help me
Mrinal OG
Mrinal OG 23 soat oldin
What if you need to yawn 👀
Mietta Kun oldin
This would just make people go insane
alex sanchez
alex sanchez Kun oldin
Different things for different people right? Y’all saying it’ll cause eating disorders clearly don’t understand the psychology behind it. Eating disorders aren’t caused by a single experience. It sounds more like arm chair psychology and unproven anecdotal evidence on the internet which can’t be proven. If people find success with this it’s a cool invention. You can’t stop this just because Casey and Katie think it’s harmful. This is no different than the people saying that the vaccines are dangerous just because they believe so. Also I lost some respect for doctor mike after his whole covid thing. It shows he’ll say one thing while doing another. Broken trust is broken trust.
Merveille van Eck
While i agree. I do think that this points to the real problem directly. Which is how ridiculously easy it is for folks to feed themselves bullshit all day without breaking the bank. I think as long as it is endorsed, anything less than literally being able to eat will not resolve weight issues on a general enough scale.
Aaron is manly
Aaron is manly Kun oldin
the fact that I was considering it 💀
Chancellor Palpatine
I think whoever is willing to pay for that go through that for months on end would also be willing to just go on a diet
uniiii Kun oldin
eating disorders are no longer just “in your head.” They’re on your teeth! for real tho, this is vile what the f!ck
random name
random name Kun oldin
"Sancho the fat has entered the chat"
Deana Goodman
Deana Goodman Kun oldin
Hi mike
DonutEater Kun oldin
we need to prevent people with anorexia from getting ahold of these and endangering themselves
ineedabeach now
ineedabeach now Kun oldin
Omg 😲
ullmannbh Kun oldin
Dentists are a breed of doctors who seek the upmost suffering of patients
Ranch Kings
Ranch Kings Kun oldin
Allison Fitzgerald
That’s so stupid here is a thought for them oh I never thought maybe eating healthier and getting exercise would do anything let’s just lock our mouth shut
Benjjj047 Kun oldin
9/10 dentist recommend 🙂🙂🙂🙂😠🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂
William Brown
William Brown Kun oldin
Just don’t eat ez
R B Kun oldin
Me " this is HORRIBLE!!!" Also me " I kinda need this "
Waffle6 Kun oldin
i lost it at the skyrim lockpicking
blake hebert
blake hebert Kun oldin
i just realized your name is Mikhail. You should’ve tried to become a GM.
Snotset Kun oldin
I mean shocker right!? You don't eat and therefore loose weight. I don't see why this can't supplement to people going through extreme weight loss though. Under controlled circumstance I mean. If they have one less reason to eat a 3course kfc 10times a day things might be easier for them.
John Doe
John Doe Kun oldin
Sounds risky... wouldn't a muzzle with a padlock on it be less of a risk for cracking a tooth? Muzzling people should be a thing. Members of Westboro Baptist Church, politicians, mainstream media... we could just muzzle them! 😜
Dark Play
Dark Play Kun oldin
Well if they used it it might work but in the end they use "test subject" so i hell no 2.0
Cezary Woźnica
Cezary Woźnica Kun oldin
looks like the only option left for Americans
no thankyou
no thankyou Kun oldin
I mean.. if the person doesn't comply to the diet and are in a limbo of life and death... lock their teeth shut.
Family Friendly Art
I remembered hearing a story where a king or someone like that was so fat that they got dethroned, and the king went to this doctor to help him lost weight. The doctor proceeded to sew the king mouth, and feed him a mixture of liquid super foods and it worked. It was from a Sam'ONella video I think.
Quinn Rimmer
Quinn Rimmer Kun oldin
As a New Zealander otago is scody
ShaedTheMoron 2 kun oldin
I think some people just wanna watch the world burn.
Markus Laitinen
Markus Laitinen 2 kun oldin
Umm... How about brushing teeth? Durr just close peoples mouth so they wouldnt eat. Ridiculous
Hoax 2 kun oldin
You could drink milkshakes all day and defeat the purpose of that device
Isaiah Hicks
Isaiah Hicks 2 kun oldin
He had me in the first half
Pepperoni 2 kun oldin
Sancho the fat moment
smittsluchianoTV 2 kun oldin
It's the solution to idiots and human failures
Dogski28 2 kun oldin
Without context, this thing legitimately sounds like one of those medieval torture devices.
Subwhity 2 kun oldin
Just to say right now in history there was a king that was so fat that he told his servants to sew his mouth shut to stop eating and lose wait any it worked
Elite 2 kun oldin
I thought it was a Joke to
TastedKitten983 2 kun oldin
There was a fat king that the people deemed unfit so his surgent sewed his mouth shut and got fed a liquid diet.
