PCOS | Diseases Doctors Often Miss Ep. 2  

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Ashley Soat oldin
I wish PCOS was taken more seriously. It has really negatively affected my life. People don’t realize how much hormones and an imbalance of them can really affect your quality of life and health. Edit: also periods are annoying as it is, so to have issues with them beyond the normal is just ridiculous.
Courtney Andrade
Courtney Andrade 4 soat oldin
I went to an urgent care with the worst stomach pain I've ever had. The doctor did a physical evaluation plus urine and blood test. He was walking back in the room to send me home when he caught me at a peak pain moment and I was trying to choke back tears. HE was so proud to have caught my acute appendicitis because "women are much tougher than men. I saw the tears and knew it was serious." Is that a common diagnosis tool?
1LostMind 8 soat oldin
I was diagnosed with pcos a few years ago & told I may never have kids which is heartbreaking cause my family is really fertile, currently 4 months pregnant 🙂
Gabrielle Brice
Gabrielle Brice 8 soat oldin
I had a friend who I hadn’t seen in a long time because of COVID-19. Her voice was normal but then after COVID-19 it got really deep. Can that be a sign of PCOS?
Emily Thompson
Emily Thompson 9 soat oldin
I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 14 and it sucks! I had really bad pain and had to go to the ER one night because I just couldn't take it anymore. Luckily all my doctors have been great, though.
00jyjsarang 10 soat oldin
Think about the MILLIONS of people who have suffered from this throughout history and have been blamed and/or shamed for the effects. I'm not 100% sure but I think the criteria for diagnosis weren't even established until the 1980s or 90s.
E J 11 soat oldin
i’m 14 and i went to the doctors the other day cause i’ve been passing out and have low iron but my blood sugar is also unusual so she said that i have to get an ultrasound for PCOS in a week
Estrella Kor
Estrella Kor 13 soat oldin
Does spironolactone help with PCOS?
mara radonde
mara radonde 13 soat oldin
Awesome video. I found out i have it when i had a huge cyst already, and went to a doctor bc of the horrible pain i was in. Hope y'all find out sooner
Cookiedough 13 soat oldin
I have it .. my doctor found it when i was 18 ... but i had problems since i got my period.
Wxrrior OG
Wxrrior OG 14 soat oldin
Why tho? I never heard of that in like 1990s
calistaixe 18 soat oldin
oohhh, i have this rn :(( tho the doc told me that i should lose weight
Annie Burnett
Annie Burnett 18 soat oldin
Dude said you only need two bro I got all three and like 30 cysts
Michelle Bissenden
Michelle Bissenden 21 soat oldin
Luckily my pcos and under active thyroid gland were both picked up quickly in my 20’s. Great drs. I was misdiagnosed as type two diabetic at 30, only to find out at 38 it was actually type one LADA. At 32 a great dr in nz worked out I had hereditary haemochromatosis (which we later discovered was what my Nan had that had gone undiagnosed). I’m now 50 and by luck have discovered why I’ve been so tired and having aching bones and muscles; an undetectable amount of vitamin D in my body. All of the above illnesses/diseases are I believe very often overlooked or misdiagnosed.
Nandana 💜
Nandana 💜 23 soat oldin
I'm 17 rn and I was diagnosed with Pcos at 14. Thank you Dr.Mike for talking about it✌️
Gene M
Gene M Kun oldin
Can you explain RGMP? Red grid mark phenomenon.
Chibi-Kitten Plays
I have been told for all my life that I got pcos.. but there is no help. Is there?
Arya M
Arya M Kun oldin
so can hypothyroidism and PCOS occur co-morbidly?
SmokeMutt 2 kun oldin
I'm not sure if it's PCOS because I (think im) undiagnosed, BUT: 1. I have constant periods that can not happen for as much as two months and then hit me full-force. 2. I have an increase in male hormones, which about half of that is due to being overweight
Joshua Warren
Joshua Warren 2 kun oldin
I've gone to the dr and done more tests this month than the last 10 years. They still can't tell me what's wrong
Rocio Ramírez
Rocio Ramírez 2 kun oldin
Thanks for bringing awareness about this, I've gotten misdiagnosed multiple times in the past ten years and this year I finally got correctly diagnosed with pcos
Rebecca M
Rebecca M 2 kun oldin
I have hypothyroidism and my levels go off the charts depending on my stress levels. My mom found out I had hypothyroidism when I stopped breathing at 3 months. They found a heart murmur and instead of open heart surgery to fix it they put me on thyroid meds and it fixed the murmur and I've been on thyroid meds ever since.
Alyssa Geib
Alyssa Geib 2 kun oldin
I’ve had no cure for cystitis and chronic pelvic floor dysfunction which is never talked about-would love to hear your side of it in a video !
