Worst Fitness Mistakes My Patients Make 

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Tereza Pavelkova
Tereza Pavelkova 13 soat oldin
Is there a safe and possible way for my uncle to lose weight when he is almost 50, owerweight and has a heart condition? This video was very helpfull for me in understanding a bit more how to be safe in exercising but I am hoping my uncle can do something like this too.. Does he need a personal trainor in this case?
infonator07 21 soat oldin
Probably the best exercise to lose weight is 5-7 minute cardio. You can search YT. No need for any equipment, just your body. It just works.
A Wad
A Wad Kun oldin
best way to get rid of DOMS is to work the muscle lightly to get blood flow to that area.
Matthew Glover
Matthew Glover 2 kun oldin
my rule for getting fit is just eat healthy and swim rin ride a bike
Debora Luz
Debora Luz 2 kun oldin
Muito bom o vídeo. Muitas verdades compiladas em apenas 9 minutos
Thais Do Carmo Arantes
Me exercising instead of sleeping: why am i not losing weight??????
Carlos Aguayo
Carlos Aguayo 3 kun oldin
How much sleep do you need?
Sam Murray
Sam Murray 3 kun oldin
The one time I went to a gym my trainer had me go all the way on all the machines the first time I was there and I left half way through feeling sick
Zaheer 3 kun oldin
Too complicated. I just swim.
Микки Либерти
Others: *watching Dr.Mike's videos to learn medicine and understand their bodies* Me: *watching it to learn English and develop my English listening*
NeverwascooL 4 kun oldin
I walk 4-8 miles a day to walk to and from my serving job 5 time a week, is that enough cardio a day or should I also incorporate running into my lifting?
Diana Capano
Diana Capano 4 kun oldin
I've made a few attempts to work out - on my own and with a personal trainer online. But I get very discouraged by terrible DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), which gets progressively worse even if I space a rest day between workouts. Any advice on how to reduce the muscle pain on the days following a workout?
Sebastian Grebe
Sebastian Grebe 4 kun oldin
very nice, thank you.
Pankaj Kumar
Pankaj Kumar 4 kun oldin
Can you tell some exercises for treating disc herniation?
Rox 5 kun oldin
Have you done a reaction to cheerleader and gymnastics training techniques, like coaches that force girls into splits?
Tan S
Tan S 6 kun oldin
Dr. Mike the longer I listened to your video, the more I realized you are still on the exercise kick! The older you get (which you are still young), the more you will realize that exercise isn't as important to your health as you think!!!! Working out is not the most important thing in the friggin' world... eating healthy food is!!!!! Duh!
cquick 3
cquick 3 6 kun oldin
Jesus Saves Love God ✝️
Liam Bens
Liam Bens 6 kun oldin
Thank you i m a physical trainer for a living and you have said everything that will work Nice work
Heika Naomi
Heika Naomi 7 kun oldin
Please talk about plateaus I'm 252 for 2 months after losing 35lbs. No matter if I lessen calories, eat plant based or add some work outs... The scale won't budge and I look the same. Please help. I have a kid to live for. Thank you though, this is also helpful! I am a solo mom of a disabled child. I get 5hrs of scattered sleep A night... Can't be helped..scared my heart will have an attack
Caravaneer Khed
Caravaneer Khed 7 kun oldin
Good advice!
Mr. butter Crawley
Mr. butter Crawley 7 kun oldin
Please do more training videos.
TMB09 7 kun oldin
I would love to see noel deyzel and Dr Mike do a fitness colab
lechirtwl8 7 kun oldin
Looking forward for Mental Health tips. 💪
Daniëlle Bosma
Daniëlle Bosma 7 kun oldin
If you think 100 dollars a month is a lot. Most personal trainer ask for 300 or 400 dollars for around 3 months of sessions. So it's basically the same amount that you'd be paying for a physical personal trainer.
LazerAsh _18
LazerAsh _18 7 kun oldin
Him:dont hold the trendmeel while u are in it Me who fell of one bcs i did not hold it
Nukeaon 8 kun oldin
Doc, what do you feel about long term use of Soma? I had a hip replacement that caused a severe muscle spasm that still hurts to this day (Just over a year ago the surgery was done)
Danielle Kane
Danielle Kane 8 kun oldin
I use the arm grips that move on the elliptical, is that fine? It helps reduce the strain on my leg muscles and I think makes for a better cardio workout because I'm not tiring out my legs before I even get to the part where I'm challenging my cardiovascular capacity
Natalie Z
Natalie Z 8 kun oldin
$100 per month!!!!???😂😂😂 Doccc
Savanah Johnson
Savanah Johnson 9 kun oldin
How to exercise when you're exhausted after work? I don't understand how people have the energy.
