The Rarest Blood Type On Earth | Responding To Comments Ep. 23 

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Tom Cruz
Tom Cruz 41 daqiqa oldin
Doing good for people 🤣
Darius Șandru
Darius Șandru Soat oldin
Its Orange juice if you know you know
Brown lab
Brown lab Soat oldin
My blood type is AB-
Hailey Medeiros
Hailey Medeiros 2 soat oldin
I have POTS and I read that it can be harmful because blood already isn’t circulating enough to my head. So would I be able to lay down while the blood gets drawn? or would that be even more harmful?
R M 3 soat oldin
What if you took the Astrazeneca
Saifeldin Megalaa
Saifeldin Megalaa 4 soat oldin
whos B+ cuz I am.
Xia Qiu
Xia Qiu 6 soat oldin
Hi 👋
Piggly Wiggles
Piggly Wiggles 8 soat oldin
Ok....what about the other 5 percent?
Jayro Ayala
Jayro Ayala 8 soat oldin
Why is -A blood rare
Mahnoor Kamran
Mahnoor Kamran 13 soat oldin
Dr is it very difficult to become a doctor
Sarah Bérubé
Sarah Bérubé 17 soat oldin
When I turn 18 I want to donate blood. But is it safe if I faint very easily?
fate fate
fate fate 19 soat oldin
Plasma is also the forth state of matter
Hyperprojects 19 soat oldin
Me : *celebrates for getting A+* My blood doctor : wtfff???
Emma Bruffy
Emma Bruffy 19 soat oldin
If a blood type is common wouldn't that mean that more people with your blood type need that type more
Swanand Muley
Swanand Muley 20 soat oldin
ik the golden blood from greys anatomy lol
I have AB negative blood is it rare 😁😁😁
LionQueen106 Kun oldin
I have Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and am on lots of meds, would I still qualify to donate blood or plasma? I’ve never donated before cause I never knew that. I have absolutely no fear of needles, I’ve spent my life getting blood drawn, have had cortisone injections in my hips, and had bone marrow biopsy, and aspiration so I think that would be a benefit in that situation of donating blood.
Dominic Kun oldin
This video is making me wanna donate blood when I’m older
Darren Hernandez
I got denied to donate a while back because I had a small heart issue years prior
amerson pascua
amerson pascua Kun oldin
I don't know if Im late but if ever you have RH NULL type blood, can you donate blood to your future self?
Slayton Ferris
Slayton Ferris Kun oldin
I’m diabetic can I donate blood?
sssbeast 909
sssbeast 909 Kun oldin
Im a kid but when im older i will i have o negitive
Justin. E with laser eyes
Bruh i can’t have that blood, my blood needs to be A+
Mike Honcho
Mike Honcho Kun oldin
I’m Type 1 Diabetic and the clinic near me will not take my blood because I use syringes for my insulin.
Aquazena Kun oldin
İs it ok if i eat ice like a snack?
Aquazena Kun oldin
Bc thats what im doing rn
Blinkybill Kun oldin
How does the new blood get out of your bones?
Kiril Gurskiy
Kiril Gurskiy Kun oldin
Once I slightly broke my wrist and now whenever I spin it it makes a crack noise. Is that ok?
Kenji 404
Kenji 404 Kun oldin
plasma can aslo be the state of matter after gas fx fire or lightning witch basicaly is heated gas
kit kat lasagna
kit kat lasagna Kun oldin
But where does 5% of your blood come from???
Nicholas Ken Tan
Well if this was a game no doubt people would go for the "RAREST" blood Lol
w cares
w cares Kun oldin
In some states you can get paid for plasma donations but not whole blood.
When you went to the doctor to get a shot for middle school and it hurt supper bad and after it was bruised: yeah that didn’t work out I will never get a shot from that lady again.
Ayomide Agbasi
Ayomide Agbasi Kun oldin
Hope you hit 8 million
Red Kun oldin
I wonder how long the blood can stay in quality after being drawn? Can it go bad, and drawing blood turns into a waste? Other thing is, can you give blood if you're obese? And my final question.. How can you ignore your bad fear of needles when giving blood?
Molten titan
Molten titan Kun oldin
Time to get my blood test
Jamie O'Donoghue
Can the Melanin production or lack there of also affect a potential change in eye color? For example a person who had blue eyes in their youth develop green eyes as they approach adulthood (early 20's) and then even have more yellow tones as they get into 40's-50's (about the time they may develop greying hair).
Priyanka Trivedi
Priyanka Trivedi 2 kun oldin
I have "O negative" blood which I heard is kinda rare, I am happy that I can donate my blood to almost anyone but I am scared sometimes that I can only take blood from "O negatives" so I am scared sometimes to do adventure sports and stuff.