Literally Satan
Literally Satan 2 kun oldin
Transmasc dude here, I wish I could just.. lowkey take someone else's condition. Like, I wish if a woman wanted kids that I could have it yknow
Karen Uphaus
Karen Uphaus 2 kun oldin
I was only diagnosed with PCOS when they found a 15lb ovarian cyst (the size of a watermelon) during surgery to take my appendix out!
Prashant godara
Prashant godara 3 kun oldin
Sinusitis is often missed by doctors and ultimately results in nose obstruction because of polyps. I had to got through surgery.
Nichole Brower
Nichole Brower 3 kun oldin
My beautiful princess has this. . . She is so ....well fk...I don't know... Best way I can define her behavior and life. . . unhappy since 11 years old. That being said, although she won't embrace a diet and exercise lifestyle change 100%...she HAS firmly established that she is ACE 15 years later. As a mom, I simply sit back and watch her grow based on the lifestyle she chooses. Doctors continuingly ignored my requests for hormone levels testing for her as a tween/teen. They just told her she was overweight and to stop eating carbs. One Dr. even said to her once..... Don't you want to have boyfriends? Being overweight won't get you one EVER. I wish I had blasted that chick dr. My daughter and I were SOOOO stunned by what she said that we both immediately walked out speechless.
Bryan williams
Bryan williams 3 kun oldin
Why you expose that black man (upon further examination I realized that was a woman. Those lashes are on fleek) do ppl still say fleek
Kayla J. Paige
Kayla J. Paige 3 kun oldin
Honey that’s keke palmer
Misses Witch
Misses Witch 3 kun oldin
PCOS definitely needs more attention
Meow Meow
Meow Meow 3 kun oldin
My doctor missed it until I was 25! I had so many issues and I fit all 3 criteria! It was SO obvious I had it so I think it was my doctor's fault tbh
c'sue Conner
c'sue Conner 3 kun oldin
If a female purposely takes testosterone to transition to male, are these risks the same and something to worry about? (Assuming they never plan to give birth)
Kaylah Mainwaring-Hall
I’d love to see mike talk about Gilbert’s syndrome. My doctors said I could have it but didn’t explain many symptoms besides jaundice.
Thomas Catt
Thomas Catt 3 kun oldin
My Mom has this disease
I had to pause so doctor mike would at least take a minute to breathe
S Jhonson
S Jhonson 3 kun oldin
Uhh, my sister fell down the stairs and she crashed right into a glass flower pot and wooden bookshelf, her foot got cut by the flower pot and it is kinda swollen, she is crying a lot! What should I do???!!! We can't bring her to the hospital bc here where I am from we are in total lockdown and we will get arrested for trying to drive to the hospital... And we can't call the hospital! What am i supposed to do?????!!!!!
Queen Bri
Queen Bri 3 kun oldin
Diagnosed at 13 baby with all 3 pcos requirements! I'm 21 now.... and currently on a 2 month long period.
Grey Wolf ASMR
Grey Wolf ASMR 4 kun oldin
Sad fact. I have this. I rarely have periods and have to shave my face once a week. I eat one meal a day yet im almost 300lb. I have no money for meds. And this runs in my family.
Fy 4 kun oldin
I contracted Hep C when I was 6 years old (transfusion), even with symptoms starting around the age of 14 I was diagnosed at the age of 27 during a tooth operation. Few years after being cured I was still feeling sick some days (I was 32 at the time) I saw at least 10 doctors to finally get diagnosed 2 years later with Basedow disease and my main symptom was Gowers sign.
Riah Beltz
Riah Beltz 4 kun oldin
I don't have PCOS, but I have Endometriosis which I was diagnosed with last June and it took about 4 years for me to actually get a diagnosis going to like 6 or 8 different doctors I lost count to actually figure out what was going on with me and getting told that there was nothing wrong with me multiple times or getting misdiagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis, until I finally went outside of my state and to a different state near by too a well known hospital and had a laparoscopic procedure done and finally got diagnosed with it. These type of conditions take forever to get diagnosed
Veronica Ortega
Veronica Ortega 4 kun oldin
I got told when I was 16 it couldn't be PCOS because I wasn't 'over weight' and didn't fit the ' criteria' even with it confirmed on an ultrasound multiple times 🙄🙄
Leona Art
Leona Art 4 kun oldin
I literally have all these problems for the last 2 years. Before that, my blood sugar was always perfect, my skin was amazing, my period came exactly on time and my mood never drastically changed. But now I have all the symptoms and I went to around 5 different doctors and they all said that it’s “normal” and that I have normal acne and simple hormonal problems
Rachel Beth
Rachel Beth 4 kun oldin
Please mention dysautonomia at some point. Long hauler covid patients are being diagnosed with it and I’m about to have an article in the Washington Post coming out about living with dyaautonomia as I developed it from viral pericarditis in 2008. My diagnosis is hyperadrenergic pots which can be confused with pheocomocytoma, anxiety or thyroid disorders.