Scary Duffy
Scary Duffy 9 kun oldin
I wish I could use weights but not for a while Edit:Does my own body count as a weight if I’m doing push-ups
Terri Resnick
Terri Resnick 10 kun oldin
what breed is bear?
Sam 10 kun oldin
App that costs more than the gym membership when there’s 1000s of hours of free workout information on UZblock.
vanessa M
vanessa M 4 soat oldin
Cheap than a real pt
I spot any Hazbin Hotel profile pictures
True. The app is a scam. Everybody wants an instant solution to their long-term problems but nobody wants to work for it. There's so much misinformation and fad products on the internet that it overshadows legit UZblockrs like Jeff Nippard, Renaissance Periodization, Red Delta Project, etc.
Bryte Eyez
Bryte Eyez 11 kun oldin
I don't THINK I need to lose weight, I DO need to lose weight. 7 months out of COVID WHILE also on bed rest Leave of Absence from work. I gained 20 lbs. I am down 10, so headed in the right direction. I needed to loose weight BEFORE COVID. 5'0" I WAS 150 LBS AT THE END OF COVID I was 170.6 I feel my best at around 120 lbs. I started college at 5'0" and 98 lbs (ok, not healthy).
Lillian Lewis
Lillian Lewis 11 kun oldin
Does it matter when I go to bed (consistently at 0100-0130) if I still get 8 hours?
Mauricio A L.
Mauricio A L. 12 kun oldin
i never understood the whole supplement craze, like i'm fat as hell and if i wanted to lose weight the last thing i'd want would be the explosive caloric intake from those supplements. those things are for profesional sportmen and bodybuilders, not the average joe who needs to lay off the fast food and exercise
NGU Fitness Motivation
Very interesting topic.
Anime for life _13
Anime for life _13 12 kun oldin
when Dr.mike says that under sleeping can cause my stress hormones to peak. Me at 2 am 👁👄👁
Joseph Steves
Joseph Steves 12 kun oldin
Yo, my boi grabbed the 95 Lb dumbells!
Not Just JET
Not Just JET 13 kun oldin
HOLD UP! what exactly are "BW Single leg deadlift" ???
lolaslovesterl 14 kun oldin
Pyramids dont have pillars, lol
pennyisaround 14 kun oldin
Can you tell us more about stretching & muscle spasms? Take care, doc!
Melanie Oosterman
Melanie Oosterman 14 kun oldin
My motivation changes everyday, that’s why I stick to consistency 👌
Allyson Martin
Allyson Martin 14 kun oldin
As a personal trainer I agree with this video 100%
Vanessa West
Vanessa West 15 kun oldin
As an athletic trainer, I love this video. So great!!!!
Chris L
Chris L 15 kun oldin
Unless you've been specifically told by a physical therapist to stretch, you probably don't need to at all. Just do your reps with the full range of motion and you should be fine. It's probably not the worst thing in the world to stretch anyways, as long as they're active stretches using the body's own muscles to increase their own range of motion rather than using outside forces to do it.
Jacob Fullar
Jacob Fullar 15 kun oldin
This was uploaded the day after tomorrow? I'm writing this on the eleventh...
Maximus K
Maximus K 16 kun oldin
can doctor mike do a co.lab with brian shaw - USA world strongest man - do his workouts and the more difficult task ... eat his diet 10,000 cal :D
cquick 3
cquick 3 16 kun oldin
Jesus Saves Love God ✝️
Aaron Berg
Aaron Berg 17 kun oldin
Bro. This app would be great if it didnt coat me 1/4 of my weekly income
Lindsay F.
Lindsay F. 16 kun oldin
Emily Whittaker
Emily Whittaker 17 kun oldin
Yes yes yes! I have been a personal trainer and fitness instructor for about 12 years and all of this is great advice. Especially about honoring recovery and not killing yourself in your first session. My goal as a trainer is to make you feel like you got outside your comfort zone, worked hard and left feeling confident and successful. I absolutely do not want you throwing up or in so much pain the next day you can’t function. Not only will it decrease the chances you will keep coming back it isn’t productive, safe or healthy. Also, make sure your trainer listens to you about your injuries, pains and limitations. If they ignore what you tell them and have you “push through” find a new trainer.