B.P Edmond
B.P Edmond 2 kun oldin
Sancho the fat would disagree
Techsplained 2 kun oldin
Me with lockjaw: Look what they have to do to mimic a fraction of my power
Donna Winkler
Donna Winkler 2 kun oldin
The stomach balloon is a better option because your not LOCKING YOUR JAW CLOSED WITH SATAN BRACES
Cryptedice 2 kun oldin
It worked i can conclude
Xavier Rodriguez
Xavier Rodriguez 2 kun oldin
This is how you ensure you stay low weight for the rest of your life
PengwengUnicorn 2 kun oldin
Other issue with this “fix”: You could still drink soda and milkshakes with this dental lock. Just cuz it’s a liquid doesn’t make it healthy
hannah 2 kun oldin
Negative Zer0
Negative Zer0 2 kun oldin
Yes, it helps you to lose weight but you only use stuff like this when your jaw breaks (correct me if I’m wrong.)
Leo Davis
Leo Davis 2 kun oldin
That "Fu- beewoop" got me though 😂
Cat Meow
Cat Meow 2 kun oldin
Me being the idiot I am was almost considering buying this
Playernotfound 2 kun oldin
Welcome to 2021. Were you can have people PAY YOU to poison and torture them for the purpose of "bueaty standards" and "weight loss".
Bobby Wilson
Bobby Wilson 2 kun oldin
as someone who weighed 600lbs and the medical field has me at 240 2 years later you’re completely wrong. I have my life back and eating was my problem. Morbidly obese people are miserable and you have no idea how shitty it is.
Helen Nigerianbeauty
I would totally do this diet.
Exunknown 2 kun oldin
Wasnt this a torture device back in the day
noor saba
noor saba 2 kun oldin
This is crazy stuff. How come they invent such awful devices!
Brad From Scene Twenty Four
I understand what they were going for and no technically health isnt "dictated" by weight, in the same way health isnt "dictated" by the amount of Asbestos you breathe in. But breathing in asbestos is bad for you and so is being overweight. I dont disagree with him though that this is a stupid way to deal with weight loss. A huge part of weight loss is psychological help, either from friends or a professional. And working on yourself personally to manage a healthy eating habit.
pannduz 2 kun oldin
This was like that king who was too fat to do anything so they sowed his lips shut and things through a tube
Brandon Brothers
Brandon Brothers 2 kun oldin
DONT tell any leftists. They will label the product fat-phobic and ban it across the nation.
ZombieSlayer1467 2 kun oldin
the neck muscles
beans 2 kun oldin
Jesus christ dude I almost cried
Pao 2 kun oldin
These kinks are getting weirder and weirder
Aika 2 kun oldin
anyway why in the heck would people want this on their mouth, instead of doctors telling them to exercise with your friends or family or even both!
Eli 2 kun oldin
I read this report sortof more skimmed it really but it kindof makes sence if you can only eat out of a tube it really limits options
the fluffy Octopus
the fluffy Octopus 2 kun oldin
Doctors promoting eating disorders WOOOW never seen it before!!! 🙄🙄
Yeet 2 kun oldin
This whole thing has been taken out of context, the device is only used two weeks before weight loss surgery so that the doctors can be sure that the conditions for the surgery are upheld during the weeks before the surgery.
sumpo gimpo077
sumpo gimpo077 2 kun oldin
So they just took two brackets and attached magnets?
PugzTheDood 3 kun oldin
These "diet researchers" are literal idiots
TheRobertPhifer 3 kun oldin
The fact that the first thing I thought about when I saw it is that most candies are still chewable through that should tell you how useless it is.
madison deren
madison deren 3 kun oldin
If my insurance covered it I’d do this tomorrow
TheZombie61 3 kun oldin
But there are people who do need a kick and in particular I remember a story about a woman who did not have the self discipline to lose weight for an important surgery this could be her solution
_ Mason_
_ Mason_ 3 kun oldin
Sounds like a form of torture lol
Baked Beans
Baked Beans 3 kun oldin
Brooo I can image toxic and abusive parents getting their kids this
K Reaper 117 KR1
K Reaper 117 KR1 3 kun oldin
Give them to all feminist Sjw's libertards and racists Karens
Água pela barba
Água pela barba 3 kun oldin
Ahahahahahahah so good
Emma Beekman
Emma Beekman 3 kun oldin
Wouldn't it slowly start pulling your teeth at an angle too?
andrew powers
andrew powers 3 kun oldin
yeah, this is for the people that can't control themselves not for the everyday joe
A 3 kun oldin
how in hell am I gonna yawn now? or brush my teeth properly???????? 👀👀👀👀👀👀
Legionnaire #5
Legionnaire #5 3 kun oldin
It’s like something from the Outer Worlds was made reality 😆
The Colonel
The Colonel 3 kun oldin
But health is massively controlled by weight
Matty Gee
Matty Gee 3 kun oldin
Health is nit dictated by your weight "Oh right, mrs griffon your husband is healthy hes just very fat" This quote from family guy eased my worries about gaining weight a lot more than it should have
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