The Truth About Our Mental Health Crisis ft. Dr. Ali 

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The Psych Show
The Psych Show 29 kun oldin
Thanks for having me on, Dr. Mike!!! Really enjoyed the conversation.
Lance Walker
Lance Walker 9 soat oldin
" "
Zakary Roofner
Zakary Roofner 3 kun oldin
Thurqis 4 kun oldin
Your a legend
critter mccormick
critter mccormick 9 kun oldin
Psych and Dr. Mike!
cypherfunc 9 kun oldin
Thank you so much for mentioning ADHD and executive functioning! I'm a software engineer, so my work can be done entirely remotely. Most of my coworkers now prefer working from home at least part-time (especially those with kids) but I struggled *massively* every day trying to get anything done, whereas in an office I just automatically go into "work mode".
John Doe
John Doe Soat oldin
It’s the game of life! You either cope or you don’t!
Robert W
Robert W 5 soat oldin
The Nazis could have only dreamed of the propaganda campaign the American liberals have put together in 2021 surrounding Covid
Arthur Herring
Arthur Herring 10 soat oldin
It's very good you mentioned "we have no idea the longterm effects", but the focus of that question rests on the vaccine itself. It's a non-tested, experimental bio-technology.
Miranda Cruze
Miranda Cruze 10 soat oldin
The odds are that everyone who comes across this comment is going to think i’m crazy and/or stupid, but God literally cured my anxiety and depression. I had been being treated by doctors for years, yet nothing worked. About 2 years ago, God called me back to Him. I had been deeply involved in New Age and ended up burning all of my chakra/tarot/astrology books and related items. After about 10 months, I was delivered from a demon of witchcraft and set free. I haven’t had trouble with my mental health since! God is a supernatural God and he wants to set you free from disease, torment, and mental health problems! I promise, He isn’t a horrible or cruel God like many try to represent Him as. He chose me even when I was in complete disobedience to Him. God bless! 💕
Solar chos
Solar chos 12 soat oldin
Shut down all social media, stop allowing the emotionally unstable and mentally ill to be used as "activists", and MAYBE people will start calming down. People who can't control their own emotions should NOT be allowed to try and control other people's lives.
J P 12 soat oldin
There’s not enough therapy in the world to straighten out a leftist
Corey Chambers
Corey Chambers 12 soat oldin
Doctor Mike, along with his corrupt political authoritarian quack buddies, is weirdly dangerous to your mental and physical health.
Destiney Devereux
Destiney Devereux 14 soat oldin
Real Drs???????🥺
Just Be
Just Be 15 soat oldin
Trust in God and you'll be fine even through hardest of times.
poop poop
poop poop 15 soat oldin
Tips for better mental health 1. Delete your facebook permanently 2. Delete your twitter permanently 3. Regular exercise- not walking- I mean till you sweat 4. Eat things like lettuce without any dressing. Blueberries. Wild caught Salmon and avacados. If you don't get around to eating healthy fats and antioxidants all the time go fish oil, and multi to supplement. 5. Take time in your day to close your eyes in a quiet environment alone with fresh air and just breath for 5 minutes. 6. Turn off CNN and MSNBC 7. Find a vent occasionally if you need it. Things like target shooting, driving fast on the track of course, a punching bag. Remember technically these activities increase your stress temporarily- even good stress is still stress- but having a healthy outlet can be beneficial. 8. If you get upset. STOP and go for a walk outside just around the block. Do it now. 9. If you get sad- sleep on it. You may feel better the next day 10 Break the wheel of negative thoughts. They roll around in your brain over and over again making you more and more upset. You brain gets better at what it practices. If you practice negativity you'll get better at being negative more often. Stop feeding those thoughts. Do it by force of distraction. Think of anything else. Count whatever little things you're thankful for or your favorite cars or your favorite ways to cook steak- anything to train your brain to be used for anything other than that. This process takes time. The brain can take months to retrain itself.
latoya thomas
latoya thomas 17 soat oldin
How can I get help Louisiana don’t have good mental health facilities
James Thomas
James Thomas 17 soat oldin
Set number one, stop shifting blame. Step two, stop being afraid. Step three, live free.