Rachel Beth
Rachel Beth 4 kun oldin
I am open to having a convo about it or if anyone here reads my comment and has it too, know you’re not alone
Sun cat Studios
Sun cat Studios 4 kun oldin
Ok I have been missing some of my months and this is a lot of help thx
Belaayya 4 kun oldin
I have PCOS, and have opted not to treat it. I'm childfree with a sterilized spouse, and I love missed periods. I do dislike many of the other symptoms, but when I got on spironolactone, it turned me into a girl. I'm a woman, not a girl who can't control her crying jags, can't make up her mind or take control, can't manage mood swings. It was literally destroying 15 years of marriage because who I was as a person, the woman my husband married, turned into a crying and petulant brat. I'm not redoing puberty all over again! I stopped the meds and as my hormones went back to their normal manly selves, I began feeling like me again. Sure, I've got to watch for diabetes and see a cardiologist more often, but I'm staying *me* and I'm staying married to my sexy beast (21 years now) who has been mine since I was 17.
Sacda Abdurhman-Personal Growth
"People who succeed have momentum. The more they succeed, the more they want to succeed, and the more they find a way to succeed. Similarly, when someone is failing, the tendency is to get on a downward spiral that can even become a self-fulfilling prophecy."
Kyra Holt
Kyra Holt 4 kun oldin
I'm so glad you did a video on this! I suffer from this. It was actually discovered from a teratoma on my other ovary. It can be miserably painful! So thank you so much for shining a light on this!
Miss Jadie
Miss Jadie 4 kun oldin
Im 31 and have PCOS, i so wish it can be cured one day. But for now i like to make jokes out of it to friends who dont have it ;)
Omega Lul
Omega Lul 4 kun oldin
Wait. It's bad? That one time I went to an obygyn, after 8 or 10 months of not bleeding, the doctor only told me: "Yeah, you have PCOS. Here's a receipt for meds that induce bleeding (Was effective but super expensive for only 5 pills) and pregnancy prevention pills that cost the same as your monthly water bill. Enjoy, don't forget to pay the front desk the same amount your liver would be." Well, she didn't say *exactly* that, but still!
Northern Moth
Northern Moth 4 kun oldin
i was diagnosed 5 years ago with pcos i am 15 now and my parents wont let me get help and i cant find anything online to teach me about it
Kristina Benson
Kristina Benson 5 kun oldin
I had the increase of testosterone & the poly cystic (both) ovaries plus a teratoma tumor in my left ovary, my best friend had the infrequent/missed periods & only one cyst on her ovary that was 19 cm and starting to attach to other organs.
Alexandra Gill
Alexandra Gill 5 kun oldin
I have that. I’m glad my doctor diagnosed me correctly for that and other things. He’s a great doctor.
Abdullah Mohsin
Abdullah Mohsin 5 kun oldin
Why does it look like he has a lump near his thyroid, I’m not talking about the vein. Hmmm…. Idk 🤷🏼‍♂️ Maybe it’s just another vein but from the angle that this video is recorded it looks like a lump.
venefica 5 kun oldin
15 years of misdiagnosis, laproscopic surgery, 3 d&c, lost count of amount of ultrasounds to figure out what was wrong all those years. Recently switched drs and immediately he asked if I knew if I had PCOS after I told him my symptoms. Blood work and ultrasound later and about to start fertility meds to have my second child. (First one took 7 years of trying)
Subliminzilla 5 kun oldin
1k commenter
Maddy 13
Maddy 13 5 kun oldin
hey, could you do a video on endometriosis and endolsapingiosis? i feel like endo is more common than people realise, and similar to PCOS, many doctors overlook the symptoms and women go an average of 10 years with endoM before being diagnosed.
La 15  Gaming and stop motion
My dream when I grow up is to be a occupational or physical therapist or a counselor . I was wondering do counselors work in hospitals to , to like help patients emotionally and mentally after a surgery or something and I was also wondering if u could give me some advice or something. I am also thinking about having a surgery to lift up my eyelids u see I am disabled ( I have had 30 surgeries and on me last one I had a pt help me and I become inspired also I am 15 ) also what do physical therapist and occupational therapist do to help patients in hospitals and in other situations thank you for answering
Charnelisse Rivera
Charnelisse Rivera 5 kun oldin
I need to make an appointment with you .
