PROVEN Health Benefits Of Video Games  

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Kirana Sastradi
Kirana Sastradi 5 soat oldin
Now I have something to defend myself with
Jessie Newton
Jessie Newton 14 soat oldin
I need to show this to someone
Mr. Spy
Mr. Spy Kun oldin
Now tell me what game categories should I invest myself in for social skills
Shadom TV
Shadom TV Kun oldin
Say no more
lune Kun oldin
BroGaming Kun oldin
Mike C
Mike C Kun oldin
Play Warzone for a month
Ivan The Awesome
"And can even ward off anxiety." Me, playing Dark Souls: Hmmmmmmmmmmm...
34yo gamer here with 22 year experience. Ever since i got into gaming i loved racing games. These last 5 years are even better with all the sim-racers. Is there any benefit you ask? Of course there is. Just like in sim-racing online, when i'm behind the wheel, i always keep in check the other cars on the road. You develop a habit of watching and reacting to the road and cars further than simply the car in front of you. You get used with things like being aware of objects in your peripheral vision. I now drive only AWD cars, but when i used to drive RWD cars, saved quite a few slides and aquaplanings, thx to the reflexes developed during virtual racing. Managed to avoid few cars spinning my way as well, simply because i learned not only to observe the cars in my lane, but across the entire road. This skill can't be acquired just by regular, everyday driving, you need to have experienced some sort of racing-like driving, where stuff happens faster and things go wrong much more frequently. Then we have RTS (Real-Time Strategies) which not only develop your problem solving skills, but basically force you to get better in improvisation. You know how chess was always thought of as a game for smart people. Well good and deep real-time strategies are 21st century''s chess. While in chess you have enough time to think and plan your next move and can foresee what your opponent is doing, in RTSs you basically have to respond at a fingersnap to an unknown strategy. As for FPSs... well they are generally developing every skill and sensation at once, at a slower steady rate.
Leh epic brawl Stars gamer
Gonna send this to my parents and see their reaction
LoonRider 2 kun oldin
Now I can officially tell my mom she should have let me take the PS2 when I went to university. (Yes I'm old leave me alone)
StarWolffGaming 2 kun oldin
I have one question is playing two hours a day health
Aestheticc_ HayHay
Aestheticc_ HayHay 2 kun oldin
Me: * shows this to my parents * Parents: I don't believe this dude. He probably isn't even a real doctor Me: 👁👄👁
Hooded Mask
Hooded Mask 2 kun oldin
Next time my mom says gaming is not healthy ill show her this video. Then continue gaming.
Sounak 2 kun oldin
"Promote relaxation, and even ward off anxiety" DDLC: Allow us to introduce ourselves.
Terje Sæther
Terje Sæther 2 kun oldin
Yeah i play games but im not good at any of those things
your mom
your mom 3 kun oldin
Finally i can show my mom that she's wrong and if she thinks that IM wrpng imma show her this video thanks doctor Mike🙏
Alan Cooke
Alan Cooke 3 kun oldin
"Promotes healthy social skills" Me watching this while in a cod lobby: 😐😐😐😐
Dizzy Mr Glizzy
Dizzy Mr Glizzy 3 kun oldin
Talk about vr cause it be complex about it pros and cons
♡peach♡ 3 kun oldin
I'm planning to send this to my mother and prove her wrong😆😎
Lamp Head
Lamp Head 4 kun oldin
Bro better social skill wdym I got like 3 friends 😞
Demien Firreo
Demien Firreo 3 kun oldin
3? wow I can't imagine being that popular 😥🤚
Francis Cerbo
Francis Cerbo 4 kun oldin
I learned duptlings in minecraft like 1x2= 2 2x2= 4 4x2= 8 multiply up to 64 Because thats the largest amount of thinks you can fit in one box in minecraft😅
AlexBro123 4 kun oldin
The problem is, i have anger issues and get mad easily. I just broke my laptops screen a few days ago. No more gaming until its fixed, ig.
AlexBro123 4 kun oldin
Upload this on facebook, maybe all of our parents would see this video and let us game all day.
Mike the Goo
Mike the Goo 4 kun oldin
Rebecca 4 kun oldin
my parents asked if video games would be good for my sibling who struggles with anxiety & depression and i said yes. glad there are so many benefits! ❤️ i was thinking about the social factor and happiness boost. i didn’t know it helps with brain matter and visualizing 3D objects better! and yes it is possible to overdue gaming and be consumed by it so it’s nice to have a healthy balance.