Jj Amaro
Jj Amaro 17 kun oldin
do more of theses pleaseeeee
Mavis Chadwick
Mavis Chadwick 17 kun oldin
All thanks to Dr Alaho Olu on UZblock who finally cured me from Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV)
Tim Mauntler
Tim Mauntler 17 kun oldin
Insomnia ruins just about all of this... I sleep in 2-3 hr bursts, twice a day. Sleep deprivation ruins recovery and healing but it also ruins your decision making ability, leading to bad choices in food and habits. I really do try btw lol I tell my wife to buy healthy stuff but shes breast feeding so i cant expect too much lmao Self control is so much harder without sleep. Edit to say that the one thing I do very well is consistency in working out- Thanks Army.
Omar Barreto
Omar Barreto 17 kun oldin
min 8:00 it actually happen to me, i went for runand i runed more and faster than i usually do, and then i went to the gym and i did heavy squats, i was felling amaizing that day... but the next morning i had this pain in my lower back and my leg, my muscles were still tense and putting preasure on the sciatic nerve, so i ended up whit 2 weeks of physiotherapy. Just dont push yourself too much or you will end up whit a long pause
Regina wambui Ndumbi
Very well but not really good
James H
James H 17 kun oldin
Ian yael caballero moreno
Definitivamente ser saludable suena a algo caro..
River Song
River Song 18 kun oldin
60 dollars is more than a gym membership itself?
Lindsey Murphy
Lindsey Murphy 18 kun oldin
Is it really necessary to walk 10000 steps a day or is 6000 to 8000 steps a day good
Hikaru Hoshina
Hikaru Hoshina 18 kun oldin
59$ a month? wtf
57thorns 18 kun oldin
Running, walking in the woods, climbing trees... :-)
Brittney Barnett
Brittney Barnett 18 kun oldin
After taking a break from UZblock I'm finally back in the comments
thor498 18 kun oldin
Form is not that relevant. Intensity progression to fast is what causes weightlifting injuries
Mike Banner
Mike Banner 18 kun oldin
Great content
Diana 22
Diana 22 18 kun oldin
I will never get over how hot this doctor is 🥵😂
Home Café
Home Café 18 kun oldin
And that's why I went to the nutritionist 😊
Steaming Burrito Productions
Post covid I moved from Cape Cod to Colorado. The altitude killed me for a while. But my marrow came through and ow I feel normal again. But to help be more active I just walk like a mile a day
Surface Area
Surface Area 19 kun oldin
Remember it's BMI not weight 😌 Also I'm literally always working out and I compete in national sports competitions and I had this one kid who just does pushups and plays basketball tell me that u shouldn't warm up before u stretch, the dumbass things warming up and stretching are the same thing I'm like 🙃
Nicholas Woods
Nicholas Woods 19 kun oldin
Dude could get any lady he wants
Amber Wright
Amber Wright 19 kun oldin
Great tips! I have tried to work out and lose weight for years off and on. Nothing ever worked. This time around i started with changing my eating habits. I cut out processed sugar and gluten. Once i got into that routine, i started adding in workouts. This is the longest i have kept it up and i am down almost 20 pounds. I always tried too much all at once, and always ended up overwhelmed and quit. I am also making sure i see my dr regularly. Im excited to continue down this journey.
EstaWorks-3D 19 kun oldin
03:36 how about when you don't enjoy the process? when you hate every single bit of it. having to get ready to leave the house. travelling over there. dealing with the other people there. doing the workout. having to travel back home again. extra shower because you nasty. 3-4 hours of your day completely gone. how do you loose weight then?
Elle Hart
Elle Hart 19 kun oldin
This has been very helpful. Thanks DM!
Sektos Eisenherz
Sektos Eisenherz 20 kun oldin
I do not like it when I see a trainer, who let strong over weight people do jumping jacks or sqauds with weight on .
Laura Rossi
Laura Rossi 20 kun oldin
Stretching needs to be done before my workout, especially if im tight from my workout the previous day. Just saying x
just me
just me 20 kun oldin
Thanks. My issues is I used to have an eating disorder, and I've gained a lot of weight from recovery and I'm wanting to lose some, but it's hard for me to learn to lose weight in a healthy way. Once I get the whole, imma lose weight in my mind I freak out about eating 500 calories and just go berserk 😂
Catherine Westholt
Catherine Westholt 21 kun oldin
I just discovered your channel over the weekend, and binge watched! You are awesome! Love a doctor with a sense of humor to mix in with his knowledge and skill.
