Worst Skincare Mistakes My Patients Make 

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Monique Vapnik
Monique Vapnik 6 soat oldin
I’m actually a bit upset about how to did the “knowledge” portion as you (and/or your editors) clearly did not watch the “tik tok” videos that were supposedly giving us bad skin care advice. The second out of the 3 was a clip of James Welsh who is always posting videos to correct the bad advice for skin care given on platforms like tik tok. In fact the clip use was a video him using a product that has become big on social media ads to show his audience NOT to use the product. But now you presented him to your audience as an influencer who does the harm he works so hard to protect his audience from. If anybody watching this video is interested in learning about skin care I do recommend his channel
Snaphoo 7 soat oldin
Is this guy like a sunscreen salesman? Everyday?? Gtfo
k0rokin 7 soat oldin
for skin picking (which i do frequently and it’s hard to not) i use fidget toys…ik it sounds outta the blue but it is a good way to keep your hands busy
Balian lopez
Balian lopez 8 soat oldin
He didn't say bewoop
Rgee 12 soat oldin
Gives same advice to everyone watching. States everyone's skin is different.
°Bubbles° 16 soat oldin
I should tell my mom to stop poping my pimples
Oscar D
Oscar D 18 soat oldin
I noticed that bee propolis works best for minor injuries and cuts. DOn't yell at me, that just works very fine for me. It's a solution amde by a beekeeper friend of mine and it contains alcohol, so it's liquid, also stains a lot, but it is excellent for minor wounds!
Dylan is a Memelord
Dylan is a Memelord 22 soat oldin
Ok I'm just curios are we supposed to have a skin care routine
Ravy Raven
Ravy Raven Kun oldin
50 minutes of hot showers is short enough, right?
PocketTot Kun oldin
I have been taking cold/lukewarm showers and my skin feels sooo much better!
Alisha Dalby
Alisha Dalby Kun oldin
I need your advice I scar easy I always have and idk why I have spoke to my doctor about it and they haven’t rly replied to me because of covid so ever a scrape or anything it scars kilts like I scratched myself with my nail and I have a big scar it’s horrible and I get made fun of because of it I just want to know what’s wrong with me and how I can fix it
Joy L
Joy L Kun oldin
My mom told me to put peroxide on my tongue for kanker sores... I have no idea why. I also have had issues with part of my arm, but when I aksed my doctor about it, she said she'd refer me to a dermatologist, but we have a shortage of doctors, especially specialists, so it's been a few years and I haven't seen anyone.
The Library
The Library Kun oldin
Picking skin: I have a bad problem where I’ll pick at cuticle peels or fidget with my moles. Probably a result of my anxiety issues. So, personally, I use my Transformers as a hand-busier. It’s mentally calming to me to work them back and forth.
Helava Zerelda Kadie Mua
So like wait..What's a good moisturizer ...is there any specific ones or can you use any ?
FRQG ISH2 2 kun oldin
I, trying to take cold short showers :)
James H
James H 2 kun oldin
Sarah Buck
Sarah Buck 2 kun oldin
I use lotion everyday on my elbows my knees and my hands because those are the worst dry places
adna velic
adna velic 2 kun oldin
i tried a scrub once and i looked like a strawberry later
RavenClaw4Life2020 2 kun oldin
Im covered in acne scars because my mom constantly grabs me and starts squeezing my acne. I try to tell her to stop, but she won't listen to me.
green pencil BFUP
@RavenClaw4Life2020 well uh shes not allowed to forced you but if she keep doing it i dont know she shouldn't do that. You should really tell people you u havent
@green pencil BFUP I'm in my early teens. My mom does this a lot less now, mostly because I've started putting more effort into getting her to stop, but there's still the occasional times I have to slip my way out of her grasp. It's not like she is effective at holding me in place, more that her persistence is annoying.
green pencil BFUP
green pencil BFUP 2 kun oldin
Uhm...shes not allowed to do that to you...how old are you? Also keep refusing and teach her.
Setsuna Umbreon
Setsuna Umbreon 2 kun oldin
talked about how popping pimples are bad ya i know but it feels better when it's popped, no pain anymore, and afraid the pimple would turn into some kind of bumps that is itchy and can't do anything about. for some people, can pimples turn into something if it's left alone? ;-;
Setsuna Umbreon
Setsuna Umbreon Kun oldin
ah alright ^^; thanks
green pencil BFUP
green pencil BFUP 2 kun oldin
Although it might stay very little its better
green pencil BFUP
green pencil BFUP 2 kun oldin
No it grows and then goes away in a couple months/years but if popped ya know infection,more breakouts, and scarring.