Mark Travers
Mark Travers 18 soat oldin
Really nice points, but almost worthless if you don't have these points of contact mentioned. A person who is distant from family and has no friends doesn't have those support channels.
Marilyn PF
Marilyn PF Kun oldin
Right before the pandemic hit, we sold our roomy 4 bedroom house and moved into an apartment so that we could visit kids and travel. There’s no green space nearby. But this apt has become my safe space. I haven’t seen any old friends and my grown daughters for close to two years. I don’t know what I’d talk about. I feel like my identity was erased. I don’t know what I want to do with my time or what interests me. I have a good therapist. My husband doesn’t understand why my mental health recovery is taking so long. I was always an anxious person. We all have to find what works for us, I guess.
Matthew Green
Matthew Green Kun oldin
The biggest mental health crisis we have is sitting in the White House
Tony Ramirez
Tony Ramirez Kun oldin
Dr. Mike. Finding a Psychologist has been tough since my insurance doesn't cover it, How can I find a reputable, certified Psychologist?
James Condon
James Condon Kun oldin
Parker Anderson
Parker Anderson Kun oldin
To hell with you and your propaganda.
THE LOGOS Kun oldin
And Gabriel caught me up, as a leaf caught up by the wind, and placed me before El's face. And I saw the eighth heaven, which is called in the Hebrew tongue Muzaloth, changer of seasons, of drought, and of wet, and of the twelve constellations of the circle of the firmament, which are above the seventh heaven. And I saw the ninth heaven, which is called in the Hebrew tongue Kuchavim, where are the heavenly homes of the twelve constellations of circle of the firmament. On the tenth heaven, which is called Aravoth, I saw the appearance of YAHUAH face, like iron made to glow in fire, and brought out, emitting sparks, and it burns. Thus in a moment of eternity I saw El's face, but El's face is ineffable, marvelous and very awful, and very very terrible. And who am I to tell about El's unspeakable being, and and his very wonderful face? And I cannot tell the quantity of his many instructions, and various voices, El's throne is very great and not made with hands. -THE HIDDEN TRUTH
Roberto Garcia Vigíl
Where is Victoria june?
Chiger Claw
Chiger Claw Kun oldin
The mental health negative effects of the lockdowns are a 1000 times worse than the imaginary virus the tv calls Snovid.
Susan Dickson
Susan Dickson Kun oldin
Excellent, as usual!
Elder G
Elder G Kun oldin
Considering most of these videos have the comments turned off is it really a conversation when one side isn't allowed to comment back?
James Lewis
James Lewis Kun oldin
The truth is either you are crazy or you are not. Irregardless there is someone be for everybody.
Look at UZblock pushing this "doctor" who doesn't even follow his own guidelines. This is group manipulation guys
Enthoo Kun oldin
Liberalism is a mental disorder.
Nicky Tamseree
Nicky Tamseree Kun oldin
A collab I needed. Love both the psych show and Dr mike UZblock channel. Thank you so much for arranging this :)
parisa tempest
parisa tempest Kun oldin
Life is change, adapting is paramount. Humanity will change and adapt and move forward. We are overthinking. Just chill and adapt. We grow the most and the easiest when we have to rely on ourselves. Learn about yourself…friend yourself.
Freyja Mulhall
Freyja Mulhall 2 kun oldin
The truth about our mental health crisis; it's because of capitalism
Kermit Gray
Kermit Gray 2 kun oldin
Many people today have been living for years in self imposed quarantines. Not learning social skills. Communication with a real face, and convinced by society that it is “anxiety”.