Mugen ni Utsubyo
Mugen ni Utsubyo 4 kun oldin
"Can ward off anxiety" Artifact grinding in genshin impact: (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ
Glitch King
Glitch King 4 kun oldin
Portal games are the best
LikedLizardGaming 5 kun oldin
Legion3339 5 kun oldin
This video is going on my family whatsap group
David Daniel
David Daniel 5 kun oldin
Playing Contest of Champions is double-edged sword. It is great for letting off steam, but is perfect for causing minor levels of stress.
꧁Fuffy Fluffy꧂
꧁Fuffy Fluffy꧂ 5 kun oldin
Zarox 5 kun oldin
All the dislikes are from our mothers
Roddy- 777
Roddy- 777 5 kun oldin
Me playing 1 path maze 🤔
Vk Plilip
Vk Plilip 6 kun oldin
I need to show this to my mom
Hax Jason
Hax Jason 6 kun oldin
Gaming has benefits - the toxic people be like - are you sure about that it’s a joke
AJIB MEMES 6 kun oldin
I promise when my boy/girl turn 6 I'll forced him/her to play Mirror Edge.
Libbi Castrejon
Libbi Castrejon 6 kun oldin
So weird. I looked up about this the other day before i started playing COD.
Cřeatør-ćhån 6 kun oldin
showing this to my mom next time she yells are me for gaming
islanda lutaj
islanda lutaj 6 kun oldin
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson 6 kun oldin
I KNEW IT Wow, my parents are making me sick Just a joke don’t worry I love my parents very much
demon KID
demon KID 6 kun oldin
In Borderlands
Vine Scent
Vine Scent 7 kun oldin
League of legends players: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Osu players: Aw I failed
Bio Spark
Bio Spark 7 kun oldin
Supports social life? How come i’m so bad at social interaction with people I don’t know
Partima Thapa
Partima Thapa 7 kun oldin
Cookie Kally
Cookie Kally 7 kun oldin
me wanting to be a gamer: yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas
xkillerx 7 kun oldin
"And can ward off anxiety" *Anxiety is temporary, DOOM IS ETERNAL*
Melody 7 kun oldin
Healthy gamers are proven to be more intellegence than those who don't games or than those who games excessively(not by time spent, but by not balancing life style)
Jadon Harper
Jadon Harper 8 kun oldin
“Strategy games such as rpgs”. What?
The Gamer Girls
The Gamer Girls 8 kun oldin
Blue Waderade
Blue Waderade 8 kun oldin
Is no one gonna talk about his aim in apex legends? No one?
Leah  animation
Leah animation 9 kun oldin
Hey that’s cool are brains can get better by us playing games
DogOs_YT 9 kun oldin
Okay be back in a month of play war zone
King Connie Bonnie
King Connie Bonnie 9 kun oldin
Cobean 469
Cobean 469 9 kun oldin
One argument i have *Mario kart* *blue shell*
Rando 9 kun oldin
Ferange Pictures
Ferange Pictures 9 kun oldin
0:13 Is that Apex Legends?
Ferange Pictures
Ferange Pictures 9 kun oldin
Who showed this video to their parents lol?
Shadow 9 kun oldin
Ok so no playing call of duty ghost for 5 hours straight got it I don’t got it
fluffy dog
fluffy dog 10 kun oldin
What's the benefit with minecraft tho?
BreadHatter 5 kun oldin
I think it can make you relax
dido copter
dido copter 10 kun oldin
Nearly every thing is school I know because of games
Ian Barquette
Ian Barquette 10 kun oldin
Josh Skipka
Josh Skipka 10 kun oldin
Definetly didn't help coordination ik from experience I've had better reaction time ever since I stopped gaming years ago and started actually working and it definitely makes your social skills go down id say about 3-4 points
Angie Vlogs
Angie Vlogs 11 kun oldin
My son just sent this to me. I'm done.
odys andy
odys andy 11 kun oldin
what about strategi games?