Kieran Vax'iliaN
Kieran Vax'iliaN 2 kun oldin
2:35 what about switching between cold and hot? I like to end a hot shower(well, somewhat hot) with a coldish minute or so.
kiripima the manly shark rock😁🦈
Me who likes showering cold 🤔
KingPlayZz 2 kun oldin
Is it good to take cold showers a day???
1-800- BROKEN
1-800- BROKEN 2 kun oldin
Me over here watching with acne and have just pressed my pimples 😃😃
Your local disappointment
“Taking long hot showers” Me who takes 30 minute ice cold showers:
Ayman Mahyudin
Ayman Mahyudin 2 kun oldin
Hi Doctor Mike. Can you suggest a way to get rid of pimple scar on the face. Thank you
Free to play Gamer
Free to play Gamer 2 kun oldin
I haven't used sunblock or moisturizer all my life no problems for me .I live in a village and nobody here uses that maybe that is why I don't see the need
queen gachanight
queen gachanight 2 kun oldin
Am I weird because I like warm showers I don't like super cool jars but I have to I will but I will not ever take a hot shower I hate them
Loki Novak
Loki Novak 2 kun oldin
I crashed a mini bike and got road burn on my leg, I had a whole fight with my family and had to secretly keep it covered because they all wanted me to let it just dry out
LinaLena VAI
LinaLena VAI 3 kun oldin
Dr. Mike: Discussing about alcohol harming the tissues. My 2nd Grade Teacher: Pours a whole bottle of alcohol (250mL)
Butter Buddy
Butter Buddy 3 kun oldin
I get made fun of for being super white because I don’t get outside to much. Hehehe no skin cancer
Colette Graack
Colette Graack 3 kun oldin
Skin Picking!!! Ack! My 3yr old son picks his cuticles raw, and bloody... (he is Autistic with ADHD, and it's one of his stimming habits) Struggling, even his OT therapist is at a loss of what we can replace this habit with...
Sophia Helvey
Sophia Helvey 3 kun oldin
Number 2: Dr Mike: “A doctor like this.” Me: “a doctor with skintight scrubs?”
New DouglasvilleAFG
sweer potato
sweer potato 3 kun oldin
Kentucky ballistics
Mariet Amagoh
Mariet Amagoh 3 kun oldin
Hello doctor 👋
Pampered Ponies
Pampered Ponies 3 kun oldin
When I got my ear pierced (I got them pierced at the ENT because I have had bad history with it) the told me to clean it with hydrogen peroxide twice a day, is this good?
Keesha muchiri
Keesha muchiri 3 kun oldin
Can you please do a weight loss video
fininabin 4 kun oldin
Is he sponsored by murad or are they genuinely good
Abdul Abdul-baki
Abdul Abdul-baki 4 kun oldin
The best Skincare hack is to control what you put in your mouth! you skin is a reflection of what you dump internally! Stop eating greasy food & sugar and see how your skin glows! Ask your patients what they're eating on a day to day basis and there's your answer! Oh wait Murad won't sponsor the video!
Brooklyn 4 kun oldin
Dude if Dr. Mike was my doctor I would tell him ALL my secrets LOL I trust him more than my own mom LOLL
Elizabeth Federico
Elizabeth Federico 4 kun oldin
I feel attacked 😂. I am guilty of a couple of these. Thank you Dr. Mike for bringing these mistakes to my attention.
Spendy Geek
Spendy Geek 4 kun oldin
The other day my mom was talking about something 💀 Idk medical but then I asked her did Dr.Mike say it And she was like who? No I then proceeded to tell her that I didn't care and made her watch about a bajillion videos of Dr.Mike to dare her to say who again 😤😂💀
Clake 4 kun oldin
So I am doing all of the things you listed that I sould not do. Should I be concerned? lmao
tacogamer 4 kun oldin
The sun: * has sunspots * Looks like he didn’t listen to doctor mike
cat Im
cat Im 4 kun oldin
i use murad all the time and it actually worked for me. i have a oily and dry combo so this helped so much and even today, i noticed how less acne i had on my face :)
Lady-Lynn 4 kun oldin
Doctor where were you when I was 15 now I have done all the dump stuff to my face😪 regret regret regret 🤕
Sarah Wilkerson
Sarah Wilkerson 4 kun oldin
hola mola tola pola..... I have eczema that’s terrible.