Ramiro Alvarez
Ramiro Alvarez 2 kun oldin
Thanks for the empty propaganda 🖕
Lindalee Law
Lindalee Law 2 kun oldin
Dr. Mike helps my depression
Shelly Shell
Shelly Shell 2 kun oldin
Mental health crisis created by the media... Including YOU
ArthurSnape394 2 kun oldin
With ADHD and some other issues, I feel like my life turned hellish after the pandemic started, the university classes on a screen and such made my productivity go waaay down.
John McAfee
John McAfee 2 kun oldin
lets get this one ratioed too
Walter Richardson
Walter Richardson 2 kun oldin
They all have mental 9
Jordan Saudi
Jordan Saudi 2 kun oldin
*If one has been a Muslim in any of the racist countries who have no knowledge about Islam, then one knows what isolation is and marginalization is and we are well weathered to handle this. We pray to God (aka Allah, The Praise Worthy)*
John Johnsin
John Johnsin 2 kun oldin
Doctor Mike Net Worth in 2021: $3 million Dr Ali Net Worths $150 Million US dollars (As on 2018) Please...tell us how hard you have it
Will Wel
Will Wel 2 kun oldin
You're really going to need therapy when you find out you're complicit in promoting genocide of your fellow humans and yourself.
J vorhees
J vorhees 2 kun oldin
Tanya Pineda
Tanya Pineda 2 kun oldin
Once you've been splashed by a NYC puddle like that... you're life is never the same. Been there.
Tanya Pineda
Tanya Pineda 2 kun oldin
"Me emotions make sense". Valid
Tanya Pineda
Tanya Pineda 2 kun oldin
"Help people in the way that they want or like to be helped. "💞 beautiful advice.
Tosca Tattertail
Tosca Tattertail 2 kun oldin
It's a month later, with a spike of delta variant and we are being told to mask up and get vaccines asap, i wonder what they would say now.
Garrus Vakarian
Garrus Vakarian 2 kun oldin
A real doctor wouldn’t have so much time to make UZblock videos.
Alex Albrecht
Alex Albrecht 2 kun oldin
One of the worst parts about the mental health crisis is how far its tendrils have reached into all corners of our society. It has broken down all barriers and affects people of all walks of life and continues to eat away at our society like a cancer. If we could address mental health we could help fix all of its associated problems as well. Suicide, majority of gun deaths, lost productivity, healthcare resources spent on managing unhealthy/sedentary lifestyles that result from depression, etc.
Sam Kenney
Sam Kenney 2 kun oldin
I'm not getting the shot because I'm old enough to choose not to and you telling me to just makes me want it less so good on you
Bobby Knight
Bobby Knight 3 kun oldin
Overall, society is just nuts to begin with, and that's what the real mental crisis has been all along. Not me, though. I'm okay.
Annie Myers
Annie Myers 3 kun oldin
Other than killing people and giving others long lasting and serious health issues, Covid has been GREAT for us introverts. I love having a calm, low key life and I’m really enjoying my solitude. But y’know what? I’d rather everyone just got vaccinated and make my life miserable again. Please have common sense and get your Covid-19 shots!
Long Live Junto
Long Live Junto 3 kun oldin
Control what you can control
Zakary Roofner
Zakary Roofner 3 kun oldin
Oswald Digestive Clinic
Thanks for sharing on this crucial topic! To add to this, Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause depression. Also, a person may eat lots of animal products (which contain B12), and still may not be adequately absorbing B12. Reasons for this malabsorption can include: history of having part of the intestine removed, having Crohn’s disease and associated intestinal inflammation, bacterial or yeast overgrowth, low stomach acid, taking meds that suppress stomach acid, and genetic predisposition!
Come on Man
Come on Man 3 kun oldin
People that need to seek help for this just shows how coddled those people have been their whole lives.
Charles Curran
Charles Curran 3 kun oldin
My mental health is being affected by the knowledge of Dr. Fauci’s double dealing with China that my have endangered us all.