Little Oddities Studios
Me: *playing video games and my parent comes to tell me to get off* Me: *Pulls out this video*
Opitator Spon
Opitator Spon 11 kun oldin
I am the only one
I am the only one 11 kun oldin
Even a doctor himself agrees gaming HAS benefits
Matt Langstraaat
Matt Langstraaat 11 kun oldin
I am sure morphine does too...
Amanita Muscaria
Amanita Muscaria 11 kun oldin
0:37 *Healthy social skills* My good man, may I present you to a random WoW raid.
loki 11 kun oldin
Does mobile gaming count?
extreme aoyama simp
extreme aoyama simp 11 kun oldin
So i can play animal crossing for the rest of my life?
Taco Lord
Taco Lord 11 kun oldin
Me who plays every type of game Helth
KraftyKat323 11 kun oldin
I did my research paper on this. I knew all these facts im so proud
Mrs. Chick
Mrs. Chick 11 kun oldin
Here's an epic idea if you LOVE to SMILE. 💡 If you have Hulu YOU HAVE TO WATCH PERFECT STRANGERS!!! It's the FUNNIEST SHOW EVER!!! You will fall in love with the humor and cousin Balki, played by the comedy LEGEND, the one and only BRONSON PINCHOT!!! I LOVE BALKI SO MUCH!!!!! He is so adorable and funny! He will have you LAUGHING OUT LOUD!!!!! YOU WON'T REGRET IT!!!
govindaswamy Shivagami
Doctor Mike : gaming has health benefits Me : mom and dad here I come 🤪
Stormnus Generation 2
Me Who Plays Games In A Daily Basis, Drinks Water Every 5 Minutes, And Does Daily Exercise: *I Am Invincible*
Arianna Moreira
Arianna Moreira 12 kun oldin
-me not knowing what your saying- but me telling me mom- HA-
Mario Flores
Mario Flores 12 kun oldin
I play PUBG MOBILE 1.5
shisui my beloved
shisui my beloved 12 kun oldin
i lost my social skills cause of mw2 lobbies now i only call people racial slurs
•Im Just Kent•
•Im Just Kent• 12 kun oldin
I game from time to time didnt really study but still very smary
pussinboots Is me
pussinboots Is me 12 kun oldin
The only exception : Gacha life
BreadHatter 5 kun oldin
Emmanuel Marks
Emmanuel Marks 12 kun oldin
Mom : games are bad for you Me seeing this like : 😏😏😏
YeEtErSoN234 eXe
YeEtErSoN234 eXe 12 kun oldin
Finally someone thinks gaming is good
JuJuTheDon07 12 kun oldin
R.I.P angry birds
peter shiel
peter shiel 12 kun oldin
Gaming: helps develop and maintain social skills. Me: has friends both irl and online My parents: you need to leave your room or you'll never have good social skills.
the sharkwarrior856
the sharkwarrior856 13 kun oldin
What about vr does it make it ok to over do it
logikiwi 13 kun oldin
Try telling this to every parent ever
First Person Snooter
Before all you Karen’s come in and argue about video games being bad for you, I want to make it clear that he’s a REAL DOCTOR. Mkay?
bakugo katsuki
bakugo katsuki 13 kun oldin
Negativity bias is a real thing people it's where we focus on the negatives very bad thing
ThatguyJoe 13 kun oldin
This sounds sciencey enough to be true
Koffee Kai
Koffee Kai 13 kun oldin
Apex game play
rickity randy
rickity randy 13 kun oldin
Nothing helps me with anxiety and overthinking than CoD
Disco NotFound
Disco NotFound 13 kun oldin
imma show this to my mom-
[Ж48] Airuins
[Ж48] Airuins 13 kun oldin
Lynn H
Lynn H 13 kun oldin
My mom once defended the gaming things with telling my stepdads mother about the handeye coordination that could one day help with surgeries that happen through screens (idk how else to explain lol) But maybe if that happens, us gamers could have a positive impact once those things happen irl
Doodols Gaming
Doodols Gaming 13 kun oldin
If I show my parents this they will still tell me to stop playing games🥲
Sei Ryuu 891
Sei Ryuu 891 14 kun oldin
"improve social skills" Social Skills: *talks about each others moms*
CreamIsSus 14 kun oldin
Sadly im an asian wich my parents always believe to book :(
Ghost of the Moth
Ghost of the Moth 14 kun oldin
Wouldn't sandbox games like minecraft also promote and increase creativity?
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