Katarina 5 kun oldin
YESSSS! My requests to get officially diagnosed were dismissed for years until a new nurse practitioner set up an appointment for me and guess what? PCOS! Who would’ve thought? (Me. I would have thought.)
Lilly G
Lilly G 5 kun oldin
I have PCOS :)
Cerberus Corps_97
Cerberus Corps_97 5 kun oldin
I can literally see him reading from something haha
Steamlight 5 kun oldin
what is that on your neck
Krystal N
Krystal N 5 kun oldin
Thank you!! I have PCOS and its very often overlooked. Thanks for bringing awareness
Narra Beckett
Narra Beckett 5 kun oldin
My friend has PCOS and before we were friends I have never heard of the condition.
eli six
eli six 5 kun oldin
Yo Doc add me on apex its big dog
Larissa Sblvsk
Larissa Sblvsk 5 kun oldin
Hey, I got that! Recently diagnosed because my husband and I were not able to conceive for 3+ years.
Harder StylesKid
Harder StylesKid 5 kun oldin
Dr mike you should react to the tv series Dr Death which is based on Dr Christopher Duntsch who is a sociopath and former neurosurgeon. He maimed several patients and killed two.
Nindo Drag
Nindo Drag 5 kun oldin
Mike sounds like coyote Peterson lol
강귀현 5 kun oldin
Mary Wammack
Mary Wammack 5 kun oldin
Can you please do a longer form video on this topic? I was diagnosed with PCOS over 20 years ago. When I get a new doctor, or go to the ER, and tell them the diagnosis, they stare at me like I have 12 eyes. It is frustrating, and honestly the main reason I don't go to doctors anymore. All they do is tell me to loose weight and all my problems will be solved. "OK BUT HOW?!" It never gets answered. During the pandemic I have had some time to deep dive and find a lifestyle change that worked for me and have lost 45 pounds within the last 15 months.
Charlotte Whitehead
My doctors diagnosed me 2 months ago and hit me with that “come back when you want kids”
Nirranjani Mahendran
I went to many doctors for acne and oily skin. It was harder for me to lose weight. Finally, went to another dermatologist. He said it might be PCOS. With ultrasound boom, I have Pcos. The symptoms were obvious but most said just hormonal imbalance
Sammy Louise
Sammy Louise 5 kun oldin
OMG! Thank you for acknowledging PCOS because some people aren't aware that this type of condition exists. By the way, I was diagnosed when I was 15-16 years old.
Jerwin Mark Guillermo
What's that on your neck, Dr. Mike?
Shelly Rae
Shelly Rae 6 kun oldin
If you have PCOS see an endocrinologist. I wasted too many years without treatment. Unfortunately 2 Gynos were clueless on what to do. An endocrinologist specializes in hormones.
Kristen Long
Kristen Long 6 kun oldin
I have PCOS. I wasn't diagnosed until I was 33. I wish that he would've said that it causes you to be overweight due to you being insulin resistant. With PCOS, you produce insulin just fine, but you don't process it very well, so it ends up getting turned into fat. You are at an increased risk of developing diabetes due to it. You also develop excess body hair, which is just lovely....
Sofía Villamil
Sofía Villamil 6 kun oldin
I have that 😪
Rebecca P
Rebecca P 6 kun oldin
Arneth Productions
Arneth Productions 6 kun oldin
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Marina Burke
Marina Burke 6 kun oldin
Do pots next
Heather Lundquist
Heather Lundquist 6 kun oldin
I have pcos, it sucks
Anonymous wolf
Anonymous wolf 6 kun oldin
Me:sees pictures Also me: hey i didnt give permission to be in this video !!
Kaia Maynard
Kaia Maynard 6 kun oldin
I have PCOS so thank you for spreading awareness about it this made me feel good 😁
AnnaG 6 kun oldin
Honestly its so tiring for people to tell you it's your weight that's causing PCOS. Like no. For some it's the other way around. Regardless it is sooo hard to loose weight with PCOS, but most expect you to wave a magic wand.
Chereejean Clark
Chereejean Clark 6 kun oldin
Being diagnosed at age 23 and almost losing my life to it, I am so grateful for your input on this disorder. I am now in my late 50's and it still has a hold on my body.
Rashawnda Atkinson
Rashawnda Atkinson 6 kun oldin
But what if your body rejects the various hormones they give you and only makes your life worse? PCOS sucks! But I am still fighting through it...
Darkest Era
Darkest Era 6 kun oldin
Omg f*ckin pcos literally f*cked my life I hate this. Thank god my weight is normal because I have all the other f***ing symptoms. My insulin is high, my skin is terrible, I can't have my periods regularly, the body hair oh I don't even wanna talk about it... And so on. I don't want children I hate them why do I have to put up with this?
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