Craig and Barbara Schneider
The father of all liars is Satan that seeks to steal, kill and destroy humankind. ''Get behind me Satan''
S L 4 kun oldin
i like being at home. i dont need to participate in classes anymore. workers dont see me ... when i go skype profile mode on zoom. love this. only issue is im still not alone at home. i really am sick being stuck with family for 1.5 years straight.
J Kelly
J Kelly 4 kun oldin
Confessions of a Medical Heretic Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn M.D. 1979
David Senteno Photography
The correct diagnosis is CRAS. Covid Related Anxiety Syndrome. If your effected you should seek professional help.
Douglas sobolik
Douglas sobolik 4 kun oldin
Amanda Moran
Amanda Moran 4 kun oldin
Spooky Miracle Preacher
Lockdowns created millions of problems to solve 1 with a 99.97% survival rate. This wasn’t about a virus.
Paul M
Paul M 4 kun oldin
Just came here to give a thumbs down.
The Doom Slayer
The Doom Slayer 4 kun oldin
Too many cowards in this world
Richie 4 kun oldin
They are trying hard to get ppl jabbed. I wished they would put this much energy and money into fighting poverty.
Sinsearach 4 kun oldin
meanwhile, the folks at youtube enforce policies every day that do nothing but make it as much worse as possible; good job degenerates!
Parker Infante
Parker Infante 4 kun oldin
My partner has executive dysfunction and is autistic and boy oh boy, their senior year was a doozy. It took a lot of effort for them to get work done in a virtual setting
Kay Foxe
Kay Foxe 4 kun oldin
A A 4 kun oldin
Great video!
Magus 4 kun oldin
after 20 years of grocery shopping online it took a virus to finally be able to get the drivers to leave my stuff at the door so i dont have to see them. my avoidance of the human race is nearly complete.
alf Mcstuffjns
alf Mcstuffjns 4 kun oldin
This whole world is full of babies that cant cope with anything. Everybody is all boo hoo Wah wah wah. Quack doctors are making boatloads of money off of it
Max Power
Max Power 4 kun oldin
Stop watching CNN. There, Covid just went away
Nesto 4 kun oldin
Are we talking about the delusional Joe Biden? CRT chump of the year!
royal priest
royal priest 4 kun oldin
All "crisis" are brought on by one thing : Sin.
Maya Rosenberg
Maya Rosenberg 5 kun oldin
I like this Dr. Ali. I never had anyone explain why coping skills may vary in their helpfulness before.
JC K 5 kun oldin
Ya’al need to wake up because we’ve been lied to about the c virus!! Over 45,000 have DIED and many suffering horrific disabling side affects from it. It’s all part of the evil wanting to depopulate us!!! Please please please….. look into this. 7 healthy pilots have died while in flight from the shot!!!! We need you all to really think about what’s happening to our people and the United States!!!
M&M DOZ 5 kun oldin
Repent !!! Its SOOOO simple ! Repent ! N fast !
Bʀᴀɴᴅɪ TX
Bʀᴀɴᴅɪ TX 5 kun oldin
How many Dr. Mike's does UZblock really need? 🤔😳
DaVax IsDaMark
DaVax IsDaMark 5 kun oldin
The V is the mark
VT 710
VT 710 5 kun oldin
Covid is a scam. Never getting the Vackseen
Al Aguilera
Al Aguilera 5 kun oldin
Rich 5 kun oldin
The truth is that we are purposely being put into a state of extreme anxiety and stress though media/politics/irrelevant distractions so that no one is able to focus inward and develop there own sense of inner peace. If everyone were able to do that, no one would hold power over you or your emotions. This is the cause of the mental health crisis. We are children in a game and we have forgotten the power we actually have.
we see the ligh
we see the ligh 5 kun oldin
The miraculous human body is capable of creating its own vaccine for any virus 🙏❤ utube Andrew Norton webber miracle of distilled water,,go to 40 minutes of video for info on how to cure virus.