Catherine Westholt
Catherine Westholt 21 kun oldin
I am 67, and have orthopedic problems from past accidents. I am using a rollator walker now. I never know when a knee, ankle, or foot will buckle. My ankle got crushed and rebuilt from an auto accident. My foot suffered two fractured metatarsal when an elevator at work opened unevenly but they held off almost 2 months getting the dx and getting it set leaving one that did not heal. Knees have been hurt in falls. I feel doomed before I even try to figure out exercise. I can't get on the floor and up. I can't stand much, or very safely sometimes. I have small weights to lift, but that's all.
Chujs 21 kun oldin
Benno Reuter
Benno Reuter 21 kun oldin
You box? How can a doctor square boxing with his consciousness?
Chris Whetton
Chris Whetton 21 kun oldin
$100 a month!? What the heck does the muscles “loosen up” have anything to do with less delayed onset muscle soreness? Also, what you mentioned about ballistic stretching has been debunked, or at least that it isn’t effective way to improve ROM and is detrimental in some way. I think you meant to emphasize a dynamic warm up vs static stretching. Overall, this is all good info even if it lacked accurate scientific info in a couple of small areas. The Clip of the guy talking certainly did not make me want to drop a $100 a month on that app. I guess I am just another over opinionated healthcare provider.
Guy1031 21 kun oldin
I hope you are taking proper precautions in gym
Guy1031 21 kun oldin
Pyramids are literally the structures that don't require pillars but analogy is appreciated
Julia Ocampo
Julia Ocampo 21 kun oldin
I’m two months in... I was starting to give into bigger food portions again and I held myself accountable yesterday. This video just gave me more motivation. I’m keep going 💪🏽
Rafaela Scheiwiller
Rafaela Scheiwiller 21 kun oldin
What about cardio? I know i should do some after my weight lifting, but i just won't do more than 15 minutes max. I hate it. You run on a thing, but you don't move one meter. Should i just try getting cardio in when i am not lifting? How much does one need anyways? I know it's good for the heart, but I don't need to be a marathon runner, just general health
Zachary Bryant
Zachary Bryant 21 kun oldin
I lost 25lbs just from fixing what I was eating and how much. Then I started working out. I’ve lost an additional 20lbs by continuing the diet with workouts. Best advice I got: speak to a doctor, nutritionist, or personal trainers on ensuring you do it right.
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear 21 kun oldin
Can you react to Chloe ting pls? hehe
braelin kirkland
braelin kirkland 22 kun oldin
If don’t like vegetables what can I do to get a healthy meal ?
Jonny Liu
Jonny Liu 22 kun oldin
thanks for sharing Mike! super insightful
Dallas Wood
Dallas Wood 22 kun oldin
Not overdoing it right out of the gate so you don’t get super sore and never want to go back is huge
Charles Joseph
Charles Joseph 22 kun oldin
Exercise ,walking , running, jogging, yoga, gim ,meditation , all nonsense. Exercise make u tired and heart beat increases, your muscles become harder. relax makes u fresh.
Dr. Naina Yeri
Dr. Naina Yeri 22 kun oldin
God knows I needed this. Thanks Doctor Mike❤️
Rhonald Del Mar
Rhonald Del Mar 22 kun oldin
8:54 that is not a proper kettlebell swing. Swing does not incorporate a squat. Think long jump not height jump. Otherwise good recommendations.
Fredrik Dunge
Fredrik Dunge 22 kun oldin
Well soon I will be vaccinated and I will get back to my proper training routine, swimming every other day and weightlifting every other day.
Wouter Vork
Wouter Vork 22 kun oldin
Delta Trainer seems awesome, but $100/month?! That is way too expensive, at least for me.
tristin bauer
tristin bauer 23 kun oldin
bruh that watch at 3% battery life
PUMA 23 kun oldin
Yeah, goin all in on the first day is not something anyone should ever do. I ended up doing my arms so bad that i could neither stretch it out or bend it all the way.
Ze N00B
Ze N00B 23 kun oldin
Attempt 2# of asking Dr. Mike to react to: "Meet the Medic" by Valve.
Mayuree Patil
Mayuree Patil 23 kun oldin
Hey Dr, I'm high school student from india and soon going to a med school. In order to spread awareness I want you to tell about pee colour and disease related to it. Especially for womens' (estrogen) context.
Farah A.
Farah A. 23 kun oldin
8:18 LOL the acronym for "proper recovery" is _RASH_
John Crandall
John Crandall 23 kun oldin
I got back into CrossFit after a few years of little movement and poor health, and just in that short time I saw significant improvement. I’m able to lift heavier, my body fat has dropped, and my endurance has improved dramatically, so much more than just going to the gym
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