PVP PLAZE 2 kun oldin
I gotta question every time he said blood I felt ooozy and started giggling faintly 👀 why-
Hello! 2 kun oldin
Is 61lb an okay weight for an 11yr
King Shrek OnlyRedPixels
👁👁 👄
King Shrek OnlyRedPixels
Him If you pinch your arm that’s what the needle is gonna feel like Me What if I don’t pinch it?
jin rm
jin rm 2 kun oldin
So the fact that I wasn't infected with Corona ...means that Iam important :D great ^♡^
Seriina Mikeira
Seriina Mikeira 2 kun oldin
fun fact: In Denmark, you get rewards when you've donated a certain amount of times. For example, when you've donated 25 times, you can get a blood donor hoodie or a figure which is formed like a drop of blood. Cool right? We definitely get some kind of benefit from it I guess :)
Sandy Jimenez
Sandy Jimenez 2 kun oldin
me watching the video gives me chills
phildnp 2 kun oldin
You would be a great boss
Dhruv Kotak
Dhruv Kotak 2 kun oldin
Plz donate blood because you hear about bone marrow in the above video , I don't have bone marrow so my body does not produce blood at all I need to get blood transfusion twice in a month cuz I am hiv positive 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🤫😋
Yuileeh 2 kun oldin
Does anyone know the difference between Rh null and Rh negative?
Nícolas Janke
Nícolas Janke 2 kun oldin
"On lunchbreak"??? Here in Brazil you once a year if you go to donate blood in a workday it's assured your employer will not deduct that workday from your salary. The "blood bank" usually advises you to do not donate again in less than 3 months for male and 6 month for female because women loses much blood through that thing they do.
Nícolas Janke
Nícolas Janke 2 kun oldin
0:55 maybe this guy is concerned about that disease of babies related to the part + or - of blood type
✧*。𝐒𝐜@𝐫𝐥𝐞𝐭 𝐏¡𝐧𝐱¡𝐭𝐲。*✧
I have a question: I don't enjoy using face wash since it almost always gets in my eyes and hurts like a pewoop. But I've heard that using a wet towel to scrub the face wash off nulls the effect of face wash. What do I do?
Retro Cat
Retro Cat 3 kun oldin
Donate blood save yourself.
Hi 3 kun oldin
I have rh null
George Foreman
George Foreman 3 kun oldin
There is a group chat for golden blood for when a clutch is needed Or so I have heard
Moon 3 kun oldin
Looking for a sun.
F1 Eclipse
F1 Eclipse 3 kun oldin
Heres a medical question. During the 2021 British grand prix there was a collision between Driver number 44 and 33. Driver number 33 ended up hitting the barrier pulling 51g's. If he wasn't an F1 driver who work out things like their arms, shoulders, back and neck what would be the medical repercussions of this
Macestrom 3 kun oldin
How long do I have to wait after donating whole blood before I can donate plasma, and visaversa
Shireen Rizvi
Shireen Rizvi 3 kun oldin
Is he a vampire? Think About it.
Karthikeyan Sivaraja
I see a small lump kinda thing on Mike's left side neck ..... 2 lumps actually ..... Are you aware Mike ?
Lesbian Gxcha
Lesbian Gxcha 3 kun oldin
so plasma is why my blood is salty- okk
Lesbian Gxcha
Lesbian Gxcha 3 kun oldin
i didnt even know plasma was a thing
sendHelp 3 kun oldin
My blood type is O+
Valeria3 Kulishov
Valeria3 Kulishov 3 kun oldin
I donated blood once, the hemoglobin device wasn't working right and it showd that my hemoglobin level was fine so they draw blood, but after like 2 weeks I did a blood test and it turns out I was iron deficient (still am, it was 3 years ago) . So basically I donated blood anemic. Even befor the donation I was anemic but I really wanted to help... At least I know my blood type now.
Anton Pienaar
Anton Pienaar 3 kun oldin
Donating in South Africa is a really big deal our bloodbank goes out to communities on a weekly basis and as a person with O Neg they make sure I donate as often as I possibly can
Uhh 3 kun oldin
Imagine selling blood as an rh null and you sold it for thousands of dollars lol
Aleksandra Lebek
Aleksandra Lebek 3 kun oldin
My blood is the rarest and most dangerest
Sadie S
Sadie S 4 kun oldin
I’m severely afraid of needles as much as I’d love to donate blood, I would but I am a 4’11” and 100 pounds and because of allergies pretty malnourished compared to what I should be lol
King Of Skullz
King Of Skullz 4 kun oldin
doctor mike the best blood type is AB+ cause anybody can use their blood and it works so rh null not in trouble
Matteo Dolcin
Matteo Dolcin 4 kun oldin
Hi dr. Mike I have 2 questions: 1) When intercostal catheters were invented how much did they change the life of the nurses who had to take the blood tests and apply blood cures every day to sick people? (i ask this because i'm 11 and i have leukemia; and before they put it into my chest sometimes It was a disaster to find the veins in the arms to do the blood tests) 2) Why does cortisone make your cheeks massive? BTW love your videos!