John Hanks
John Hanks 6 kun oldin
Secure common sense is sanity in the real world. Insecurity is the main problem.
Rafe Hollister
Rafe Hollister 6 kun oldin
My problem with mental health is this. When you have a problem, fear, or some sort of issue it doesn’t go away just because you talk to someone about it. They always say everything is going to be ok but the evidence speaks otherwise. Breathe deep and stick your finger in your ear. Ok, now that I’ve done that I still have all the same problems. It’s like an alcoholic. You may get drunk and forget for a night but when you wake up in some strange alley then you still have all the same problems. Breathing deeply or creating a story doesn’t do anything to resolve my problems.
Rafe Hollister
Rafe Hollister 6 kun oldin
My problem with mental health is this. When you have a problem, fear, or some sort of issue it doesn’t go away just because you talk to someone about it. They always say everything is going to be ok but the evidence speaks otherwise. Breathe deep and stick your finger in your ear. Ok, now that I’ve done that I still have all the same problems. It’s like an alcoholic. You may get drunk and forget for a night but when you wake up in some strange alley then you still have all the same problems. Breathing deeply or creating a story doesn’t do anything to resolve my problems.
Dan Harrison
Dan Harrison 6 kun oldin
Our mental health field has become a joke. Especially people still handing out narcotics to drug addiction patients. No wonder it's a pseudo science
usd25674 6 kun oldin
Turn off the TV and the buggy boo will go away.
A Orsi
A Orsi 6 kun oldin
Fire fauci
Killer T-Cell
Killer T-Cell 6 kun oldin
Do not take the jab.
Matt Mirabile
Matt Mirabile 6 kun oldin
You have neglected the role religion plays in constructing a helpful metanarrative about trauma and manage thoughts, feelings and behaviors. The overlap between healthy religion and psychology is getting greater. It is sad that psychologists still neglect this reality. Many people with a strong religious outlook (narrative) were strengthened in their ability to manage the mental health crisis.
Lord Solar
Lord Solar 6 kun oldin
What a sick joke you people mock true mental illness
Reuben Handel
Reuben Handel 6 kun oldin
All politicians who supported the covid hysteria should be banished into social isolation forever. For their safety
Ryan Eddy
Ryan Eddy 7 kun oldin
hyphy geezy
hyphy geezy 7 kun oldin
Look at how long and why the combated 5G. Then ask yourself again. If you’re still not sold, look up the frequency at which music is recorded and the known effects it has on human psyche. 444hz I believe. And they knew this in the early 1930’s. It’s just that people have been dumbed down
Jodi Rambo
Jodi Rambo 7 kun oldin
I laughed this off in a way to make life better. Spending more time with family. Downsizing our home. Created more fun outside. No one on the streets or places made it great. Went to different places without having crowds around. Discovered a better place in my life. Meditation and relaxing were amazing. Watched movies, read books, fun with the children. Much more.
View From Above
View From Above 7 kun oldin
Ashwagandha is a life saver! Check it out!
Roger Abbott
Roger Abbott 7 kun oldin
"You must always be puzzled by mental illness. The thing I would dread most, if I became mentally ill, would be your adopting a common sense attitude; that you could take it for granted that I was deluded. " - Ludwig Wittgenstein
Chronic & Invisible Wounded Hearts & Thriving Lives
I love how you mention the "support and being able to talk". When asking others how they are doing, you will often hear "FINE". You made a valid point - ask in a way they need you to ask... and the examples you gave are good. Asking first "do you need to vent or do you want advice"? Listening to what isn't being said...which takes training at times. Listening while looking them in the eyes, validate, and never LECTURE! It is also necessary to know HOW to talk...many girls like to sit across from their parent/friend, etc.. (like eating) a boy likes to talk side by side, such as riding in a car or letting them sit where they need to sit. This is an excellent video to share with those who help others.And I will on my site! Thank you.
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