Mini films studio
Mini films studio 4 kun oldin
Mike: taking long hot showers is bad Me: goes into my hot tub every day for 30 min: well that doesn’t count so I’m good
revenhg wammen
revenhg wammen 5 kun oldin
the way i use my ph is like 🙇‍♀️ 📱
vineeth donthula
vineeth donthula 5 kun oldin
This is bullshit sun rays are good fr human beeings. But u shld nt expose ureself to sun more than two hours. In olden days there were no sunscreens people they use to expose themselfs to sunrays fr mre than 3hrs and nothing use to happen to them.
Arsha Babu
Arsha Babu 5 kun oldin
When I pop pimples, I make sure I don't touch anywhere else and absorb all the liquid with some cotton buds and wash my hands immediately after.. I don't have any scars left over or have breakouts after either.. is it ok if I still pop them?😅 Coz they are so painful 😣
Discombobulated Cat
You can pry my long hot showers from my cold dead hands
mindyschocolate 5 kun oldin
But popping zits is so much fun.
UnraisedCross12 5 kun oldin
I just got an ad before the audio about skin care routine before the video
ForeverGlow 5 kun oldin
I agree about the neck. Many years ago a skin care expert reminded me not to forget the back of the neck. This makes sense. The skin there also helps to support what you see in front. Great advice.
MeeperIsSalty 5 kun oldin
I got a skincare ad on this video-
Drawing Fantastic
Drawing Fantastic 5 kun oldin
How do get rid of acne scars and bruises?
Abby Rose
Abby Rose 5 kun oldin
My really sensitive rush prone skin "THIS WOULD BE USEFUL 4 YEARS AGO !!"
Nikita Dubey
Nikita Dubey 6 kun oldin
Please make video on rosacea. I think I might have it. there are times when my skin is so red like inflammation right after I used to wash my face by facewash. now I have switched to just plain tap water. it's helping but now whenever I am out and wash my face after coming back it's the same. Please doctor make a informative video on rosacea.
ThePinkQueen 6 kun oldin
Dr. Mike: “Use sunscreen everyday!” Me: *is allergic to sunscreen*
Billy Stokes
Billy Stokes 2 kun oldin
@Jaime Taylor *Anyway*
Jaime Taylor
Jaime Taylor 5 kun oldin
Oh nooooo
Jason is Awesome
Jason is Awesome 6 kun oldin
o so thats why hot water shower isnt good (i have eczema) good to know
Ninja-Cat 6 kun oldin
I've only got a sun burn only once and boy did it hurt a little so I only go outside when I need to now
luisa viana
luisa viana 6 kun oldin
but long hot showers keep me from completely losing my mind 🥺
Izuku Afton
Izuku Afton 6 kun oldin
What if we like *cold* showers..? :D
madmanhealy 6 kun oldin
Sell sell sell
Corgdillo 6 kun oldin
If you have a history of skin issues, a regular skin check up is recommended Me, with a history of pain in general: Oh dear... *Anyways-*
Danielle Kane
Danielle Kane 6 kun oldin
I sweat very easily but often it's when I'm in the middle of the work day. Obviously I can't just abandon my work for 15-20 minutes to cool off and get dry and change my clothes every time it happens, and I often end up with very itchy skin, which could be a fungal infection. I have no idea what to do about that, do you have any tips?
Danielle Kane
Danielle Kane 6 kun oldin
Can confirm the acne scars thing, used to get spots around my lips (not cold sores) when I was a teenager and popped them because I was embarrassed but now my lip line is really not defined because of the scarring (it's not noticeable but makes using lipstick hard)
Bakoca 6 kun oldin
I usually bathe for 1hour at most in hot water.. Hollysmith..
masked _ jumper
masked _ jumper 6 kun oldin
Does anyone know how to fix dandruff 😅
Narnianist 7 kun oldin
Wtf is the woman doing in the thumbnail? Did she straight up remove oil with the black mask? Ew
Walter White
Walter White 7 kun oldin
Okay about hot showers. I have eczema, not super bad but it does pop up now and again. It's just like in-laws, shows up at the worst possible time, every second it's there is an eternity too long, and, you are down right giddy once it's gone. Anyways, maybe I'm a psychopath, but I love really hot showers and me personally I found that really hot water helps alleviate the itchiness of my eczema. That's just my experience, maybe my skin is weird.