Matteo Dolcin
Matteo Dolcin 4 kun oldin
Please answer
Matteo Dolcin
Matteo Dolcin 4 kun oldin
Please answer
Cash Eye
Cash Eye 4 kun oldin
Just watch Cells At Work lol
Cayden Anthony
Cayden Anthony 4 kun oldin
Do you know how many people donate in a year
Phantom's Geist Community
The rarest blood type is Rhnull
Alzinga Fagan
Alzinga Fagan 4 kun oldin
A bit late but I have a Sickle cell C trait, can I donate blood?
Harboy 4 kun oldin
Does vaping affects working out? Love from the Philippines!
Evangelia Ivi Ioannou
Can I donate blood even if I have iron-deficiency anaemia?
Anir Mouha
Anir Mouha 4 kun oldin
There are two types of plasma the in your blood and the fourth stat plasma (whiche what son is made out of Not fire) so biolegecol plasma vs shemistry plasma
Abdifatah Abdullahi
How do they find out what kind of blood type you are
Neon Brothers
Neon Brothers 4 kun oldin
I have O positive blood
Moonlit Raindrop
Moonlit Raindrop 4 kun oldin
what does that mean?
Jeramie Shoe
Jeramie Shoe 4 kun oldin
Rh null and my doctor never really told me that it was a big deal. Found out from a tv show at like 12 and I've been donating ever since
Jasmine O
Jasmine O 4 kun oldin
I hate that spung stuff it felt like it was in my mouth before
Timothy Turner
Timothy Turner 4 kun oldin
I have chronic urticaria Is there any tips for it? And can I still get tattoos with it
Fuck Off
Fuck Off 4 kun oldin
I would never donate my blood
LoveIsRiverOfLife Mystic
Please talk about ITP...😐😐😐😐💚💚💚💚
animelives2000 4 kun oldin
I have been told I can not donate due to me begin on meds. I would have donated but they told me that. Also I have 4 tattoos regulated or not always be up in the tattoo artists business if they do not take it fresh from packaging then do not get a tattoo from them.
gilbert seong
gilbert seong 4 kun oldin
can i ask if I am A Blood and my wife is O Blood - is it possible that my kids will turn out O? my dad is A Blood and my mom is O blood
Elisha Vanderwall
Elisha Vanderwall 4 kun oldin
I'm O negative. I watched the video. I donated blood for the first time. Man..I'm happy!!
XTREMEXX 4 kun oldin
6:45 1 paint , pint, pant of blood
Nithin Kamineni
Nithin Kamineni 4 kun oldin
love your videos Dr.mike, will you recommend OMAD to a young male(21 years) who is slightly overweight(168lbs, 6.1ft), has excess fat, and want to shed fat and build muscle?
Tai 5 kun oldin
ok... so for everyone who is wondering why 1 blood donation can help multiple people its beacuse when you get a transfusion you get less blood cells than the donator gave idk why but if you get all something happens i dont really know
Angela Arnburg
Angela Arnburg 5 kun oldin
I wish I could donate since I'm O-, but I can't. I have a blood pressure disorder that makes me black out and pass out when people take that much blood.
melius 5 kun oldin
How the hell did they knows how much blood is in a baby
Ba Nana
Ba Nana 3 kun oldin
Kailey Hamilton
Kailey Hamilton 5 kun oldin
how do you get rid of or deal with phantom pain? I had a bad experience one time with getting my blood drawn and have gotten phantom pains when talking about needles/blood since then... it's annoying
MADARA UCHIHA 5 kun oldin
ik this is a pretty stupid questions but can dead people donate blood
Porygon-Z 5 kun oldin
When I’m older I will donate blood sine I’m O- and it’s possible to help any blood types
AGuyNamedSmith 5 kun oldin
My best friend has AB- blood so he says there's no point donating since his blood can only donate to other AB- people. He then says AB- can also receive any other general blood type. Please explain why he's wrong and how he should donate blood and stop being so scared of needles.
TheAnythingChannel 5 kun oldin
Me, B-: I'm special
D P 5 kun oldin
PLEASEEE give us your opinion on live blood test analysis
Kayla Raasch
Kayla Raasch 5 kun oldin
I know this vid was uploaded a month ago, but the one question that said "What is in it for me?" I know of a place in my state (Michigan) actually many places that pay you to donate plasma/blood. I'm only 15 so I cant do it, but my mom used to and she got paid very good money for donating her plasma. I have always been scared of needles but i told myself when i turn 18 i was gonna start donating my blood bc it would help other people around me who are sick and need it. In all i think donating helps people and humanity. The thing with my mom tho is she was able to donate plasma 2 times a week... how does that work? Am I misunderstanding something or what?
Some Guy
Some Guy 5 kun oldin
I have A positive
Raptor and TRX Adventurez
Question. Why can we not donate blood under 18? I think it’s 18
Anna Sliwinska
Anna Sliwinska 5 kun oldin
You have 8 pints of blood and if you loose 3 pints you die
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