Winky Sterm
Winky Sterm 7 kun oldin
I can say from experience, don't pick your arms and skin guys, especially when you have keratin plugs. It's fun to squish them out but its not worth it in the long terms. It just leaves scars, bumps, and leaving you feeling sore around the area for the next day or so.
Matricx LUMINEUX 7 kun oldin
Chest compressions. Remember the chest compressions
Me:gets a wound by the itching Mom: *alcohol* Me:why- *AAAAAAAAAAA*
Vozelinek 8 kun oldin
I’m allergic to sunscreen ever kind made so far
Danika Blair
Danika Blair 8 kun oldin
My moms ex bf cut his hand by his pinkie and ring finger (on the outside by the knuckles) and he super glued the wound and put duct tape over it and it healed perfectly fine but he needed stitches because it was so deep
NotBérry 8 kun oldin
since our fingers are the dirtiest in our body, how do i stop myself from eating my skin?
Tinker Jel
Tinker Jel 8 kun oldin
I knew how super busy you are but I notice u only liked one comment. Please notice me though🤣
meowmeowchan 8 kun oldin
I realize I never shower with hot water but when the doctor said taking long hot shower but I never shower hot water so it's ok taking long cold shower cause my body like taking cold shower all the time since here in the phillipines is so hot every single day
cansu şahin
cansu şahin 8 kun oldin
Peter Svendsen
Peter Svendsen 8 kun oldin
Would Curology be considered one of those social media fads? Since they have quite a few ads on Instagram
EJ Surco
EJ Surco 8 kun oldin
I had an acsident when i was 5 that was big, deeep, and cut with a rusty wire. Was i high on pain killiers?
Kokotoro 9 kun oldin
when you feel that mike is being sponsored by murad just by the way he talks about 'em lol
Hanare Hatake
Hanare Hatake 9 kun oldin
Maaaan. I already thought Mike was a BABE! to top it off he's a doctor. 💙 And then I learn that he's Russian/speaks Russian?!?! 😯😯😯🥴🥴🥴🤤🤤🤤💙💙💙🔥🔥🔥
wasteland raider
wasteland raider 9 kun oldin
I have not used moisturizer for like 6 years (disappointing I know)
Ruth Baker
Ruth Baker 9 kun oldin
Ok, all the shilling for Murat makes me lose some trust in this advice.
Josh Hagerman
Josh Hagerman 9 kun oldin
So essentially we should talk to a specialist, aka Dermatologist and not listen to this video lol. "So much opinionated information on Tik Tok, so don't listen to it." Same thing on here as everything you say is so broad and literally would be ended in saying, but schedule an appointment with a dermatologist to ensure your skin can be as healthy as it can be as I'm just in general medicine and not a specialist. 👍
A J 9 kun oldin
popped millions of pimples, never had acne scars BUT my bf popped pimples and has LOTS OF scars
Real Mewsome
Real Mewsome 9 kun oldin
Anyone else out there just hate itchy skin conditions?
Samantha Tanner
Samantha Tanner 10 kun oldin
Dr. Mike: “Don’t pop pimples you can get bad acne scars!!!” The thousands of acne scars on my back: 👁👄👁
Kagaku Doragon
Kagaku Doragon 2 kun oldin
Same though haha
Kat. 7 kun oldin
Let's look at it positively, when we're loved, then we're really loved for our character. That said, what about the godamn pain though? They hurt with all the inner pressure going on. It stops hurting and heals after a day, painlessly when popped cleanly. What now, Doctor? 😕
Luna Star
Luna Star 10 kun oldin
I’m glad I watched this as I have eczema
Kirsten Miller
Kirsten Miller 10 kun oldin
Thank you for letting me know of Murad Dr. Mike. My skin is kind of weird because every time I get a cut it becomes a scar. Even if the cut is small it scars. Do you think it is a problem or it’s fine and Murad will help. Thank you again
Torren James
Torren James 10 kun oldin
i like hot showers :(
-Shadow_The_Fox- 10 kun oldin
2:27 “Taking long hot showers are bad for your skin” Me who takes 30 min. Hot showers: *uh, ...um-* “It strips oils from your skin” Me who has *VERY* oily skin: *oh- ima keep doin that then owo*
Catie June 🌸
Catie June 🌸 10 kun oldin
OK my mom is a Home health nurse so she deals with wound VAC‘s and wounds a lot, she said covering a big wound you should probably do so it doesn’t get a bunch of dirt and stuff in it but the wound still needs oxygen.
Leah Watson
Leah Watson 10 kun oldin
What is a taning bee
smile 10 kun oldin
The thumbnail make me trow up
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